matejzhey there
matejzI’m sending snapshots of my zvol-s over to the backup server with zfs send/recv
matejzbut snapshots are always really big. Even if I write only a few GB to the zvol, incremental snapshot is way bigger
matejzhow come?
matejzalso, on the source server, I only keep latest 3 snapshots and I send diff between 1st and 2nd
DeHackEdlots of possibilities. without hole_birth a complete hole list is sent. if data is deleted from a ZVOL but not trimmed, it may still be sent so you need to count everything written.
manfromafarI wish zfs would let you roll back to older snapshots without having to delete more recent snapshots
ChibaPetmanfromafar: You can ship off the newer snapshot and preserve it that way.
ChibaPetOr ship off the older snapshot and pull what you need from it.
ChibaPetOr just access its content locally. Many ways to skin that cat.
manfromafaryeah I know you can use the .zfs folder or clone the snapshot out
ChibaPetDo do it another way would require a tree structure rather than linear snapshots. Seems more complex, although I could imagine it being useful.
manfromafarit could work in theory if say you have snap 1,2,3 you rollback to snap 2 you then say all curent blocks can be overwritten and it basically becomes a clone of 2 with changes taking over new blocks without affecting snap 3 since its based off snap 2 since we already know that the blocks for snap 3 exist and where they are
DHEthe command you're looking for is `zfs promote`
DHEotherwise, sorry
manfromafaragain yes I know I just wish you could do i
manfromafarinstead of having to make then seperate copies
manfromafarits kinda like being able to recreate 51 raids in zfs
rdenisanyone had a weird situation where zpool import finds all HDDs (and log SSDs) .. but no cache SSDs .. and goes "metadata corrupted" on you ?
rdenisand yes cache SSDs are there
DeHackEdcan happen on platforms with non-constant drive labels and you do an import by cache
rdeniswhat if i dont have a cache
DeHackEdzpool.cache, not l2arc
rdenisi know
rdeniszpool.cache is not available