heller__hey guys
heller__is there an easy way to make a template of sorts, which would search all devices from with port 80 and keep checking if they are open?
fgeekprobably easy with discovery, but haven't used those much personally
fgeeknot sure if you can also remove the monitoring if the device disappears
fgeekat least you can script this with Nmap and the API
voltertuxick: Ad history: Some triggers may fire then.
volterRichlv: Ad sql.gz: Is that a proposal or a fact?
heller__fgeek: i dont have nmap on these devices with agents
Richlvvolter, a fact that makes it impossible to create schema only, for example
Richlv!t networkdis
zabbixbotnetworkdiscovery: Zabbix can scan an IP range for various services using discovery rules, actions can add hosts, link them to templates, add to groups. See https://www.zabbix.com/documentation/3.2/manual/discovery/network_discovery
Richlvheller__, see that link
Richlvyou can tell zabbix to create a host for each found port - or only send an email without creating a host
heller__does it work if remote locations only got agents? or does it require a proxy?
_ikke_Just agents should work
_ikke_We have many remote locations without proxy, just agents
heller__i've got few locations with basically similar networks with minor changes. lots of http servers which i'd like to keep track of
heller__without manually entering ip's
_ikke_You can try network discovery
heller__how do i devine a discovery rule to an agent?
heller__i mean, i made a discovery rule, but how do i apply what agents should use it on their network?
darkl0rdHey people. Does anyone know whether how to prevent a trigger from firing again after it was manually closed? For instance I have a disk usage trigger which goes off at 20%, I ack it and close it - the event goes away, but on the next check a new event is created because the situation hasn't changed.
darkl0rdI would like this event to stay away after I have ACK'd, as I will deal with it when the 10% trigger fires instead.
darkl0rdSo basically the trigger should NOT fire when a) the previous check resulted in the trigger to fire AND the previous event generated was manually closed.
darkl0rdany assistance would me much appreciated
darkl0rdI'm always surprised as to how quite a channel can be with so many people in it.
darkl0rd*quiet even
darkl0rd idlers ;)
darkl0rdheller__: Do you happen to know whether it's possible to do what I'm asking?
heller__sorry no idea
heller__waiting on someone to give me a hint too :)
darkl0rdI know how to do it, logically. But I'm missing the syntax to define it
darkl0rdwell, I'll check back later or tomorrow.