jrmiahcan someone take a disk that is used raw as a zpool in say, Linux zfs, and use it on freebsd zfs or open indiana?
jrmiahthey certainly kept things binary compatible? ... but something makes me not want to trust the linux guys did heh
jrmiahI just tested a zfs send from linux to recv on open indiana and that seemed to work
numinitI've *imported* a pool on ZOL before...
numinitfrom bsd
jrmiahwhere was the pool made? linux or open indiana?
jrmiahbtw - wasn't the dog named Indiana?
jrmiahhmm thats a funny point... wonder if openbsd ported zfs as well
numinitno idea
jrmiahpretty dissapointed to see the shareiscsi go away :/ ... one command for all that was nice
DeHackEdI've asked this before, but I'm curious if opinions have changed. I'm thinking of making a dataset with recordsize=4M. going to be a raidz2 of 8 disks (and several raidz2 in the pool)
DeHackEdso, am I crazy or what?