{HD}Hey how do I detatch a boot mirror disk after it has been replaced? I get an error:
{HD}Can detach disks from mirrors and spares only
slwbjust unplug it?
slwb(dont actually just unplug it)
{HD}Here is the full data: https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/error-removing-faulted-boot-disk.61421/
{HD}Alright It is official! I am going back to 9.10!
^Gecko^LOL OK
^Gecko^oops caps
siixACTION pats 9.10 gently. siix adores 9.10.
{HD}When I was on 9.10 I had no problems. Now in 11 I get tons of errors like the one I posted above. And not just about the boot drive but everything.
siix9 will be more stable than 11 for a while
siixif you need stable and 11 offers no new features you have to have, stay on 9
{HD}Yep, I am rolling back right now.
siixACTION checks dictionary...
{HD}just dloaded 9.10.2 u6.iso
siix"A man who has to have the latest and greatest of every version of software he uses"
{HD}Here we go!
{HD}ACTION crosses fingers
{HD}Btw siix masochist...lol
^Gecko^I love how IRC always works perfectly on my most worthless internet connection, even when web pages take ten minutes to show anything other than a white screen
^Gecko^hey DrKK`
siixfor some reason my brain does funny things when HolyK^OFF
siixi have to read it a couple times to see what it actually is
^Gecko^It's probably the font
^Gecko^I changed my font from the default fixedsys to ms sans serif
siixwhat client are you using?
siixokay, so yeah i'm being trolled, right? :)
^Gecko^i don't know?
siixlol. k
^Gecko^only been using mirc since.....97 or 98
siixyou're being serious?
^Gecko^on Dalnet when they only had 3000 or so channels, on a gateway2000 with a 200mhz cpu and windows 95
siixyou...hanging out in #freenas...an irc chatroom for an open-source NAS operating system....are using a windows client from the 1400s?
siixyou poor, poor guy
siixlet me help you out
^Gecko^i used pirch for a couple months
siixhttps://weeechat.org/ https://hexchat.github.io/
siixno charge
siixi'd recommend one of the last two. weechat is too huge a departure from your current colorful kidding chat app
^Gecko^i used hexchat to get on to freenode until mirc recently , they finally built in support for SASL
siixi had no idea khaled was still maintaining that thing
^Gecko^it's probably his main money maker
siixi'm sure it is
slwbwebpage hasnt changed since 95
siixwe have much, much better options nowadays that aren't nagware and are maintained by people that know a bit about itsec
^Gecko^only takes up like 15megabytes
siixthough i will always have a special place in my heart for mirc. twas one of the first programs i cracked
^Gecko^I had to use it when I only had windows 3.11 for a while
siixkudos to you, though, for sticking with it, i suppose
siixi really did think you were trolling me
siixACTION is still not 100% sure
^Gecko^ACTION has pics
^Gecko^gonna take a minute to find though, since my internet is being such shite tonight
siixyou have pics? so do i. but that doesn't mean that it's really megan fox
^Gecko^jeezus, even my cell phone is like 'nope, only 3g for you"
^Gecko^have to freakin get the link from my phone and re-type it in
^Gecko^god damn it
^Gecko^(it was too cold to put the engine together outdoors, so I just did it in the living room.)
^Gecko^no comment on the pics?
siixi like your mancave
^Gecko^this place is a hell hole, lol
siixnah. some vaccuuming, some carpet, i could live there forever
^Gecko^not once you see the rest
^Gecko^this is actually one end of my living room, which used to be a one room school, or a barn or something
^Gecko^the bedroom and kitchen is an other actual house that's been pressed up against this one with the doors lining up
siixeasy way to double your living space
siixback in a few
siixnight folks
siixACTION waves
^Gecko^night siix
VallHello everyone.
VallCame back to thank y'all (and CPURoast specially) for the great help with upgrading my controllers the other day. I really appreciate it.
pkg_vs_portGood morning, i know every situation and opinion is different, but is there a general opinion as to which is better a pkg or a port?
rockhousewhat does the "USEDDS" column mean in the zfs list output and why is taking so much space to a replicated system?
VallHello everyone
VallHow do I restart the FreeNAS web server? It is not running right now, and for miriad reasons, rebooting the machine is not good
VallOK, just found it on /etc/rc.d: service django stop && service django start
clustyis there a way to change the case-sensitivirty setting on a dataset ?
VallHumsmmrmm still no process bound on the http port:
Vallnetstat -na | grep "\.80 "
Vall-> lists nothing.
VallAny ideas?
mrelceerestart nginx?
VallOK, thanks mrelcee
Vallindeed it was not running
Vallsilly me, thought the webui was using the python "builtin" server.
mrelceei'm on day two of freenas as a daily driver. i both love it and wonder why i switched.. i think i was bored.
rockhousewhat does the "USEDDS" column mean in the zfs list output and why is taking so much space to a replicated system? I already tried to scrub the drive manually to no avail
mrelceei'm tinkiering away setting up a vm with all the crap I had set up on my old freebsd install. currently working on tweaking poudriere for builds..
mrelceevall; did that get your webui back?
Vallyep mrelcee
Vallthanks for the relp
mrelceeACTION makes a note :)
Vall*help ;-)
Vallnow I can't log in.
Vall(in the WebUI, that is)
VallIn case I'm doing something stupid: the username is "root" and the password is the same as the shell root account, right?
Vall(on the webui)
mrelceei set my root account login at setup time
mrelceebut yeah that's right
Valltrying that
Vallno go
mrelceesomethign else is bjorked.. i don't know enough about it to be of assistance
VallAnd I'm sure the root account is set to what I entered in the webui login "password" field, as I just set it with "passwd root" from the shell
mrelceeim fighting with a funky poudriere failure. i with i could just reboot it. :)
VallWhat else besides uwsgi and nginx has to be up for the webui to work normally?
VallI'm supposing that some authentication daemon or whatever is not up
Valland rebooting this machine would be a *real* bitch
pkutznerDoes anyone here know of a good way to export loop-mounted ISOs via NFS? I can't even find a good way to mount ISOs in the UI. I'm asking for the purpose of network booting live-cd images.
Cpuroastpkutzner: I'd use PXE instead
Cpuroastyou'd configure your PXE server and add the PXE options to your DHCP config
Cpuroastthen boot via PXE on the network card's PXE boot support
Cpuroastyou could host the PXE server in a VM
Cpuroastor a jail
Cpuroastthe pxe options in DHCP, just point the PXE client to the right IP or Host for the PXE server
pkutznerRight, but I was looking to loop-mount the ISO on the FreeNAS box and export its contents via NFS, then in the KERNEL parameters in PXE point to the FreeNAS box to pull the NFS root from.
pkutznerI currently do it this way with Synology boxes, but was looking to replicate on FreenNAS for another project.
pkutznerAlso, it can be handy to export CD's as SMB shares for software installation. I've been able to do that by loop mounting manually and then editing the smb.conf file to export the mount target, but I can't find any way of doing so through the UI.
clusty_ is there a way to change the case-sensitivirty setting on a dataset ?
{HD}I hate permissions! I have a SMB Share that I added a group with full permissions via the windows - properties - securities tab. Then I try to connect to that share from a user that is a member of the group I just added and nothing. Fail to connect...
clustyhow do i disable SMART on the boot thumb drive ?
SweetAndLowunder disk view you select the usb device and edit
peterrus{HD}: did you reboot your windows client? They seem to cache in the weirdest ways. Also you can not connect to one server with multiple users
peterrusLike one share with user a and another share with user b
peterrusWindows does not support it
DarkainMXI believe you can do that with mapped network drives, as each network drive AFAIK you can specify unique credentials.
sunrunner20I will never get people who consider GIMP even REMOTELY the same as photoshop
sunrunner20they're both imaging editing programs, thats where the similarities end.
jab416171gimp is photoshop, just free
jab416171and, you get what you pay for :P
sunrunner20gimp is a freaking joke
sunrunner20doesn't have half the tools photoshop has
peercethe gimp workflow is totally different than photoshop, its really hard to switch between them
sunrunner20the keyboard shortcuts make no sense
sunrunner20the UI is hilariously bad
sunrunner20and tried to do something in gimp
sunrunner20gave up after an hour
sunrunner20had it done in <5min in photoshop
DarkainMXLast time I tried to use GIMP, the file open dialog box crashed the app. And then I gave up.
sunrunner20nevermind gimp has ZERO cr2 raw support
{HD}peterrus: Yes, I rebooted. And I toggled the SMB service in freenas.
DarkainMXDidn't GIMP just get proper color management like within the past year or two, when Windows/Photoshop had it since around 1995? Why would GIMP support RAWs if they can't even manage colors :P
sunrunner20iirc gimp doesn't have white balance correction
sunrunner20kinda an important feature for a *photo* editor
{HD}It doesn't make sense. I am viewing the securities from windows from a user that is the 'owner' this owner added an additional group with full privlidges to the share but memeber of that group seem to not have access.
mrelceegimp is okay for the target audennce. which is geeks. not artists. :)
{HD}Now I am adding an additional user to see if that user will have access...Maybe it is an issue with groups.
mrelceei for one am completely happy giving adobe 10 bucks a month for Lr/Pr
mrelceeten bucks.. I spent more than that a day on cigarettes before i quit..
sunrunner20or $100 for essentials if you're cheap
sunrunner20its more feature complete than GIMP
sunrunner20and the keyboard mappings are the same iirc
sunrunner20(as photoshop's)
mrelceeyeah essentials is fine until you want to edit in 16 bpp or bigger
mrelceei have this tendency to keep my tiff exports in 16 bit mode because my camera supports > 8
sunrunner20what a bad format
sunrunner20formats plural
mrelceetiff is well supported by adoobie
sunrunner20some of tiff is
mrelceei could just as well use png
sunrunner20tiff has hundreds of variations
mrelceethe variations i use are adobe
mrelceegotta save in some format. raw is one way
sunrunner20raw + jpeg
sunrunner20its kinda funny that it takes as long or longer now to render my images into JPEG than they did 13 years ago
mrelceeI refuse to use jpeg if i'm doing Ps edits.. if i'm just using Lr then sure keep the raw with metadata for edits and export jpeg to share
mrelceeif it makes a pass through Photoshop then it gets a 16bpp raster file
sunrunner20the jpeg are for previews and uploading to my flickr
mrelceehence one of my reasons for having a big freenas server. :)
sunrunner20my images take up like 5% of my space
sunrunner20its the 4gb hour tv shows that I have thousands of hours of
mrelceeheh. 3tb of photos the rest tv/movies
sunrunner20I delete the majority of my photos
mrelceealso keep the photos on a coupe different branded single HDDs.. so i have extra copies
sunrunner20I had 150GB of photos from the eclipse trip
sunrunner20after the initial purge it was down to like 15
sunrunner20lots of duplicates
peercei took hardly any photos at the eclipse.
Criggiegood idea - apparently it is hard on the sensors.
sunrunner20I'll be damned if I miss a good shot because i'm concerned about wearing out my camera
{HD}Well, the only way I could give this group access was by adding the users to the group listed as 'owner' from freenas permissions. It was not allowing the ACLs from windows securtities to effect it.
sunrunner20peerce, I only have about a hundred shots of the eclipse itself
sunrunner20but I was in oregon for 7 days
sunrunner20much more than the eclipse was seen
peercei took lots of pics in the olympic peninsula, crater lake, and lassen, but all on my cellphone, not my 'real' cameras.
peercewe were on the road like 3 weeks
sunrunner20was crater lake all smoked over for you peerce ?
sunrunner20we went immediately after the eclipse
sunrunner20it was smoked over both days we went
peerceyeah,w e hit it on the way back south, the day we left, that afternoon the campground was evacuated
peercethat was like a week after the eclipse, because first we went up to Lake QUinalt WA
sunrunner20tried to hit multinomah falls
sunrunner20but it was completely packed
sunrunner20the traffic south was HORRID the day of the eclipse
sunrunner20I didn't care because I just ate an edible and got stoned out of my mind
peercewe waited til the next day, and headed north
peercelast night: https://photos.smugmug.com/Misc/Drop-Box/n-C7pBb/i-wK74dcR/0/41b22d7a/O/i-wK74dcR.jpg (not my photo, but thats my tacoma and telescope)
DarkainMXare you PWN local, or just visiting?
peerceme? I'm on the central california coast... that picture was from a place on the spine of the SF Peninsula last night, about an hours drive (on twisty back highways) for me.
peerceI visited oregon and washington around hte eclipse last year.
Criggietwisty back highways? you mean roads ?
peerceyeah. these are two lane state highways, route 9 and 35.
peerceswitchbacks galore
slug_frHi everyone
slug_frI use HP gen8 for my prod system. Just building up a 2nd one for replication and kind of hot stand by... put in a lsi HBA and get "nmi detected please consult the integrated management log for more details"
slug_frI'll start searching for that... but ... anyone seen something like this before?
peercewhat sort of HP Gen 8, they use that for their entire series of servers from a couple-3 years ago. and what specific HBA ?
CriggieNMI is Non Maskable Interrupt
slug_frsounds bad
slug_frgen8 microserver - sry, good point
peerceand which hBA ?
peercePCI-E slots on a Microserver gen8 can be gen2 or 3 denpending on the CPU
peerceer, PCIe v2 or v3, i mean
slug_frZum Heranzoomen mit der Maus über das Bild fahren
slug_fr LSI-SAS-9210-8i-8-port-6Gb-s-PCIe-HBA-RAID-SATA-Controller-card-M1015-9211-8I
slug_fr LSI-SAS-9210-8i-8-port-6Gb-s-PCIe-HBA-RAID-SATA-Controller-card-M1015-9211-8I
slug_frÄhnlichen Artikel verkaufen? Selbst verkaufen
slug_frDetails zu LSI SAS 9210-8i 8-port 6Gb/s PCIe HBA
Criggiestop that please
slug_frwow... never copy/paste html stuff *learn*
slug_franyways... that's the hba
peerceok, is it a 9210, 9211, or m1015 ? those all use more or less the same chip, SAS2008 (well, 9210 is a 2108, but thats nearly the same)
{HD}Well, I just did some tests with my virtualized freenas machine and I can get permissions to work the way I want. So, it is something with this setup in particular...suck!
slug_frpeerce: and I did some prep work... should work
peerceindeed, it /should/ work. presumably the 9210/11 is running the P20 IT mode firmware ?
peerceyou should be able to access the 'integrated management log' from the iLO web interface.
slug_fractually I was hoping to see this soon in the boot process but it doesn't get mentioned that detailed, yet
Selavi9210 is SAS2008. and definitely not nearly the same :p
peerceyou sure the card is seated properly ?
slug_frhehe... did you check the power cable ;-) Yes, I doublechecked - thx
outrageousI think tripple checking it might do the trick.
slug_frwhat bios like thing on a HP microserver could I go in and do some resets to system defaults? Provisioning ?
slug_frok, I'll do so
peerceiLO has all the management knobs.
slug_frpeerce: thx
peerceI believe on that box, the iLO Is on its own ethernet port. for sure, it gets its own IP, default is to get it from DHCP
peerceiLO works even when the server is shut down, as long as its plugged in
slug_frtriplechecking... the card does some blinking, etc... and it sat fine... really doubt that's it, but ... replugged it in and unplugged the sata cable.... just the naked system now
slug_frpeerce: just trying F9 - looks like iLo Setup ... otherwise I will need to play with the network cable... never really used it so far
slug_friLO 4 -> Set to factory defaults
slug_frcan't harm, I guess... not using this thing for anything yet and I bought it from somebody... who knows...
peerceilo is on its own etherhetn port, gets its own IP, you connect to http://ip.of.ilo/ from a web browser.
peerce'integrated lights out'
peercethe advanced features require a software license, but he basic stuff works without one.
peerce[advanced includes a web based remote console/keyboard/mouse, and virtual media]
slug_frpeerce: thx - used it once with my first system when I played around in the beginning
slug_frjust setting up a connection
slug_frresetting didn't work
slug_frgot that... now looking for that "integrated management log", as it said, I guess
slug_fryour question reg. seating ... :-)
slug_fralso in their list
slug_frHmm... wondering
slug_frbooting gives me as a last thing before this error message:
slug_frAvago Technologies MPT SAS2 BIOS
slug_frMPT2BIOS- (2015.08.03)
slug_frso... I assume this is the card and since it's able to communicate that much...
slug_fr... seating can't be it.
slug_frI may should have mentioned that part before - sorry
slug_frSo far... does this thought make sense?
slug_frThere's one 4xpins panel on that board
slug_frWe don't do IRQs and stuff with jumpers anymore?
DarkainMXIRQ jumper config pretty much went away with PCI... not PCIe, not PCIx, but original PCI :P
slug_frDarkainMX: thought so... so that's certainly not it
slug_frtoo bad... so I probably bought from the wrong address on ebay
DarkainMXusually when HBAs have a small pin header, they're for status LEDs or battery power.
slug_frpin header for LED is printed on the board... found that one
slug_frthe other one has "TP1" close to it
slug_frhttps://www.ebay.de/itm/171972993154?ul_noapp=true <-- that's the one and the photo matches pretty well to what I received
slug_frthanks for your support so far - will leave it for today as it is...
Laserallan_hey guys
Laserallan_anyone using VLANs here for freenas?
ayeceeone way to find out is to ask a question about using VLANs with freenas
Laserallan_ayecee: My current problem is how i restrict management to FreenAS webgui,m is there a way to do that in freenas or will i have to do that on the firewall layer?
SweetAndLowLaserallan_: the webui has the option to bind to a specific ip if you want
SweetAndLowso if you create an interface on a different subnet or vlan then you can bind the webui to that ip and also bind your sharing service to the other ip
SweetAndLowI don't do any of this i just looked at the settings for 10seconds
mrelceereading a comment on forums.freenas.org that says use vlans for that
Laserallan_SweetAndLow: Thank you, I am in a hurry to set something like that up
Laserallan_One thing that confsues me though is that in the switch the igb0 is connected to, I find one MAC-adress and on the ifconfig it lists another
Laserallan_That is confusing for real
Fieldymm... everything up n running after update to 11.1-U1 <3
mrelceei;m on day 3 of 11.1-U1. day -4 was Freebsd 11.1. it was a hairy first day my vms didn't have uefi boot partitions. but it's up and running and very nice..
mrelceei managed to make a raw disk image with a UEFI-boot partition on it. added that to my VMs and it actually worked
{HD}Well I think it is borked. I can set the permissions I want from a virtual freenas but not on the one that actually has data on it.
{HD}I am lost...
FieldyI have an ancient jail. i'm currently running 11.1-U1. i'd like to delete the jail and its contents. in the web UI, i see it, i can select it, however there is no option to delete it. how can I get rid of it? it's eating up space and I want it gone
mrelceefieldy: sounds like a job for the command line
DrKK`in the UI,
DrKK`you are in the JAILS submenu?
DrKK`and your jail APPEARS there?
SweetAndLowFieldy: why can't you delete it?
DrKK`and you can't delete it?
SweetAndLowjust select delete
DrKK`or you are in the STORAGE submenu,
DrKK`and you see the DATASET associated to the jail.?
FieldySweetAndLow: there is no delete option, there are others. i'm in the jails part
Fieldymrelcee: sounds fine with me, i prefer that
{HD}is there a way to reset all permissions and remove all ACLs? I just want to start from scratch
m0nkey_Select recursive
m0nkey_Seriously guys.. check the documentation. it's all there.
Fieldythank you, i'll look for my issue
DrKK`you are not on the mumble
SweetAndLowFieldy: have a screenshot of your settings?
SweetAndLowthere should be a delete button
FieldySweetAndLow: sure i'll get one. and i agree, there should be... but there isn't. the docs say there should be one too at http://doc.freenas.org/11/jails.html one moment
m0nkey_Fieldy: Are you using the old UI to try and delete it?
Fieldym0nkey_: i wasn't aware there's an old and new, how can I tell?
m0nkey_New UI is at /ui
Fieldym0nkey_: i'll try that
SweetAndLowFieldy: no don't use the new ui
DrKK`I really doubt it's going to be on the new UI
{HD}m0nkey_: doesn't say anything about clearing ACL's it just says "after...windows set...cannot be changed to unix"
DrKK`and not on the old UI
SweetAndLowit probably doesn't work with old jails
DrKK`is the jail STOPPED
Fieldyokay, I have one person telling me use new ui, another person saying not to.. ??
Fieldyit is
SweetAndLow{HD}: you can set aclmode=passthrough to disable acl's on a dataset
DrKK`ok, let's just go through this slowly.
DrKK`the jail appears in your jails screen in the UI,
SweetAndLow{HD}: there is also a setfacl command to recursivly remove acl's from files
DrKK`can you confirm that jail subdirectory actually exists on disk,
DrKK`and is affiliated with a dataset?
FieldyDrKK`: old UI? pardon the confusion
DrKK`old UI
Fieldyok one moment
DrKK`no one is telling you to use the new UI,
DrKK`they were asking if you were.
Fieldytrying to figure out how to log out of it
DrKK`totally log out of the FreeNAS,
DrKK`then on the log in screen,
DrKK`you should have the link for the old ui
DrKK`I believe?
Fieldyyeah im trying to log out don't seed it in the new ui. i'll restart the browser
{HD}SweetAndLow: cool. Ill check it out
FieldyDrKK`: old ui, jails section, i see the jail. it is stopped. all the buttons i expect are there, except for delete. do you want a screenshot?
DrKK`no, I believe you.
DrKK`can you confirm the actual jail and its subdirectories are on your disk?
Fieldythe subdirectory does exist on the system (looking at it right now at command prompt0
Fieldyand populated etc, 64GB worth
DrKK`and what does "warden list" say
Fieldycrashplan_1 Disabled Stopped pluginjail
DrKK`and is this the jail in question
Fieldyit is
DrKK`then "warden delete crashplan_1"
DrKK`see if that works
FieldyDrKK`: that worked, gone on disk, no longer listed under jails in the UI
DrKK`well by the grace of Muhammad!
DrKK`but I don't understand why this was necessary in the first place.
Fieldygone under storage
Fieldyyou and me both :)
DrKK`it's gone under storage?
DrKK`do this:
DrKK`zfs list | grep crashplan
DrKK`and see if you have any dataset pertaining.
DrKK`zfs list
Fieldylooks good here
DrKK`it would appear that it is now fixed,
DrKK`but I am troubled that it was necessary to do it this way,
DrKK`and having no explanation for it.
Fieldyyea, me too
DrKK`I have half a mind to copy and paste this whole irc discussion into the redmine tracker
DrKK`and see what the devs think.
Fieldyit's a pretty old jail dating back to 9.something
DrKK`so the jail was instantiated BEFORE we were on FreeBSD 10 (i.e., version 9.10 FreeNAS)
Fieldyi'm almost certain of that yeah
Fieldyi have boot entries going back to december 2015 / 9.3-STABLE
Fieldyand i remember setting up that crashplan jail soon after installation of freenas