zabbixbot[04ZBX-13446] 03Undefined index in map view 14created by Alexander Vladishev14/sasha (12
zabbixZBX-13446 Open Updated today -- Undefined index in map view
zetheroo I am using this in the Trigger name to grab all the Item check output: {{ITEM.LASTVALUE}.regsub("([\s\S]*)", "\1")}
zetheroothing is that I would like it not to show the entire output but just up to a certain number of chars
ocsiI'm trying to create a template item based on HOST.IP value but I can't figure out what the syntax is, I mean, if I try with Key: item_test[{$IP}] (with IP previously defined as macro) it is able to get the IP value properly, however if I try item_test[{$HOST.IP}] it doesn't take any value
volterThat's because HOST.IP is probably not a _user macro_, hence no $!
volterocsi: ^
volterOskars: Hey, I noticed the summit bein in October. That's pretty late, isn't it?
ocsivolter: you're right, I thought I already tried it without $, now it's working fine, thanks!
OskarsHey, volter. We're aware of that, but there were multiple reasons behing this choice. Ans as always we will do everything to still make it a fun experience
volter... in the dark though! :D
Oskarslet me check the sunset times :)
volterACTION fears the Baltic winter
Oskarsit's around 19:00
Oskarswe'll focus more on indoor activities :)
volterWorld record drinking attempts
volterWell, it's gonna be fun either way, I'm sure.
skyloophi 2 all, hello Volter
volterskyloop: Hi!
skyloopguys does anyone know some ways to create reports for free space by all fs items? maby api plugin or something else. i trying to use sql reporter, but can see olny "Free disk space on $1 (percentage)"
volterThe API is what you want then. That will resolve the macros for you.
skyloopThanks, any links with examples please?
glebzetheroo: Instead of '*' you can use '{0,n}' where n is the limit of characters you want. BTW isn't '[\s\S]' the same as '.'?
glebvolter: You should fear Baltic autumn :)
NicnacHi there, since updating to Zabbix 3.4 using the API I don' t receive name and surname anymore from event.get -> selectAcknowledges. Can anyone using that version and the API confirm this?
volterNicnac: What does the documentation say about it? There's also an API changelog. Did you find that yet?
NicnacThe API documentation for 3.4 says the params should still be available
zetheroo gleb: thanks!
NicnacHave a look at under "selectAcknowledges". There are still name and surname listed
volterCould this be the reason?
Nicnacno, sorry. That was just a faulty input here on my behalf.
volterI think I see what you mean.
volterAt least the example and the method reference are out of sync and apparently with reality.
volterPlease try to find that changelog though, to figure out what the intended behaviour is.
NicnacOk, will google it ;-)
NicnacHmm, the only thing that seems to have touched event.get is a bugfix
zabbixZBX-12778 Closed Updated 34 days ago -- Broken selection by tags in problem.get and event.get methods
zabbixbot[04ZBX-13447] 03Trigger name color is not visible on dark scheme 14created by Alexey Pustovalov14/dotneft (12
zabbixZBX-13447 Open Updated today -- Trigger name color is not visible on dark scheme
volterNicnac: Which version did you come from?
volterBut I agree so far -- nothing specifically related in the logs for 3.2 either.
NicnacI have an old version running with 2.4 in another environment. There it still works. The environment here, where it doesn't work was started on 3.0x (3.04 I think)
Nicnacand runs currently on 3.4.6
NicnacLogs for 3.0 don't list anything related
volterI think the discrepancy in the documentation totaly justifies a ticket and we can let them investigate the rest. :)
Nicnacok, thank you!
zetherooin the server config there is the ExternalScripts= parameter ... can this be used multiple times in the same config to use multiple locations for external scripts?
tuxicki can't imagine
zabbixbot[04ZBX-13448] 03name and surname missing in event.get->select_acknowledges 14created by Niclas14/nicnac (12
zabbixZBX-13448 Open Updated today -- name and surname missing in event.get->select_acknowledges
_ikke_Zabbix (graphs) are featured in a article about DDoS attacks on dutch companies
zetherooI have a script which needs to be run as a particular user, so I made a UserParameter but it's not working because the password of the user is needed. Has anyone run into this before and found a workaround?
volterWhat about sudo -u?
zetheroothe command is: su -l username -c /path/to/script
zetheroosudo also requires password
Tichoyou can set up sudo so that the password is not required for that particular user and only when calling that particular script
volterAt least not necessarily
zetheroohmm ... was looking for something more generic, but I see that this is a security issue ...
zetherooatm I get: sudo: only root can use "-c /path/to/script"
volterYou need an extra setting too in the sudo configuration too, to allow "notty".
zetheroook, wierd ... I just tried to execute the script as user zabbix and it worked
zetherooI get the output fine
zetheroobut when I use zabbix_get from the zabbix server I get no output
tuxickhow expensive is prediction?
zetheroois there something I have to add to the zabbix_get command to show the output of scripts?
tuxickother than passing the key you want?
zetherooif I execute the script on the host I get output, but not if I use zabbix_get on the Zabbix server - returns nothing
zetheroonvm, I just trashed the script in favor of a one-liner command
gitsmeQ: Does the availability reports and IT Services reports use "history data", "trend data" or "it services"? Wondering if I do housekeeping on history data, if it would affect those types reports
zabbixbot[04ZBX-13449] 03Zabbix 3.2.11 problem 14created by Rodney Antonio Ramos14/rodneyra (12
zabbixZBX-13449 Open Updated today -- Zabbix 3.2.11 problem
zetherooThere's no Zabbix client for the desktop ... right?
tuxick"desktop" ?
tuxickhmm, come to think of it, that's a bit odd
tuxickthere's several android apps
tuxickwhich kinda suck but still
tuxicki'm getting the impression the screen editor code is still broken
tuxickthe columns/rows check
ExancillatusHi guys, I've searched the doc (I hope enough), but I could't find how to set a trigger when the uptime is >7d
ExancillatusAny help would make my day !
_ikke_What kind of uptime item do you have?
_ikke_what value does it contain?
Exancillatus_ikke_: system.uptime
Exancillatus_ikke_: What do you mean by 'value' ?
zetherootuxick: like Nagstamon is for Icinga
zetherooNagstamon is not really cutting it for Zabbix
_ikke_Exancillatus: {Template Name:system.uptime.last()} > 7d
_ikke_Exancillatus: (not sure if 7d works as value)
Exancillatus_ikke_: Basically I want a trigger 'information' when the uptime of the machine is > 7 days. I've used : {Template OS Linux:system.uptime.prev()}>7 but all of the servers triggered
_ikke_uptime is in seconds
Exancillatus_ikke_: I want to use it on the Template OS Linux
Exancillatusin seconds, ah !
_ikke_So you ask to trigger if uptime is more than 7 seconds
_ikke_and why are you using .prev()? You probably want last()
Exancillatusthanks, I try
Exancillatus_ikke_: Hum, I'm trying with  604800 (7 days in seconds if my math is right) but same things, all the servers triggered
tuxickzetheroo: would be nice python project
_ikke_Exancillatus: And you are sure those servers have uptimes < 7 days?
Exancillatus_ikke_: Yes, I've manually checked at least 2 : <7d and >7d
_NiCWhy would you want such a trigger in the first place?
tuxickzetheroo: oh i see nagstamon has experimental support for zabbix
zetherootuxick: yeah, I've been trying it for months. It works but it's lacking.
_ikke_Exancillatus: so what's the complete trigger expression?
magz0rDumb question, but I am trying to spec out performance for a new DB server we will be using for Zabbix. When an item stores a value as a float, that value gets dumped into the 'history' table as a double(16,4) correct?
tuxickzetheroo: so fix it :)
tuxickgit pull && vim
Exancillatus_ikke_: {Template OS Linux:system.uptime.last()}>604800
tuxickmight have a look at it when i get home
zetherootuxick: I am no programmer ;)
_NiCExancillatus, what do you want to achieve with this trigger?
tuxickScreen "test" row span in cell X - 0 Y - 0 is too big.
tuxickwhen i try to change row span from 2 to 3
tuxicktoo big for what?
Exancillatus_NiC: I want to see which servers have an uptime >7 days, don't ask why ^^ It can also be which server haven't rebooted in 7d...
_NiCExancillatus, is it because you want to reboot servers every 7 days?
Exancillatus_NiC: Nope, but thanks for searching the root cause, it is a good approach. For this case I need this like this
_NiCwell, the trigger you pasted last seems correct at least.
Exancillatus_NiC: Hum.... but still not working...
tuxickzetheroo: it's in python too, and i happened to be looking for custom interface for customers anyway
_NiCExancillatus, it's possible that if you modified the old trigger that it doesn't re-fire? or won't re-fire? I'm not sure what happens when expressions change..
tuxickafaict it'd run on windows too
Exancillatus_NiC: You have a point here. How to re-fire ?
_NiCnot sure. perhaps disable the items in the expression from the host, and re-enable
Richlvwtf even
zabbixZBX-13331 Open Updated today -- recovery property in action.get
Exancillatus_NiC: Trying...
zetheroo tuxick: yes, we have been using it in-house for years with Icinga - on Linux and Windows PC's
tuxickok nice
tuxicki've been spending time on learning python anyway
tuxickone more language shouldn't hurt etc
zetherooI can tell you some of the things which I find lacking ... when compared with how it works with Icinga input ... if your interested
Exancillatus_NiC: Still no luck...
BernhardMMHi there! Is anyone here monitoring his (free) ESXi with Zabbix?
tuxickand it sucks :)
Exancillatus_NiC: Maybe I spoke too fast, it's populating slowly...
BernhardMM@tuxick heh, I am easily satisfied, one central monitoring solution that does not require regular root login or VCenter is already great! I am having some issues with network interface discovery, though - that part doesn't work
Exancillatus_NiC _ikke_ Thanks for your help guys, I'll keep working on it. You helped me a lot. Cheers !
zetherooIs this trigger expression going to fire off only after 'CRITICAL' is found in the check data 3 consecutive times?
tuxickBernhardMM: did you wait long enough?
zetherooThis is the entire Trigger expression: {host.domain.local:webproject.chk[].str(CRITICAL,#3)}=1
BernhardMMmost stuff works out of the box (after enabling MOB and adding the RO user for zabbix in ESXi 6.5), and I waited for a few hours now
tuxickwait some more :)
tuxicknever waste time on discovery
tuxicki had problems with 6 or 6.5, trying to remember
tuxickon one version the api calls simply failed
BernhardMMtuxick: what's really weird is: one type of checks (vmware.hv.datastore.write[{$URL},{HOST.HOST},intdatastore,latency]) works on one ESXi host, but not the other, and the network interfaces don't work on both (Performance counter is not available)
BernhardMMI have 2 identical 6.5 versions here
BernhardMMI will wait some more, and increase the logging level on zabbix :)
tuxicki can't do that
tuxicknext loglevel is like 20 times more logging
tuxickbit of a problem with so many hosts/items
tuxickso did anyone find a kinda working android app for zabbix
tuxickthe official one is totally broken, and zabbix alerts is a bit limited
tuxickbut at least it works
BernhardMM@tuxick :) currently I am still playing around in our office/testing environment, so the amount of spam is ...halfway under control
zabbixHello benjam, and welcome to #zabbix. I'm your friendly house bot :) Please be patient when it takes a while for people to reply. See our channel guidelines on and have a nice stay!
tuxickBernhardMM: ah, there it is, "hypervisor uuid unknown", against 6.5
tuxickunknown hypervisor uuid, to be exact
tuxicki remember looking at source and found out it was a totally incorrect error message
tuxickhmm must be in my notes somewhere
BernhardMMThanks for looking it up, loglevel 5 does already spam a bit, even when filtering for UUID
tuxick"a bit" :)
BernhardMMmental note: never turn this on on production ;)
tuxickBernhardMM: oh btw, you using the standalone?
BernhardMMtuxick: yes, no vcenter
tuxickright, vcenter, was trying to remember name
tuxickdamn managertalk
BernhardMMhaha ;)
tuxickand what version zabbix?
tuxickfor the standalone you need macros uuid, user and pass
benjamhello , somedy know where can i tune 'the autodelete item duration"
zabbixHello benjam, and welcome to #zabbix. I'm your friendly house bot :) Please be patient when it takes a while for people to reply. See our channel guidelines on and have a nice stay!
BernhardMMI have user, pass and URL
BernhardMMpreviously I tried to change the templates to $UUID instead of Host.Host, but that seems to work out of the box now
tuxicknot uuid??
tuxick"Template - VMware - Standalone ESXI Host"
tuxickuses url and uuid mostly
BernhardMMno - I did even try it without SNMP (but it seems to discover less?). I used this:
tuxickuhm, and you used discovery?
BernhardMMcreated a host with the https://whatever/sdk URL, and the "Template VM VMware" - from there on, everything was discovered automatically
tuxickwithout vcenter?
BernhardMMyou have to enable MOB on the ESXi
tuxicklessee then
BernhardMMbenjam: I think that is in config / templates / discovery
tuxickwhere's this MOB?
tuxickooh thanks :)
BernhardMM"Keep lost resources period"
BernhardMMwith https://whatever/mob you can access the MOB, but the URL still needs to be https://whatever/sdk
zabbixbot[04ZBX-13450] 03Can not compile zabbix_server on Solaris 10 (gcc) 14created by Little Martian14/little_martian (12
zabbixZBX-13450 Open Updated today -- Can not compile zabbix_server on Solaris 10 (gcc)
benjamAh i ll check
benjamyes i find the parameter Thanks you Bernhar
BernhardMM(btw: running Zabbix 3.4.6 and ESXi 6.5.0 build-5969303)
BernhardMMI be damned...after restarting the zabbix-server, network stats are showing up
tuxickooh, i wasn't aware of this filtering in log_level_increase
BernhardMM(I was just using "tail -f log | grep -i uuid")
zabbixbot[04ZBX-13451] 03teste zappix 14created by Bruno do Nascimento Fernandes14/bruno.dn.fernandes (12
zabbixZBX-13451 Open Updated today -- teste zappix
volterNa mit zappix wird das aber nichts werden.
_ikke_was sagen sie?
joenutsvolter: Thanks for the help yesterday, I ended up implemented a solution where I have one maintenance period with no data collection while the system is offline, and a second maintenance period WITH data collection during the first 45 minutes that the system is online
joenutsvolter: that gives the data for system uptime enough time to collect ( trigger while maintenance window is active ) and then clear before I stop the maintenance windows. it works great!
teddydatabase using all cpu, safe to assume putting the database on a separate box should fix a slow zabbix ?
teddydatabase using 80% of cpu 80% of the time, is it safe to assume putting the database on a separate box should fix a slow zabbix ?
volterjoenuts: Good to hear you got rid of the problem.
BlueStarWhat metrics should I look for to determine if the zabbix database is the bottleneck ?
volterBlueStar: "Slow query log" and review your DBMS settings and the storage it's running on, for starters.
volterAlso figure out the size.
_jdccdevelHello. I'm trying to test zabbix 3.4.6 using the live-cd appliance. The default system username/password combination from the manual (appliance:zabbix) doesn't appear to be working. Does anyone have any idea what the default console login credentials are?
zabbixHello _jdccdevel, and welcome to #zabbix. I'm your friendly house bot :) Please be patient when it takes a while for people to reply. See our channel guidelines on and have a nice stay!
joenuts_jccdevel: I've run in to some environments where the first letter was capitalized. try appliance:Zabbix perhaps
joenuts_jccdevel: I have some old notes where the default account credentials for my install was Admin:zabbix
_jdccdeveljoenuts: I've tried your suggestions, but no luck.
joenuts_jdccdevel my guess would be that the default has been changed by the packager then. got no other ideas
_jdccdeveljoenuts: Thanks. I'll see if I can figure it out. Maybe I'll try a different version of the download.
sprackAny suggestions on where to look next on debugging why LDD for the stock OS Linux Template isn't generating filesystem templates. I see the keys in both zabbix_get and in the server log:
sprack*filesystem items, not templates
voltersprack: A filter?
sprackvolter: the default global regex for filesystems
volterYou expect me to know that or have it at hand, right? :D
sprackI'm looking for the link
volterThe fact that you grabbed that from the server log, rules out that the rule hasn't run.
volterIf you visit the rule configuration, is there a red icon?
sprackno, it's showing enabled on all hosts that have the template applied
sprackthis is the regex:
linuxpleasedumb question but what's the difference between alerts and triggers in zabbix?
BManojlovicwhen something is triggered you get alert :)
linuxpleasethanks that's what I figured
BManojlovicwhen you put it in right context it is easier to understand
linuxpleaseI'm more familiar with the way nagios does things :)
linuxpleasenow am at a company that uses zabbix so time to learn
voltersprack: Well, if the item yields results and the discovery is run, I can really only think of filters or not having any prototypes.
volterBut neither fits what you should get with the stock templates.
sprackif I crank up the debug level on the discovery poller should it give some more clues to what's getting missed?
voltersprack: Hopefully!
volterkustodian_: Look whom we have here!
BlueStarhow does one move the zabbix-database onto a separate server ? I would think it would be easiest to clone the existing zabbix-server then disable the web-gui. Then you have your zabbix-database on a separate box. Or perhaps the manual database backup and restore is a better method ?
volterDepends on your uptime requirements, DB size and knowledge!