VallCpuroast., managed to upgrade all my SAS controllers here to
Vallthanks again for the help
peercehmm, i just upgraded the firmware on my 9211 on my freebsd box, using the 9210 stuff i found on broadcom, and its, didn't I usee you say its now??
peerceNum Ctlr FW Ver NVDATA x86-BIOS PCI Addr
peerce0 SAS2008(B2) 00:06:00:00
Cpuroastpeerce: yes is latest
Cpuroastpeerce: why didn't you use the 9211 stuff on
peercehmm, ddidn't show up on the menu
peerceoh wait, I used the .bin's from an older download, ahahahaha
CpuroastLegacy Products, Legacy Host Bust Adapters
CpuroastLSI 9211-8i Host Bus Adapter
CpuroastAsset Type, Firmware
Cpuroastit's there
r0b-does a FreeNAS CPU have to be super powerful?
Cpuroastdepends on what you want to do with it
r0b-for a typical home use what would you suggest?
Cpuroastpure storage, not really
peercer0b-; not unless you got overboard with crap like PLEX
r0b-what would you suggest for PLEX? lol
Cpuroastr0b-: i3
peerceI'm using an older HP Microserver N40L, works just fine for me at home. only downside is 4 drive bays.
Cpuroastdepends on how many streams
peercefor plex? the garbage can, hated it.
siixACTION doesn't like plex either
sunrunner20for any WoT fans
peercemy wife, the main tv viewer, prefers Kodi on the settop box, and kodi just just fine with smb
Cpuroastr0b-: a kaby lake pentium or i3 would do nicely
sunrunner20don't read it if you're still reading the series
siixi'm a minidlna user. have been for a long time
peercenever ever liked DLNSA
Cpuroastr0b-: if you need more power, you need to get a Xeon E3
siixplex just never worked for me. too slow. too bulky. too much commercial garbage. too many bugs
Cpuroastr0b-: as i5 and i7 don't handle ECC RAM
peercestorage servers should be pure storage.
CpuroastCeleron, Pentium, i3, or Xeon E3
ekHrm. Plex works just fine for me.
Selaviplex has been great for me and my fam
Cpuroastr0b-: compare costs between all 4
Cpuroastand pick best bang for buck
ekOf course, with the latest _NEED_ for a Plex.TV account, it sorta bothers me.
siixwish i could get /anything/ to work on that PoS samsung smart tv she bought a couple years ago
siixeven plex
r0b-if I "start" a FreeNAS I am going to use my i3 4360 with 32GB ram.
r0b-its just not ECC
eksiix: Ah. I'm using Roku.
Cpuroastr0b-: that's ok for now
Cpuroastbut ideally you'd want to move to an ECC capable platform
ekr0b-: I'd recommend ECC if you can.
siixi used to have a couple, ek. i like them. i prefer older smart tvs with built-in dlna stuff that works
ek... if the mobo supports it.
eksiix: Sure. Nothing wrong with that.
Cpuroastr0b-: you can even re-use the CPU as it handles ECC, you'd just need an ECC capable board and ECC RAM
peercemy settop box now is a nvidia shield, works way better than any of the older ones I tried.
siixi mean, i could get another roku for her tv but damn...she paid soooo much for that thing it seems a shame to do that
sunrunner20never had a TV that its DLNA support wasn't utter shit
siixi have 3 older samsung smart tvs that work great
sunrunner20both TVs I have access too
siixolder -> 5-7 years
sunrunner20require low complexity H264 with AAC audio
sunrunner20flat won't work with ANYTHING else
ekI have a Samsung with DLNA that "works". Nowhere near as well as the Roku, though.
siixcan rokus do h265?
peerceso you have to log onto a phone or pc, and play the video there, casting it to the dlna ?
sunrunner20or maybe its mpeg4
sunrunner20I forget
Cpuroastr0b-: for ECC on your haswell i3, you need a C22X chipset
Cpuroastr0b-: so C222, C224 or C226
Cpuroastthat i3 should handle plex pretty nicely
Cpuroastit's a high-clock model with the full 4MB of cache
wedgieplex is only cpu hungry when transcoding... which should be fairly rare if you're watching it on a tv, right?
Cpuroastusually yeah
Cpuroastdepends on the capabilities of the playback device
sunrunner20my plex pegs my 4ghz quad xeon
peerceSMB to my Kodi box doesn't even make my N40L breath hard.
Cpuroastsunrunner20: depends on your playback devices
peerce[and an n40l is a pretty damn slow CPU]
sunrunner20granted its trying to transcode 1080p to h264 in realtime
Cpuroastlots of tablets, lots of transcoding, high CPU usage
sunrunner20Cpuroast, it always transcodes TV
sunrunner20my OLD iphone could do h265 in software in realtime
sunrunner20it had a codec chip but VLC couldn't access it
sunrunner20I think that changed on one of the point releases of iOS10
sunrunner20the plan was to watch GoT while at the gym
sunrunner20then I realized I'd probably get arrested because of all the nudity in GoT
m0nkey_sunrunner20: I'm being vectored in for approach
^Gecko^m0nkey_ watch out for those bitmaps
ozymandias_guy in one of my irc channels wanted to know where to find GoT 'with all the porn removed',,,,
m0nkey_That is one show I must start watching.
ozymandias_when we tried to point out its not really porn, he called us all perverted adicts
m0nkey_I have it, never watched it
sunrunner20yes because naked people == porn
^Gecko^you could just say 'porn? on network tv?"
sunrunner20what a prude
m0nkey_there is nudeness in GoT?
ozymandias_i'm ok with not wanting to watch nudity -- but then... just dont watcht he shows with it in there
ozymandias_thats what got me
sunrunner20tons m0nkey_
^Gecko^m0nkey_, their hands and faces aren't covered
m0nkey_I should watch this
ozymandias_the weird, i want to watch adult content... with the adult content removed
^Gecko^sometimes even their arms
m0nkey_I want to watch adult content, with the adult content.
sunrunner20Its not the nudity that'd keep me from letting kids see it
ozymandias_in fact, add some extra
ozymandias_could we have picture in picture with more nudity maybe?
sunrunner20its all the grusome deaths and torcher
sunrunner20*waves sausage around*
ozymandias_sunrunner20, he legitimately wanted it for himself though
^Gecko^m0nkey_ (vectoring)
ozymandias_we pointed out that GoT was not family friendly in any way, no matter how censored it was
sunrunner20richard dean anderson is the bomg
sunrunner20him and Amanda Tapping are one of the few names I know
ozymandias_they are pretty awesome
sunrunner20and Michael whats his face
^Gecko^michael knight
^Gecko^knight rider!
^Gecko^KITT vs KARR
ozymandias_tapping, anderson and shanks are stargate
^Gecko^who was the dude that had his own personal shield that nearly starved him the first time he used it?
sunrunner20give me a sec
sunrunner20rodney mckay real name David hewlett
sunrunner20and that was SG-A not SG-1
sunrunner20I may have watched too much Stargate...
^Gecko^all the same to me
^Gecko^BUT YOU KNEW what I was talking about
ozymandias_he was in both
ozymandias_just that scene was atlantis
sunrunner20the shield episode was SG-A
m0nkey_a bit of a heavy landing, but not bad.
sunrunner20was an early episode too
m0nkey_don't think i've done much of flight with the beechcraft before. mostly joyrides.
m0nkey_But that was full on nav :)
^Gecko^landed? are you on a sim, or
sunrunner20following the flight plan of my neighbor
m0nkey_heh, so ATC put me on runway 17
m0nkey_looks like his flight did the same thing
sunrunner20fake ATC m0nkey_ or are the wierdos who think being ATC is a way to relax at it again
m0nkey_it's the ATC within the sim
m0nkey_I could have done VATSIM, but there wasn't anyone on.
sunrunner20that'd be like me deciding deploying new software to a electronic trading pool is relaxing
sunrunner20of if you cause a second of downtime that's millions of dollars lost
sunrunner20not that that'd matter today
sunrunner20guess I'm the only one who found that funny.
acosSo you caused the outage?
acosThanks a lot bro.....lots money
sunrunner20only if you sold it lol
sunrunner20wonder how much TQQQ is down
sunrunner20will they even let me buy right now?
JayDuggerWhat sort of sim, sunrunner20? (And thanks for the correction, now everyone can just relax.)
sunrunner20idk which sim m0nkey_ used JayDugger
sunrunner20there's like 4 and I don't know the differences
m0nkey_X-Plane 11
JayDuggerRight. Used to work on flight simulators, so I thought I'd ask.
m0nkey_I'm too cheap for P3D
m0nkey_Plus X-Plane now has experimental VR support
sunrunner20youtube thinks i'm going to pay $5 to see geostorm
sunrunner20I just had to tell alexa to shut up
CheckYourSixpeerce: What extra information do I need to provide about AD to help diagnose why it's not working?
sunrunner20peerce, I don't expect you to remember. But you're totally right. Quality Parm is WAY better than the cheap stuff
peerceCheckYourSix: open a suppor ticket at ix
CheckYourSixpeerce: Ok
{HD}How do I fix this? freenas smartd[18965]: Unable to register device /dev/da12 (no Directive -d removable). Exiting.
{HD}da12 is my boot thumb-drive
peercego into the smartd service settings, and uncheck that drive
{HD}and in my smart tasks I don't even have da12 selected.
peercewait, its not in smartd services, its in volume status? wait, let me find it.
peerceah, storage -> view disks...
wedgiedo thumb drives usually support smart?
peercefind da12, edit, disable smart.
peercewedgie; no, they don't, and there's NO reporting of internal issues
{HD}peerce: Nice, I am rebooting now but I will do that when its back up.
peercewear or anything, they just start corrupting data when they wear out
{HD}I feel like if the drive has 'enable smart' unchecked then it should not show up in the list of 'tasks - smart tests'
peercewell, they are unrelated things, believe it or not. the smart test tasks are cron jobs that just fire off a smartctl -t
peercewhereas smartd is a service that monitors drives and reports things, nothing specifically to do with smart tests.
{HD}Oh, I guess Ill have to lookup smartd reporting information. I don't think that service has ever been on for me.
{HD}So, if I leave smart test for the usb thumb-drive selected what will it do? just not do it? or fail?
CheckYourSixpeerce: Submitted. Just to make sure I'm not missing something obvious, I don't have to do anything special aside from give it the domain, user, and password, right?
peercei haven't setup AD in years
peercewhy are you asking me?
CheckYourSixYou're the only one who answered me about the log and said it looks normal.
{HD}SOB!!! What is “CCB request completed with an error“
{HD}Its froking out my whole sys!
peerceis that the /only/ message, completely out of context ?
sunrunner20John Williams is allegedly worth 100mil
peercegoogle suggests that can be triggered by bad usb ticks
peercethe hollywood composer? wy does that surprise you?
{HD}I think I have a failing usb header...
sunrunner20not sure
sunrunner20but he deserves every penny
peercei've always thought he was a bit of a schmaltzy hack, but whatever.
peercenot a big fan of psuedo-classical
sunrunner20egh the soundtracks have been fantastic as far as I'm concerned
sunrunner20don't care what it sounds like
wedgieI like John Williams
peercei'm listening to this jazz singer right now,
sunrunner20got called in
{HD}Omg got another ccb with a different drive different port!
{HD}I think I might just go for Sata drives.
{HD}Is there a memtest86+ for USB drives?
{HD}All win it looks like
{HD}I get before the grub menu something about compression algorithms they look like errors however they flashed by so quickly. Any ideas?
slwblots of ideas, none of them relevant to grub and compression though
Aro2220Hi, would it be reasonable to buy something like a 9u server rack and then buy a used server blade like this Dell R710 and use that for the nas?
{HD}slwb: :)
slwbAro2220, it will function
slwbmight be better options than that r710 floating around
peerceAro2220; those sorts of servers almost always have hardware raid cards (dell PERC, HP SmartArray), which don't support true passthrough modes at all.
_Bauerpeerce, JayDugger - I tried plugging the card in my new gaming PC - it doesnt fit any of the PCI sockets :( I thought PCI are always backwards compatible... I'll see if someone at work can try it maybe
slwbbut the hardwar raid inside might be problematic
peerceand if this is for home use, an y sort of 2U rack server is NOISY
peerceand even in a room by itself, you'll hear it at the other end of a quiet house
peerceunless you live in a big city surrounded by noise
Aro2220peerce what is true passthrough mode?
peercebasically, you want a straight HBA card and NOT a raid card.
peercehost bus adapter.
peercethat dell also probably draws 100-200 watts minimum just idling
Aro2220So xnay on the server rack and go for just a normal desktop build?
Aro2220I have about 1200 watts I can give it for free.
peercefree power ?
Aro2220Sort of yes
peercewho you stealing it from ?
Aro2220utilities are included where I am. Catch is I don't have much of it.
peercedesktops almost never have ECC memory, and I personally feel that ECC is important on a file server.
Aro2220but I am building this so I can just put ecc in if that's the main issue
Aro2220I just thought with a server rack I could also build up my own networking...learn pfsense or something
Aro2220sorry been browsing r/homelab
Aro2220I have my desktop and I want a server. Two units.
peercehmm, and that 2U only has 6 drive bays... I have a 2U here that has 12 in front and 2 more in back
Aro2220well that is unlikely to be the specific model i choose
peercenow if you ar esure you'll just be putting 6 drives in, then so be it.
Aro2220I just meant...what about building a server rack
Aro2220instead of a desktop
peercedo you hve a sound proof place with great ventilation to put that server ?
Aro2220ventilation isn't bad
peercethen forget rack mount.
Aro2220sound proof no
peerceunless its super nosiy where you are (trraffic etc) already
Aro2220so basically a lot louder than a PC with a beefy video card and all fans at 100%?
peerceyes. smaller fans at 12000 rpm.
peerceand lots and lots of them
Aro2220well then
^Gecko^I wonder if I can spike beer with everclear
Aro2220*dreams shattered*
Aro2220thank you
peercetypical 2U has like 14 fans in it or something
peercefor home use, i'd get one of those home server desktop cases that hold 6-8 disks... and a supermicro board, X11 or something.
peerceor what I hacve, an HP Microserver, but thats only 4 drives.
lirielI am up to 14 drives jammed in my current desktop case - in hindsight I wish I had gone 2u or 4u
Aro22202u or 4u are server racks...the screamers right?
Aro2220but i don't think i will get 14 drives in the near future so
^Gecko^2U are the real screamers
peerce4U cases can be quieter than 1U or 2U
^Gecko^smaller diameter = more rpms
lirielwell choice of fans is up to you but ...
peercesince they can have larger fans.
Aro2220so what if I got like a 9u rack and put a couple 4u's in it?
peercebut most rack servers are as high density performance wise as they can get, since rack space costs money.
^Gecko^Cobalt Raq3 is a 1U with an annoyingly loud 40mm fan
Aro2220It's just...this picture shows easy loading hard drive bays in front. And pics of these server racks on r/homebrew have all these switches and hubs and stuff on them so it would be a really cool environment to learn networking with
peerceyou can just stack a couple 2U or 4U on a table, doesn't need to be racked
Aro2220well the rack looks cool
Aro2220and keeps my 3 year old from knocking it over
^Gecko^ACTION should build a cardboard box drive array
peercelooks cool. oh gawd, yeah, lets base our technology decisions on how cool it looks.
Aro2220for example: looks cool
Aro2220i think things that are functional look cool
Aro2220 'looks cool' is a completely arbitrary term and you're right i shouldn't use it
^Gecko^lol hey DrKK`
peercehere ya go!
peercedoes that 'look cool' enough ?
_Bauerpeerce: Any recommendations on cheap but reliable PCI2 NIC, this time?
peercePCI2 ?
Cpuroast_Bauer: Something Intel
_BauerCpuroast: Yes, the board I use is quite old: so need something compatible. But PCI I already ordered, and I think its DOA but cant tell for sure since the card doesnt fit on my newer PC..
Cpuroastthe realtek controller is busted?
Cpuroastnot that it's much of a loss
Cpuroastrealtek is junk
_Bauerno, but when I transfer massive amount of data, it disconnects.. I was told here to get a reliable nic. Intel Pro 1000, but the one I got seems doa, some hardware errors
_BauerCpuroast: those errors -
CpuroastIntel Pro 1000
Cpuroastis definitely your best bet
peercethere's lots of pro1000 variants
_BauerAny recommendations on reliable seller? and I prefer PCI2 this time so I can cross check on the new computer if needed
Cpuroast_Bauer: PCIe 2.0 or PCIe 3.0
Cpuroastboth will work
Cpuroasthell even PCIe 1.1 would too
_Bauernah 2.0.. any recommendation?
Cpuroastwould also work
peercethat dual adapter needs a x4 slot
Cpuroast_Bauer: you are confusing PCI with PCIe
Cpuroast_Bauer: there's the old 32-bit parallel PCI and the newer serial PCIe standard
Cpuroast_Bauer: you can run PCIe 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 in a 3.0 slot
Cpuroast_Bauer: the e in PCIe is express
Cpuroastpeerce: he can use his x16 slot
Cpuroastpeerce: if he's using onboard CPU graphics
_Baueryeah I do have all slots free
Cpuroastbut yeah the x1 would probably be all you need
_Bauerbut I am looking for cheapest option.. hard to believe such an ancient tech simplest card should set me back by about 30$
Cpuroastancient tech?
Cpuroastit's a dual-port server-grade gigabit adapter
Cpuroastnot exactly ancient
Aro2220peerce yes that does
peerceAro2220; and most of those were 10K and 15K rpm server drives
_Bauerhmm, I'd be happy with single port, if I can find one cheaper... but I already burned with this cheap one from ebay which seems not to work
peerceand virtually all thosee drive bays were full.
peercebut its all gone now.
Cpuroastignore the 2nd one
Aro2220peerce is that your rack?
Cpuroastthat's fiber
peerceAro2220; was the rack at work, picture is from june 2016 right after I populated it (after moving from a half empty double-rack at another site)
Cpuroast_Bauer: the 12.99 one should do the trick
peerceit was dismantled in december and is all gone now.
Aro2220aww...i hope they have something better
peercenah, our department was disbanded, that was our development stack
_BauerThanks Cpuroast! I was actually looking for something like it here: But cheapest one is 40$ CAD! outrageous
peercesome of those servers got moved to another site and are being used by the dev group thats supporting a lot of what we did, but they will be just reusing the hardware, wiping my builds ands stuff
peercebefore I left, I migrated everything deemed important to them.
peerceour source code control server was migrated to asia
Cpuroast_Bauer: why is it outrageous?
peerceasia wanted me to clone the VM. I said no, you build YOUR OS config to these basic requirement specs, and lets move the hive and sql database
Cpuroastwhat makes your think a good brand new nic has to be super cheap
peercebecause that way, its managed THEIR way instead of MY way.
Aro2220seems like you've got a good head on your shoulders
mrelceei'm in the process of winding down my freebsd server - moving important things to a bhyve vm.. with the intent of switching to freenas for the server OS.. i have the disk image files as zfs volumes on an SSD. how straightforward will it be to get that firing on freenas?
peercei've been doing systems shit for a long long time, and just retired from it. down to dabbling with a couple internet servers that I've had for quite awhile.
Aro2220what's the industry like to work in?
peerceAro2220; changing. always changing.
peercenever stop learning until you die.
_BauerCpuroast: well because, LAN is ancient tech, nothing new or unique there, plenty of cards on the market.. its not fiber or someothing.
Aro2220peerce that's my motto
Cpuroast_Bauer: except, everything besides Intel or Broadcom is complete junk
peerceI sttarted in the 70s. punch cards and batch systems.
mrelcee$30 for a gigether nic is outrageous?
peercethen minicomputers, then cp/m microcomputers, then IBM PC
mrelceeACTION avoids showing bauer his lens inventory
Aro2220that must have been something to see
Cpuroast_Bauer: the cheap ones will be realtek junk
Cpuroast_Bauer: like the one on your boar
mrelcee10gige i nea
Aro2220i was born in the 80s and just the stuff i saw from personal computers was pretty fun
_Bauermrelcee: compared to teh 13$ Cpuroast managed to find, obviously yes
Cpuroast_Bauer: it's also refurb
Cpuroast_Bauer: meaning not new
_BauerCpuroast: but there are no moving parts... it should be performing like new, right? basically
Cpuroast_Bauer: the 40$ ones you linked are actually new
Cpuroast_Bauer: in theory
mrelceei'm going to be linking two boxes some time soon. couple 10ge would be fun. :)
Cpuroast_Bauer: it's also 13$ USD
Cpuroastsince it's on
Cpuroastwhich means 16.31 + shipping
Cpuroast_Bauer: quality parts are more expensive then shit ones, of course :)
_BauerI see.. I guess I wont have much choice :( will have to get a good one - how is this? is this good?
_BauerProblem is adapting it to low profile bracket... the LAN socket position is not standard, the one I have here is in the middle
peerceI've taken a long bracket, cut it off with a fine tooth hacksaw, folded the end over with my vice, and drilled/filed a slot for the screw :D
_BauerHow do I even know its not a fake Intel? I dont see any chip that says Intel lol.. and printing Intel on the PCB is not a proof
Cpuroast_Bauer: pretty sure that can be adapted to low-profile
_Bauerohh, cool, sounds like I am in for a challenge then :)
_BauerDid you do all of that bending while the bracket was still affixed to the card?
Cpuroasthere's a low-profile bracket for it
Cpuroastno hacking needed
Cpuroastunscrew full-height bracket, screw-in low-profile bracket
_BauerNice find! lol.. So all of that begs the question: Why is it sold twice more expensive here? if its the same card genuine same quality?
Cpuroastebay has tons of used shit
_Bauerit says new on that page
peercegeez, $25 for this card, thats *CHEAP*
peercebrand new, thats the current SKU for desktop intel gigE cards.
Cpuroast+9$ shipping & import
Cpuroastdepends on where you are shipping to
peercefree shipping with prime. i order that in the next 20 hours, and I'll have it thursday.
_Bauerhmm, they have warehouse sales price of 18.45$, last time in Jan 10th - sounds like I am on a hunt gonna setup price alert :)
peerceor wednesday, even, hah, if I order in the next 18 mins.
peercethere's a bulk SKU thats 20 units without boxes.
peercejust bagged.
peerceoem pack
Cpuroast_Bauer: that board isn't exactly great for FreeNAS, no ECC support, but it will do if don't store important data
peercei loved getting disks in the factory bulk packs.
peerce20 drives in a case.
peerceall in foam cushions
mrelceemmm 20 drives
mrelceeI need to add some drives to my pool
mrelceei've been floating around 2.6tb free, goes down every night from tv shows but ive been keeping it about at that point by deleting and doing a rigorous cleanout of stuff that i kept because I could
_BauerI'll get the one above the Prime, didnt see the prime price originally link pointed to another seller
_BauerBut question: Why some variants have a passive heat sink, and asome dont? Will it survive sustained read/writes in gbit speeds?
macintoshmeMy FreeNAS is primarily a media box (Plex and Torrents) and a small time SMB file server. Is a ZIL for me? I found a spare 60GB Intel 330 in my parts bin I was thinking about making a ZIL.
peercebauer; its been a long time since a gigE NIC needed a fan
peercemacintoshme; probably not.
Cpuroast_Bauer: they don't need a fan
peerceZIL works for things like relational database servers, or as a iscsi target for a write intensive VM
Cpuroast_Bauer: but some variants of it, they put a heatsink on it, to help with dissipation
Cpuroast_Bauer: heatsinks can't hurt
_BauerBut why would they do that? heatsink costs money to add, if it works stable sustained without heatsink, why? maybe its not as reliable without heatsink?
macintoshmepeerce, would it have any benefit for SMB? My understanding is it turns async writes to sync writes by gathering them and dumping them at once. Sorry if I just spouted nonsense
Cpuroast_Bauer: would probably be an older chip
peercemacintoshme; not for most use cases of smb, archival and media, and such.
sunrunner20in 1945, Barry Fitzgerald accidentally decapitated his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor while using it to practice his golf swing. The statute was particularly vulnerable because it was made of plaster and painted gold due to the shortage of metal during WWII.
macintoshmeThanks guys
sunrunner20they couldn't spare a few pounds of iron?
peerceyou'll be network bound long before
Cpuroast_Bauer: or, since it's a server grade card, they added a heatink to improve reliability
Cpuroast_Bauer: there's a diff between consumer-grade and server grade
Cpuroast_Bauer: adding a small heatink for a server-grade component to improve reliability in 24/7 operation
Cpuroastisn't surprising
Cpuroastconsumer-grade components don't run 24/7, so they could afford to omit the heatink
Cpuroastto save costs
Cpuroastand sell cheaper
_Bauerso without heatsink, its consumer grade variant then? I guess if its stable enough to move a few TBs while I create a raid, I can live with that.. this card is much cheaper
Cpuroastyeah, Desktop Adapter
Cpuroastis consumer-grade
Cpuroastas in Desktop PC
_BauerAll that deliberation proved useless :( that item is not shipped to Canada :( damn
DrKK`ah yes,
DrKK`it turns out,
DrKK`if I cut off all egressing packets from the house,
DrKK`then it will necessarily disconnect me from the irc. lol
Cpuroastbut that's an x4 slot
_BauerIrrelevant, but lol - their shippping costs to Canada is 45$ at least :)
_BauerSo back to chinese sourcing... Will this be good enough?
peerceyou don't mind waiting 2-3 weeks?
CpuroastBased on the Intel 82574 chipset, it is compatible with Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and VMware operating systems
_BauerNot really no. the built in card works for streaming something. It only failed when I was xferring hundreds of GBs to backup/free drive to create a raid. I can wait with that
Cpuroast23.99+shipping for the add-on one
Cpuroastwhich uses an Intel chip
Cpuroastor yeah, that ebay one
Cpuroastwith the 0.99$ low-profile bracket
mrelceei've honestly never put this much throught into an ethernet card. :)
_BauerHow do you know that card is based on Intel chip?
Cpuroast_Bauer: which one
Cpuroastthe addon?
Cpuroastit says
_Baueroh I see, I missed it
Cpuroast_Bauer: Intel sells their chips to other manufacturers
Cpuroastfor cards
Cpuroastto put in on boards
Cpuroaston motherboards
_BauerI see.. hmmm, will decide tomorrow :) leaning towards the ebay one, unless I manage to get money back for DOA card, then will fix my stinyness mistake and grap the real thing form Amazon and be done with it
peerceyeah, they never really wanted to be a board company, their boards were just 'reference designs'
peerceone thing I have always liked about Intel, they are engineering driven.
peercedetailed documentation and specs on most everything
Cpuroastbroadcom nic support in FreeNAS is probably pretty good too
_BauerI only once had Intel based PC - when they tried to push RDRAM :)
mrelceeooo. rdram. that's rugh
mrelceei managesd to avoid that shitshow
Cpuroast_Bauer: that motherboard is Intel, no?
_BauerAfter that bad experience, I consistently concluded that AMD is the smart choice, always. Intel also likes to intentionally uhm.. "engineer" new sockets every year, to force you to buy new :)
Cpuroastnot every year
_BauerCpuroast: yes, it was given to me free by a friend, in exchange for an old laptop with dead screen he needed for compact htpc to the living room :) all I had to get was case
Cpuroastusually 2 CPU gens per socket
Cpuroastit's been like that for some time
mrelceei've been heavily pro intel for years, but I'm kinda interested in AMD threadripper
CpuroastAMD was good prior to bulldozer arch
Cpuroastnow they are good with Zen
_BauerYeah, but why? If AMD can do 3-5 years with a socket, so can Intel, if they tried
peerceintel is moving towards system-on-a-chip, I think.
peercecertainly for the freenas market, things like the C3338 make sense.
Cpuroastwe'll see how long AMD lasts with AM4
CpuroastI don't foresee it lasting more than 2 gens of Ryzens
Cpuroast_Bauer: you have to change sockets when you change RAM type
Cpuroastthat's obvious
Cpuroastor when you increase the number of memory channels
peercelong long ago, far far away (ok, late 1980s), I did consulting work for both Intel and AMD on seperate occasionss. Intel was very regimented, and specification and design driven. AMD were a bunch of cowboys by comparision.
_BauerThey lasted long with AM2+, I had started with Athlon X2, after few years upgrading to Phenom 940 BE with some OC.. it worked very well. If I were on Intel, I'd spend much, much more on whole new system
Cpuroastthere's pros and cons to try to keep the same socket
Cpuroastfor too long
peerceI don't think I've hardly ever replaced the CPU on a motherboard.
peerceI've replaced motherboard+cpu in bunches of chassis several times over.
peercealso replaced chassis, with the same guts, hah.
_Bauerok I gotta go.. its getting late :) interesting discussion, another day :)
Cpuroastyeah, usually mobo+CPU+RAM
Cpuroastthe whole AMD FX was pretty much junk
peercei've upgraded ram a few times, not as many as you might think, considering how many systtems I've built since the PC
Cpuroastcompared to Intel's offerings
peerceWe had a very good pair of AMD based servers, each was a quad opteron 850 in a 4U
CpuroastRyzen on the other hand is looking very solid
peercethose things were database workhorses for years. they had a fiberchannel connected storage array that had scsi disks.
peercethey ran two different versions of Oracle
peerceopteron 850 was new in may 2004. so this was probably 2005. we never got /bleeding/ edge.
tousonI installed freenas on an old PC that I cobbled together last so I could learn about the platform
tousonI am now looking at implementing a far better set up with hot swappable drives running some kind of RAID
tousonAnyone got any advice on NAS enclosure, drives to use, version of freeNAS to install?
tousonI am still a relative neebie so could use all the guidance I can get
nostroraHello, what do you think about ?
nostroraShould i take this or mostly an X11 ?
jrgwhen did intel make that cpu?!
jrgthat looks like an avoton that takes ddr4
Christoph_vWisn't an AMD Epyc a better choice now? no meltdown issue, more pcie lanes, cheaper
Christoph_vWat least cheaper than a Xeon
m0nkey_That A2SDi looks great, but it was tested a month or two ago and revealed that FreeNAS does not work with it. Reported that it often hung and the 10GbE didn't function.
m0nkey_That _might_ have changed since, but it didn't look good at the time.
jrgm0nkey_: damn that sucks. that’s a nice looking board.
jrgthat’s weird.
jrgChristoph_vW: I didn’t know AMD was still on the map.
Christoph_vWstill? you mean again...
Christoph_vWI wonder why they offer only one EPYC board with 4TB memory support - all others are limited to 1TB or 2TB
CpuroastChristoph_vW: number of slots on the board
Christoph_vW8 to 32 - depends on the board
Christoph_vWguess my next order will be a Dell PowerEdge with an EPYC cpu - the supermicro server I have has too many "serviceability issues"
Christoph_vWlike really little screws in bad positions to be able to open the chassis
Christoph_vWand supermicro limits the single cpu EPYC systems to 8 DIMM slots, Dell offers 16 in UP config
{HD}This is the first time I got this email "No /var/log/" & "No /var/log/" is that a good or a bad thing?
dkashi. Is there anyone already using the freenas11 beehyve vms in a production level setting? Are there some known caveats?
sunrunner20AFAIK it’s stable if you can get it working dkas
dkasand beehyve is here to stay, correct? slightly worried since jails went the way of the dodo with freenas 11 which I did not expect
sunrunner20They’re not gone diss
dkasIn principle, this would make a neat little appliance for SMB. Set up a small FreeNAS11 box, throw some basic VMs on it (Mailstorage, DBs, maybe a samba dc) and replicate all of it back to base
dkasBut I never worked with beehyve, so I am reluctant. we usually only use freenas as pure nas and throw in an extra esxi.
dkasbut that is overkill for some of the 3-5 man shops we sometimes get as customers
cbreakdkas: why the hell would you use VMs for DB, mail storage and so on? or samba?
cbreakcan't you do that in a normal jail?
dkascbreak: samba, dbs - sure. mail storage is mostly in a "Mailstore" server, aka win
dkascbreak: and aren't jails deprecated in freenas11?
cbreakjails are a freebsd base feature
tvsuttonFreeNAS just removed some of the management UI for them, but you can still run and manage them yourself
cbreakdkas: the linux people ended up reinventing them partially with their lxc / docker stuff :)
cbreakdkas: seems to be quite popular nowadays
dkaswhy would freenas remove the UI to run jails if they think of it as a feature?
Cpuroastthey'll re-add it in time
cbreakdkas: they rewrote the UI and didn't get to "J" in their todo yet?
tvsuttonI'm sure they've been wanting to kill the old jails plugin system for a while too
sunrunner20cbreak is humerus but right- they haven’t gotten to porting it to the new ui yet
mrelceei think I'm going to pull the plug on my freebsd server today and slip in the freenas boot flash.. i've migrated all of my important stuff from my main system to a bhyve vm. In theory i should be able to fire freenas, set up the vm, and my nfs shares and be mostly in business in 20 minutes
mrelceeand.... the wife just plopped down to watch plex. maybe later. :)
zaggynlwhat made you pick freenas over freebsd?
ayeceeconvenient web interface so i don't have to familiarize myself with cryptic commands to accomplish tasks
ayeceealso so i can eventually hand it off to someone else without training them on cryptic commands
mrelceethe webui is appealing, supports a lot of stuff that is a pain to do on your own in freebsd.. plus I can still have bsd servers in bhyve or jails so best of all worlds
mrelceei've been running this server for just under two years and it's great.. I just have had an itch to scratch wanting to check out freenas...
mrelceeunfortunately piles of cash to throw at standing up a new box to try it out isn't in the cards.
{HD}If I have a Mac user and a Windows user that have identical usernames do I tic the box in freeness that says “Windows user“ or not?
ayeceedo you intend to manage permissions using windows ACLs? if so, yes. if not, no.
{HD}Hum, I guess I do plan on using acls with my smb shares...
Guest62096I have added SMART tests to my system, how i can see test results ?
FRIGNGuest62096: smartctl -a /dev/adax
Guest62096FRIGN, /dev/a
Guest62096acpi% apm% apmctl% atkbd0% audit%
FRIGNjust try each, it won't do harm. If your drives are not connected via ADA, the /dev/ names will be different.
mrelceewhere on a zpool does freenas like to store bhyve vm zvols?
peercezvols don't show up in the file system as files
mrelceehow does bhyve do it? I'm switching over a freebsd server with vms i want to bring over.
mrelceeif need be I've dd'd the images out of the zvol device for safety.. just trying to cover my bases
peercei've never used bhyve, and frankly, I would be doing the /opposite/ of what you're doing if you're building a sytem to be a hypervisor
mrelceethanks for your time
peercecreate a small test VM, see where it puts stuff
Guest62096FRIGN, maybe /dev/zvol/VOLZ3/
FRIGNGuest62096: No, you want the hardware :) A zvol is something that "lives" on top of it, on a higher level than S.M.A.R.T.
peercewell, no trailing /
Guest62096FRIGN, i know. But i think it standard Linux command smartctrl. So its will show current SMART status. But i have scheduled SMART test and dont want chek every time from CLI. If someting happened with my disks how i can see problems witout going to CLI ?
peercesmartd will notify you if it thinks ther's a problem
Guest62096peerce, where i will see notifications ?
peerceat the emaila ddress you setup on the smartd settings page
peerceplus a red alert on the dashboard
Guest62096oh , thank you !
Guest62096Thank you peerce , FRIGN
FRIGNGuest62096: you're welcome! :) Yeah, don't forget to set up your mail, but e.g. for me, it doesn't send mail when it runs a test successfully. So don't worry.
Guest62096:) I will set up mail right now, thank you again :)
mrelceespelunking the freenas docs it looks like it just wants a zvol that you can select. i'm probably okay..
{HD}Wow there is a whole secret freenas ui I never knew about!!!
FRIGN{HD}: which one?
{HD}FRIGN: there is more than one!? Freenas/ui is the one I just came across
peercethats the beta for the 'new' UI that will be the default in a future release
peerceit may not be feature complete yet
acosSoon TM
brandonxanyone know how i can update my sab jail ? i dont mind rebuilding a new jail and importing settings but the plugins page doesnt list the new version
peerceSAB jail?
peercewhats SAB ?
peerceno idea what that is.
mrelceecan't you install the pkg?
brandonxi mean, i could make a fresh jail and manually install it but that seems to be counterintuitive to just having an update function for plugins
peerceand yeah, create a plain jail, install/configure your app(s) with pkg install
peercebrandonx; if the plugin hasn't been updated that means the plugin authors have dropped support for it
brandonxah ok
brandonxthanks :-)
catzillaI have been referred to this group as an appropriate place to get an answer for the question originally posted here:
catzillaI'm using FreeNAS 11.1. I have 2 NICs and several jails. I have configured one of the jails to use the 2nd NIC via placing the NIC iface name into the jail iface file. After this I am left with:
catzillabridge0 includes the specific NIC referenced in the jail's "iface" file and that jail's epair -> great. bridge1 includes the default NIC and all the other jails' epairs -> great. bridge0 does not have an IPV4 address assigned to it -> fine but bridge1 has a DHCP assigned IPV4 address -> this is also fine, but I don't understand why?
catzillaEqually if I go to "Network Summary" in the FreeNAS web UI, I see the two NICs and the bridge1 listed (but not bridge0). Do you have any idea what, why or where bridge1 is assigned an IP address?
SweetAndLowcatzilla: how do you create bridge1?
brandonx6i'm having a hell of a time trying to get sabnzbd to even work in a fresh jail, i've tried ports and packages and each time i try to start the service sabnzbd it gives an error about sqlite3 which is installed, anyone else had this issue ?
catzillaI didn't explicitly create either of the bridges. I think one at least must be created by freenas the first time you create a jail? Also it seems that the numbering bridge0 for the specific NIC and bridge1 for the others (after I reboot) seems to indicate freenas works out that 2 bridges are needed and creates them.
SweetAndLowcatzilla: basically nobody messes with nics like this
SweetAndLowmost people just use one nic for everything
SweetAndLowi'm sure you can do it but might be lots of trial and error
FRIGNHey guys! Maybe you can help me out. For some reason, my system just won't start any S.M.A.R.T. tests or scrubs, even though I've scheduled them.
FRIGNI already checked smartd and it correctly lists the upcoming "occasions". However, once the time comes, nothing happens.
FRIGNThe S.M.A.R.T.-service is running of course.
FRIGNAnd it also does the boot-disk scrubs correctly too
m0nkey_Falcon Heavy launch in 10mins..
FRIGNIs there a known bug with the "on each day" or "on selected days" settings? Should I tweak things there?
wedgieso excited
SweetAndLowFRIGN: smart works for most people
SweetAndLowwhat version of freenas are you running? make sure you don't have your usb boot devices selected
FRIGNSweetAndLow: Ok, I investigated a bit more. Actually I don't have a USB boot device, but a normal NVMe. What I noticed is the following: It won't even set the alarm state for high hdd temps even if the conditions are met (and it should send me a mail then). It used to work before, so what I'm going to do now is one after the other remove the entries in the S.M.A.R.T. tasks and see what this yields.
SweetAndLowFRIGN: uncheck your nvme drive
SweetAndLowit does't support smart most likely
FRIGNSweetAndLow: it does actually, and I can run short and long checks on it without issues
FRIGNbut yeah, I thought so as well at first, that it might be the NVMe
FRIGN(no rhyme intended)
FRIGNok, it was not the UPS service (I shut that down as a test)
SweetAndLowFRIGN: why would ups and smart have anything to do with each other
SweetAndLowi think you are way off the mark here
SweetAndLowturn off smart for your nvme drive
peerceto disable smart on drives, you need to go into storage -> view disks, select a drive, edit, THEN turn off smart for that drive.
FRIGNSweetAndLow: There is an open bug where connected USB drives affect smartd. And now, when I restarted the UPS services, it suddenly started reporting the hdd-temps again (I set it to a crazy low-limit of 20°C, which it didn't report before).
FRIGNI have no idea why that is
SweetAndLowlink to bug?
FRIGNIf it was because of my nvme-drive not supporting S.M.A.R.T., smartd would give me a warning in the system log.
FRIGNSweetAndLow: yeah sec
FRIGNbut as given in the report, smartd gives a warning when it can't register the device.
FRIGNok, what I did now was schedule a long self-test on one of my HDDs for 22:52 (in 20 mins). Let's see how it turns out. If that doesn't help, I'll disable S.M.A.R.T. for my boot drive, as you suggested. :)
SweetAndLowFRIGN: ok so that bug is exactly what i have been telling you
SweetAndLowgood luck figuring this out I'm dont helping you
FRIGNok, that's fine. Thanks for your help up to this point! :)
segyso I have a live 11.1-u1 system that's effectively stopped responding to nfs
segyall machines talking to it are reporting timeouts
segynothing is jumping out at me in logs
segywhat should I be looking for/interrogating
segythis is the 2nd time it's happened in the last few days
FRIGNsegy: in the WebUI, go to System->Advanced, enable "Show console messages in the footer", save and then click on the green text in the footer to open the log
FRIGNIt's the first thing I'd do: Check error output of the services.
FRIGNMaybe this gives some indication.
segyis there a way to do the same via ssh
segyI've been looking at /var/log/messages and friends
segyno indication of why this is happening
FRIGNsegy: hmm, what happens if you restart the nfs-service?
FRIGNI know, it sounds dumb and you probably tried that
segyFRIGN: so I did that
segyFRIGN: an nfsd process appears to have been hung
segyrunning service nfsd restart resulted in the restart command hanging
segyI got a lot of procstat info from the process
segybefore I had to reboot the machine
segyon the shutdown cycle the scripts reported that some processes had failed to stop right before it synced the disks
FRIGNsegy: this is not unusual. when it loses the PID given in the PID file and it tries to kill the corresponding process, with it being not present any more, it reports a failure on shutdown.
FRIGNhowever, everything beyond that is also beyond my knowledge.
segyyeah, so attempting to kill the nfsd pid it was waiting on didn't do anything
segyno logs were reported
segyanything I should do to gather information the next time this happens
segyI'm running most of my stuff off of nfs including vmware hosts. normally w/o incident
segysystem load was ~1
segyprocstat -k output seems to indicate all the nfsd kernel threads were in sleep_wait
segymostly refs to zfs_fhtovp
segylooks like I'm in lockmgr
jrgThere are somethings you can’t kill your way out of.
jrglove altered carbon
Cpuroastneed to watch that
segyI'm almost done w/ it myself
jrgCpuroast: it’s good. it’s sort of like.....
jrgblade runner meets uhm...... surrogates
jrgactually more like ghost in the shell
jrgit’s blade runner + gits heh
jrgthe budget for altered carbon has to be insane
jrgthis is a theatre quality grade show
Cpuroastyup. I'll get around to watching it
FRIGNSweetAndLow: ok, disabling S.M.A.R.T. did not solve the problem :(
pmowI'm getting fast reads of 950MiB/s from SSD, but fairly slow reads of 127MB/s. Reads is even hitting the ARC. Any ideas what I can check?
Cpuroastpmow: arc needs time to warm up
pmowCpuroast: Is there a term for this I can research on?
Criggie"patience" ?
pmowSeeing as I haven't heard of this "arc warm-up time", I wanted to look into it. So what kind of patience should I have for ARC? It's ram
sunrunner20the exact rate at which the ARC fills is determined by tunables
SweetAndLowpmow: how are you testing these read speeds? local or over a 10gig network?