SHeedsmanyo anyone there
tiltgood day
razdays are way too short
headknot_yo, has anyone here gotten ableton 64-bit to work on linux via wine/playonlinux?
razableton on linux sounds like a world of hurt
headknot_yeah it's a bit of a pain, but I would like to give it an honest try. There seems to be people getting the 32-bit version running, but I haven't seen any confirmation on the 64-bit one.
razno idea sorry
razbut all my wine experiments ended rather quickly and unsatisfactionary
razACTION freezes all the things
razfucking retarded ableton routing...
razACTION is close to 50 tracks only cause he has to back everything with an extra audio track
Kimrydtfw haven't opened Renoise or Bitwig in a month
razswitched to ableton?
KimrydHaven't touched a DAW at all in a month
SHeedsmanhey how can i re-record a certain section of a track in the arrangement
razwhen using shift+cursor to resize notes in the piano roll
razhow do i make the damn thing snap to the grid
razinstead of.. whatever arbitrary step length it chooses