pmowdd if=file of=/dev/null
SweetAndLowtry that
pmowAnd it may be that I need to tune those to rely more on the disks. But it just seemed odd
pmowSweetAndLow: 751MB/s for 50GB, ARC=186GB
SweetAndLowso much better speeds?
pmowbut it's more realistic, thanks
pmowyep - I'll need to move on to find the bottleneck
SweetAndLowpmow: synthetic tests are only good until a point. Running your real workload is ideal
SweetAndLowiozone can also be helpfull
pmowreal workload is over SMB3 unfortunately, since my software runs Windows
pmowor, the other way round
SweetAndLowiozone -i 0 -i 1 -i 2 -s 150g -t 1
pmowbut I'd be happy getting single-threaded copies in the hundreds, over 10GbE
pmowright, well dd did alright
pmowmaybe something to do with smb version, etc
SweetAndLowwhat are your speeds over smb?
SweetAndLowwhat tool? crystal disk?
pmowwindows file copy to say, a VM (also on the array) will do 50-120MB/s
pmowcrystal disk is a great idea
pmowinitially I thought the hosts weren't plugged in on the right (10GbE) ports
pmowSweetAndLow: iozone reports 403,779 kB/s avg so far
Criggie 135k people watching this stream
mybalzitchyou suck, freebsd
mybalzitchmossstly jk. I do prefer freebsd for everything now
mybalzitchover obsd and linux. for whatever thats worth.
EricloeweI like how mwlucas calls it a pork
wedgieI don't get it.
sunrunner20looks like its been bred with a pug
{HD}What would I reset/delete in windows to make a home share work? My issue is isolated to this one account.
peercei've never used 'home share', i'm not even sure what that really means.
{HD}Well home share is pretty neat. But, I messed up one of my accounts tested a bunch of other share/permission settings and now I cannot reset it to the point where it works for itself.
{HD}Whats the last 4 digits of your root SID? 'pdbedit -Lv' is the command to looks at users info...Is it 1002?
{HD}I for whatever reason have a SID mismatch
{HD}and can you add group 'nobody' from windows securities screen? Or are the system groups only for freeNAS
DrKK`^^ this does not affect me,
DrKK`therefore I know nothing about it sir
^Gecko^who is always causing problems?
peerce'nobody' is the unix equivalent of windows 'guest' which is not an actual account.
jrgI wouldn’t say guest.
jca1981would i need log drive if building an all ssd freenas system?
m0nkey_probably not
jca1981plan is to us as vmware iscsi. not many forum threads on all dds boxes for enterprise
ws2k3i have an adaptec 5805 i have set it into jbod mode. but still the disks are not visable in freenas what can this be?
m0nkey_Known not to be a great card
ws2k3m0nkey_ in dmesg in freenas i see them appear pass0 until pass7
m0nkey_Do the drives show up when you run the command: camcontrol devlist
ws2k3m0nkey_ yes they do
ws2k3m0nkey_ <SEAGATE ST3300657SS 0005> at scbus0 target 0 lun 0 (pass0)
m0nkey_ok, it hasn't assigned a device node to them. you should see something like (pass0,ada0)
m0nkey_Adaptec cards aren't the most compatible. You'd need to check the hardware compatibility list for FreeBSD
ws2k3m0nkey_ where should i see that? the view disks in the web interface is emty
ws2k3if this is not gonna work i will just make one raid10 hardware raid
m0nkey_Wait. Is that Adaptec a RAID card?
Cpuroastof course it is
Cpuroastuseless for FreeNAS
m0nkey_IN that case, throw it in the trash
Cpuroastws2k3: swap it in for a LSI HBA
Cpuroastws2k3: Dell H200 is usually the cheapest on ebay
Cpuroastcrossflash it to an LSI 9211-8i
Cpuroastand you are in business
ws2k3Cpuroast its an old machine not worth the investment
m0nkey_Also, I will point out that the aac kernel module is not included with FreeNAS
ws2k3Cpuroast i will switch back to just hwraid
m0nkey_It still wont work in FreeNAS even with hardware raid.
m0nkey_There is no driver
ws2k3m0nkey_ yes it will cause it already did
m0nkey_Then you lose out on ZFS capabilities.
Cpuroastws2k3: don't come running when you lose your pool
ws2k3Cpuroast allright. it will be a secondary machine for storing backups we are never gonna use
m0nkey_Until you do :)
ozymandias_Test Results: Failure.
{HD}where is the SAM db stored?
himurakenGot a goofy one here, FN 9.10 (fully patched) that all of sudden is rejecting domain users and the domain admin from the dc
himurakenWinbind shows AD integration working/passing properly. Rebooted DCs just to test and all still fails as far as access
himurakenAny places to look that I've not thought of? TIA
{HD}I think I accidentally deleted 'root' from my SAM database...what do I do/
spacefrogis there a reason why a .ssh dir is created inside a home dir, once I try to map that dir to a user?
ozymandias_its copied from /etc/skel
ozymandias_it's part of the default homedir setup
spacefrogit actually fails to map as a home dir
spacefrogI get some weird pithon error
spacefrogthe "windows account" checkbox is checked
spacefrogException Value: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/mnt/zvol/home/rob/.ssh/authorized_keys'
spacefrogeven if I uncheck the 'windows account' box
spacefrogsame issue
spacefrogeven if I delete the .ssh account
spacefrogsorry, it's 'Microsoft account" not windows
spacefrogpicking nologin as the shell seems to fix it
spacefrogit seems to randomly come back
spacefrogwhat a stupid error ffs
Guest62096Hello guys. If i have RAID Z2 with 5x3TB Disks
Guest62096Can i change all 5 disks with bigger ones and increase storage size without date lose ?
CpuroastGuest62096: yes 1 at a time
Cpuroastwith a resilver in between each
Guest62096Cpuroast, thank you !
CpuroastGuest62096: do you have a spare slot
Cpuroastand SATA port?
Cpuroastif so you can do a parallel replacement
Cpuroastwhich is safer
Cpuroastthan the detach/degrade/resilver on new drive
Guest62096Cpuroast, thank you i am just planing for future :)
CpuroastGuest62096: essentially, there's 2 ways of doing it
Cpuroastthe riskier way is, to tell FreeNAS to detach 1 drive, pull the drive, add the new one, tell it to replace the now missing drive with the new one
Cpuroastthe safer way, is to add the new drive, tell freenas to replace 1 still present drive with the new one
Cpuroastthen remove the old drive, once the replacement is done
Cpuroastmethod one degrades your Raid-z2 to a Raid-z1 during the replacement
Cpuroastmethod two, does not degrade the pool
Cpuroastduring the replacement
Cpuroastessentially method 1 is like a drive failure replacement
Cpuroastwhere as method 2 is more like a safe drive to drive copy planned drive removal
ozymandias_does 2 go faster/use less overhead?
ozymandias_i would expect it would
Guest62096Cpuroast, thank you. Can you please view my report, is there everytink OK ?
Cpuroastozymandias_: yes, it's faster
oozboozCpuroast, do you add a new drive as a spare for the zpool or as a live vdev ?
Cpuroastoozbooz: huh?
Guest62096da1: 600.000MB/s, da6: 40.000MB/s transfers
ZewwyIf one has a couple spindle discs (high capacity) and a couple SSDs (Low capacity) how exactly would I build a zPool to utilize both capacity and speed?
Cpuroastoozbooz: you just add the drive to the server
Cpuroastand simply replace an existing drive with the newly added drive
Cpuroaststraight away
Zewwyprobably the best reference you can read
Cpuroastoozbooz: no intermediate steps
Zewwyit my general goto
ZewwyCpuroast: you're a really smart guy, would you have any refrence material related to my question?
CpuroastGuest62096: looks, fine, what SATA controller
CpuroastZewwy: depends on your needs
CpuroastZewwy: depends on what your workloads will actually look like
ZewwyAct as a VMware Datastore via iSCSI
Guest62096Cpuroast, is it ok ? da1: 600.000MB/s, da6: 40.000MB/s transfers
CpuroastZewwy: there is no 1 config
Zewwyworkloads will vary
CpuroastGuest62096: DA6 is your USB stick so yes
Cpuroastda6: <SanDisk Ultra Fit 1.00> Removable Direct Access SPC-4 SCSI device
ZewwyThere has to be a best practise for Datastores uses on a FreeNAS box via iSCSI though
Guest62096 oh , right ! Thank you !
Cpuroastit's very simple
Zewwyeven then, I guess you mostly configure SSDs for ZIL? and not simply add it as a mirrored vDev to the zPool?
CpuroastZewwy: 2 distinct pools is probably your best bet
CpuroastZewwy: Slow pool and fast pool
ZewwyBut with two seperate pools I can't do anything other than have seperate Discs at teh OS level
CpuroastZewwy: an SSD as SLOG only helps if you enable sync writes
Zewwythere's no way to have the Pool be able to utilize them as needed per I/O load?
CpuroastZewwy: huh, you'd have 2 datastores in VMware
CpuroastZewwy: fast and slow
Cpuroastand you can put your VMDKs on each
Cpuroastdepending on requirements
ZewwyWell yeah Two datastores, means you can't have a VM be in both unless they are two distinct discs to the VM its self
Zewwyone VMDK in each Datastore
CpuroastZewwy: which you usually do
ZewwyI'd rather be able to have simple 1 (C Drive) Vms and have the zPool utilize and control where to store the data
CpuroastZewwy: there are no hybrid pools
Cpuroastwith ZFS
ZewwyI guesss I could have all MY C Drives on Fast and most other storage on D:
CpuroastZewwy: there are 2 uses for an SSD in a HDD pool
Zewwyso if you hade a zPool with both Spindle discs vDevs and SSD based vDevs
Zewwythe Pool is limited to the slowest vDev?
Cpuroastit can be either an L2ARC
Cpuroastwhich extra read cache
Cpuroastbut only matters if you have 64GB of more of RAM
ZewwyMeh, good for DB maybe
Cpuroastas it consumes RAM to track L2ARC
{HD}How do I make a restore point for my boot drives that shows up in the grub menu?
Cpuroastwhich reduces RAM for ARC
CpuroastZewwy: or, the 2nd use is a SLOG aka external ZIL
Cpuroastwhich absorbs sync writes
Cpuroastallowing sync write performance to increase
Zewwysweet I'll look into that one, thanks
Cpuroastthere's always a ZIL in ZFS
Cpuroastbut without a SLOG it will hit the HDDs
Zewwyso if you hade a zPool with both Spindle discs vDevs and SSD based vDevs?
Cpuroastwhich have a horrible write latency
Zewwyit be limited to the slowest vdev?
CpuroastZewwy: yes
Zewwythank you so much for this info :)
Cpuroastyou wouldn't gain much
Cpuroastessentially, the SSD vdevs would respond much faster
Zewwythanks again. :)
CpuroastZFS stripes all data across VDEVS
Zewwyyeah but with data across all vdevs
CpuroastRaid 0
Zewwy:) exactly
Cpuroastwhat you wanted was an automated tiering system
Cpuroastwhere data is promoted and demoted
ZewwyYou've been a great help.
Cpuroastbetween HDD and SSD
Zewwyyeah pretty much
Cpuroastno such thing exists in ZDS
ZewwyI'll look into properlly configuring a Slog for my test
Zewwymy current test pool is clearly garbageo
Cpuroastessentially an optimal SLOG needs 3 things
Cpuroasthigh endurance, low write latency and PLP(Power Loss Protection)
ZewwyHow owuld one achieve PLP?
Cpuroastyou buy a device with PLP
Cpuroastessentially supercapacitors
Zewwyso most home PC's Mobo with intle controllers wouldn't support this?
Cpuroastallowing the device's cache memory to be flushed to NAND
Cpuroastupon power failure
Zewwymakes sense
Cpuroastas far as I know, only Enterprise and the Intel 750 SSD have PLP
ZewwyOh so it's at the SSD /Disk level
Zewwynot controller
Cpuroastbut for home use, a good UPS, could do it
ZewwyYeah thats what I was thninking
Zewwyintitally was UPS
Zewwyinteresting never knew that
Zewwythanks for that tid bit
Cpuroastthe point of sync writes is to guarantee that the data is written to permanent storage
Zewwyelse coruption
Cpuroastif the SLOG doesn't have PLP and no UPS, that guarantee kinda goes out the door
ZewwyMakes sense, but you'd have to configure powerchute along with it
Zewwyelse you'll have to be ready to manually shutdown in the time the UPS has
Cpuroastwell FreeNAS has native UPS support
Zewwynice... hows that work?
siixfreebsd does, yes
CpuroastZewwy: it supports quite a few models
CpuroastZewwy: you configure it in the FreeNAS UI
ZewwyI'll lookk into that too thanks
Zewwybrb lunch
Cpuroastlunch too
{HD}can I snapshot my boot drive somehow?
joshproehlMy manually-created bhyve VMs are getting stuck at a grub console after upgrading to 11.1. (Work after booting back to 11.0-U4) Is this a known issue?
DarkainMX{HD} sure, why not? a) do it from command line. Its just a zpool like any other. b) in the UI, settings > boot > select volume > clone (similar to snapshot, but does other stuff too)
{HD}DarkainMX: I was hoping to make it show up as 'restore points' from the grub menu during boot. Does would a CLI Snapshot achieve that?
DarkainMXThat I'm not entirely sure of.
Ericloewebeadmin would work for sure, but the GUI probably has that option already
ZewwySounds interesting, I'd like to read someone blog post if they've done this before. Sounds like a great option for testing an upgrade
{HD}Ericloewe: I only have rollback points for every update. I would like a gui option to creat a rollback point whenever I want but I cannot find one. I am not super comfortable in cli and would want that to be last resort.
{HD}Zewwy: it auto snaps before an upgrade. I already see a list of everyupdate
Zewwynice to know
mrelceeso i switched over to freenas yesterday. it would have been absolutely smooth EXCEPT. my vms were bhyve-grub fired and had no uefi-boot partitions. and of course freenas only does bhyve-uefi..
mrelceeI made a disk image with a uefi-boot partition and mounted it first in the vm and that covered it.
revjamieHey Everybody!
revjamieDoes anyone know how to tell what date a freenas system was updated to a particular version?
MonicleLewinskyrevjamie: Under System>Boot, the system usually makes a new entry when you do an upgrade
MonicleLewinskyCan't verify it atm but I think that's true
revjamieThanks MonicleLewinsky, I’ll take a look
Zewwymrelcee: you have your own blog?
ZewwyAwwww, sounds like something that make a good post
mrelceeyeah it might
mrelceei was pretty pleased to find a fully armed and operational freebsd install when I ssh'd into the freenas server all the toys are where they should be
MonicleLewinskyDoes anyone know if the new Freenas S3 feature will work to backup datasets to Glacier?
zaggynlThe capacity for the volume 'zfsdump' is currently at 87%, while the recommended value is below 80%.
zaggynlhurray the nas is almost full, long live the new nas?
mrelceeevery time mine gets full i manage to find a big pile of crap to delete and make space for another couple months
mrelceerunning out of crap tho
mybalzitchwell, looks like I was able to back up and fully restore my freenas install without incident. That was a pretty pleasant experience
DarkainMXwhen I run out, I just buy new drives and do the slow process of resilvering the RAID-Z set over a couple weeks.
mrelceedarkainmx: I have 4 bays free. wish it was 5.. probably going to snag some 8tbs next to add to my 4's THEN upgrade the 4's when its time
ikladoes freebsd support 3108 in JBOD mode yet and so you can read smart?
iklathe freebsd drivers doesn't seem to support pass through with a 3108 in JBOD mode. Works fine in Linux
peercethats a megaraid chip/card, right?
peercetheir 'passthrough' isn't really native HBA, I didn't think?