simbalionHi, I changed the unit in vm.memory.size[pavailable] to % from B (because it's a percentage right?) but now I'm seeing numbers like 13863451.91%? Can someone explain why that is and how I can fix it?
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voltersimbalion: A custom multiplier defined on the item?
simonuk1I am using ver 3.4, trying to set an action for trigger value = Problem, but it doesnt exists in the dropdown anymore, documentation still says use Trigger Value = PROBLEM
_ikke_That has been removed in 3.2
simonuk1Ok, so whats the default now to be able to have a action that email for a triggers ?
simonuk1suppose could do trigger severity <= notclasified ?
_ikke_You don't need any condition if you want everything
_ikke_Any known issues between proxy communication between 3.2.11 proxy and 3.2.6 server? We just upgradet to 3.4, and the proxies that are on 3.2.6 don't have any issues, but one proxy that had 3.2.11 stopped working untill we upgraded it to 3.4
volterThis is not supposed to work.
volterx.y must match between proxy and server, or you are on your own.
_ikke_Isn't? I thought 3,2 was compattible with 3.4
_ikke_Are you sure?
_ikke_We know with earlier versions this wasn't possible, but I thought I read (and proxies working seem to confirm) that 3.4 server can talk to 3.2 proxies
volterShow me! :)
_ikke_Yes, trying to find the reference
_ikke_"Server-proxy data exchange protocol was optimized to reduce the number of connections made to send historical (host availability, item history, discovery and auto registration) data from proxy to server. However server will also accept historical data from 3.2 (and older) proxies, keeping partial backwards compatibility."
_ikke_partial it reads
volterI didn't know that though.
volterI guess that's more like a measure of losing already gathered data.
_ikke_But what does not work then?
_ikke_Except one, all other proxies still run 3.2, but they seem to be sending new data just fine
volterIt might depend on what you configured the proxy to do.
_ikke_They are all configured pretty much the same
_ikke_Only difference we could find was that one was already upgraded to 3.2.11, the rest is still on 3.2.6
volterDid you take a look at the proxy log?
_ikke_ 20190:20180203:115638.145 failed to update local proxy configuration copy: invalid field name "items.jmx_endpoint"
volterThat's it
_ikke_but wondering why the other proxies don't have this issues
_ikke_let me check to be sure
volterNo JMX items?
_ikke_We don't have jmx items, but I see the same issuee
volterOK, then it's just about the difference in the schema.
volterMaybe sniff the wire then or raise the debug level.
volterBut at the end of the day, you should make them 3.4 anyway.
_ikke_yeah, agree
_ikke_But to reduce the scope of the upgrade, we thought we could do that later
volterI understand
Richlv_ikke_, if proxy has local config, it can kinda work with that and send values
Richlvany config changes will fail - if you change anything, or if the proxy does not have / loses the local db
Richlvmaybe that proxy was restarted and lost the local db or something
Richlvwow, the internet in this hotel is terrible
Richlv1000 packets transmitted, 326 received, 67% packet loss
_ikke_Richlv: right, noticed that.
_ikke_Richlv: We just upgraded all of our proxies
volterRichlv: Sounds good to me!
fordfrogis there a way to configure own jabber server for zabbix? i'm running my own zabbix server that is not connected to the network.
volterYou mean it's only on your private network?
fordfrogno, it's not connected to the jabber network, but it's on public ip
fordfrogthat's why i need zabbix to connect to my server and not any server
volterI don't understand the question then. Jabber requires TCP connectivity eventually.
fordfrogi have set up jabber server on one of my servers and am running zabbix on another server. what i need is make zabbix to connect to my jabber server and not according the SRV lookup as i saw in the documentation
fordfrogor maybe it can use SRV lookup, but then SRV must contain only my server
volterI don't think that a SRV record is necessary for that.
volterAn A record should suffice.
fordfrogso if i have lets say jabber account named zabbix@domain.tld, i should set up a SRV record on my domain.tld that points to my jabber server?
volterI'm starting to understand what the problem is.
volter"When sending notifications, Zabbix tries to look up the Jabber SRV record first, and if that fails, it uses an address record for that domain." -- So that A record is enough.
volterOr _is_ there an existing SRV record that is messing things up for you?
fordfrogno, i never used SRV record before but what i understand now, i can set up one for xmpp service for my domain.tld
volterBut you don't have to.
volterAs long as domain.tld resolves to an address with your Jabber daemon listening on it, you are good.
fordfrogah, thanks for explanation, now it's clear to me :-)
volterGlad to hear!
simbalionvolter: I don't have anything custom on it, if I set the unit to B or M it shows the percentage (pavailable) but if I set unit to % it shows crazy numbers
volterPlease run a zabbix_get for that key and give me the result.
voltersimbalion: ^