LurnuxAnyone monitroing mssql with dbforbix here?
zabbixbot[04ZBX-12019] 03Frontend incorrectly displays calendar in maintenance edit form when system time zone is ahead of PHP timezone 14created by Glebs Ivanovskis14/glebs.ivanovskis (12
pidzerogleb, one disadvantage of a server instead of agent implementation is the need of still sending all data to zabbix server.
zabbixbot[04ZBX-12020] 03agent crush, solaris, signal:11(SIGSEGV),reason:1 14created by Vladimir Povetkin14/vpovetkin (12
glebpidzero: Assumption is that usually a significant part of bulk is usable. Otherwise there is little point in bulk requests :)
pidzerogleb, the little point to me was that there could be one request providing many or even all information at once, without considering what is finally now or in future of interest. this could than be (re-)defined at any time via the frontend/api. however, i of course see the advantage of a server implementation as it allows to go beyond of agent checks (odbc, ssh, ...)
pidzerolet's agree on not dropping the plan about the eichhoernchen project ;)
glebSure :)
zabbixbot[04ZBXNEXT-3773] 03Documentation for parallel processing of alerts 14created by Rostislav Palivoda14/palivoda (12
zabbixbot[04ZBXNEXT-3774] 03Fix frontend issues for parallel processing of alerts 14created by Rostislav Palivoda14/palivoda (12
zabbixbot[04ZBXNEXT-3775] 03Documentation for Multiple triggers on map icons 14created by Rostislav Palivoda14/palivoda (12
pidzerofor the sake of correctness, the eichhoernchen project is of course not supposed to be limited to zabbix agent - as its module can likely be loaded in server/proxy too :)
Kateris there a possibility to change trigger severity based on time of day?
_ikke_only by having more triggers
TypeDanDang it, I had some help yesterday. This ' should' work , but its not. perf_counter[\Process(MSSQLSERVER)\% Processor Time,300] . What gives 0.o
Katerthat's what I feared _ikke_, thanks
Guest81527hello guys , I installed zabbix agant in windows 2012 r2 but I cannot start and I face this erorr 1053
Guest81527my zabbix is 3.0.8 version
_NiCIs it possible to customize the columns shown in Inventory -> Hosts?
_NiCGuest81527, I don't know windows, but maybe try some of these suggestions:
Guest81527_NiC: I tried all of them but did not work yet
glebKater: Or using external API scripts
pidzerogleb, Richlv seems to not work well when quotation marks are involved
glebpidzero: Yeah, no escaping inside
_NiCfound this, that I voted for:
_NiC(ref columns in inventory list)
pidzerogleb, and when doing supposedly correct escaping, it hangs :)
glebpidzero: Have an example?
pidzerohow about: 'jmx[\"JMImplementation:type=MBeanServerDelegate\",ImplementationVersion]'
pidzerogleb, but don't bother. you got much more important things to do ;)
nohitallhow do I set the sevierty level by trigger level?
glebpidzero: I just copied QUERY form
nohitalldo I need 2 trigger?
nohitallseems the simplest I guess
pidzerogleb, hangs as well
pidzeroand without quoting it works
glebpidzero: zabbix_get_jmx hangs too?
pidzerooh, not tested yet. lemme check...
pidzerogleb, yep. it works with escaped quotation
nohitallso I can't use a item froma different template for a trigger in a secondary template?
pidzeronohitall, only if the trigger is created on a lower level. t1 (item foo) -> t2 (trigger on item foo) -> host
glebpidzero: I guess instead of printf "ZBXD\\1$MSG" >&3 it should be printf "ZBXD\\1%s" "$MSG" >&3
pidzerogleb, unfortunately not: "bad data length"
glebpidzero: one moment
pidzeroi think this is the issue: ZBXD\xb7\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00{"request": "java...
glebpidzero: Attached new version of in the issue
pidzerogleb, seems to do the trick!
glebpidzero: Hurray!
TypeDanSo, wondering if someone can help. I've created a bit of powershell which basically get-process. Grabs the Memory for processes. I've added the following line to my Zabbix_agentd_conf -
TypeDanUserParameter=ListAllProcesses,mode con cols=140 && powershell -nologo -file C:\Zabbix\Scripts\MemoryUsage.ps1
TypeDanNot that!
TypeDanUserParameter=MemoryUsage,mode con cols=140 && powershell -nologo -file C:\Zabbix\Scripts\MemoryUsage.ps1
TypeDanI receive ZBX_NotSupported Unsupported item key
glebTypeDan: Check the agent log when it starts. Does it complain about your UserParameter?
TypeDanIs that correct, I've just added the line to the bottom of the config, or is there something i need to enable.
glebTypeDan: Restarted agent?
TypeDanI'll shwow you everything, one sec :)
TypeDanzabbix_agentd.conf - UserParameter=MemoryUsage,mode con cols=140 && powershell -nologo -file C:\Program Files\Scripts\MemoryUsage.ps1
glebTypeDan: If it says "Unsupported item key" it's either your typo in request or agent failed to load your UserParameter on startup. You can increase DebugLevel, restart, decrease back, restart again and investigate the log for errors.
TypeDanMy request is this - zabbix_agent.exe -c "c:\program files\zabbix agent\zabbix_agentd.conf" -t Memoryuseage
TypeDanMy request is this - zabbix_agent.exe -c "c:\program files\zabbix agent\zabbix_agentd.conf" -t Memoryusage
glebTypeDan: zabbix_agentD.exe :)
TypeDanWhoops, its in there.
TypeDanLet me just copy it :D
TypeDanc:\Program Files\Zabbix Agent>zabbix_agentd.exe -c "c:\Program Files\Zabbix Agen t\zabbix_agentd.conf" -t Memoryusage
TypeDanAh hang on
glebTypeDan: keys are case sensitive
TypeDanYeah I didnt realise. Different error now. Oh dear.
TypeDanThe argument 'C:\Program Files\Scripts\MemoryUsage.ps1' to the -File parameter does not exist. Provide the path to an existing 'ps1' file as an argument to the -File parameter
TypeDanGot it lol
TypeDan*I think*
TypeDanC:\Program Files\Scripts\MemoryUsage.ps1 . I missed out a folder path C:\Program Files\Zabbix\Scripts\MemoryUsage.ps1
TypeDanThanks for that!
glebNo worries!
TypeDangleb ++
TypeDangod knows lol
glebBot is down, but I appreciate anyway :)
HarmenSomeone knows of a SMTP check script, just to see if an SMTP server runs and replies?
HarmenSo not the standard SMTP check for the SMTP process, but really if an SMTP server runs, is reachable and gives a HELO.
TypeDanCould you just use Telnet and script it
TypeDanUse Telnet
HarmenOf course I can script it, but if there's a proper template already there, I'd rather use that. :)
TypeDanGood question :)
finalbetaIf you are on exchange, see the powershell commands to test exchange.
finalbetaif you have lots of time, consider sending a mail and checking if it was received in the mailbox :P
HarmenBut that's really on Exchange self. What I'd like to check if the SMTP server is reachable from the outside world and at least answers if you try to access it.
HarmenWe do run Exchange and of course that's monitored as well. Just not a partial SMTP check from the outside world.
nohitalli can simply copy a template for a certain host group without agent config changes right?
finalbetaHarmen, a simple tcp port check can be done using: net.tcp.service[smtp,,]
finalbetanohitall, I'm not entirely sure what you mean. But I think the answer will be yes. Group changes don't require agent changes.
nohitalljust wonder how to do something
nohitallI need a template trigger different for certain hosts
nohitallfor a host group
nohitalljust dont want to have a special template for all groups
nohitallbut I can't change the trigger for only 1 host group
nohitallany ideas?
Harmenfinalbeta: but isn't that for a local port, or can you do that for a remote port as well?
finalbetaHarmen, simple checks are executed by the server, or proxy in case the host is monitored thorugh a proxy.
HarmenI thought about a simple port check indeed, instead of a (partial) SMTP transcript. Not entirely what I'm looking for, but of other services pretty handy and for those definetely something I'd use. But only for remote ports.:)
HarmenHmm hmm, by, but not *on*? So can I check for example from
finalbetapreferably, you zabbix server would be inside a remote datacenter.
finalbetain that case, you would create a host with the WAN ip of your smtp server, and not the LAN ip.
finalbetathat way, you zabbix server would check port 25 on the wan of the smtp server over the internet.
HarmenExactly. We've got a remote proxy, specifically for those external checks. I'm moderately interested if for example our website is reachable from within the LAN, but I *am* interested if visitors can reach it. :) (We do use web scenario's for that though.)
finalbetaHarmen, yes, I suggest having your server in a remote site. Monitoring the lan through a local proxy. Monitoring the WAN through the server, (or a proxy in the remote dc).
finalbetanohitall, Zabbix doesn't support host group Macro's as far as I know. so I'm not sure how to best approach it.
finalbetausing a macro inside the trigger is probably supported. you you might be able to mass update all the hosts inside the group and change that macro
HarmenFor now we have the majority of our equipment in the office. So that's where the master is. The remote proxy is really just a VPS at TransIP. (So completely outside our own infrastructure.)
HarmenSo I think I'll go at least for the port check, maybe via
HarmenBut if someone knows about a real SMTP template, it'd be great.
finalbetaHarmen, I would suggest doing something with that yourself. SMTP is complicated and a lost of steps can go wrong, firewall, anti spam, server, network.
finalbetaLike I said, if it where my company, I would send a mail every X minutes from remote, and check if I see it inside the mailbox.
Calverthe smtp rfc itself declares that there is no guarantee for delivery... so why do you care? :-)
zabbixbot[04ZBXNEXT-3776] 03Add "Discover Now" for Discovery Rules 14created by Kristjan Hiis14/Koffer (12
Calverthe only reason we still use that obsolete protocal is that we need the reason to be able to tell others "sorry, i didnt get your mail"
finalbetaCalver, right... next time something's stuck, they don't receive mail, and the monitoring sais it's all good. I'll tell them to read the rfc ;)
Harmenfinalbeta: exactly because of everything that can go wrong, I'd like a full SMTP template which does a regular SMTP session every once in a while
HarmenCalver: at least I have some indication that the server responds and that there's no firewall or anything blocking SMTP attempts
Calverfinalbeta: tell your servicedesk to tell the users to use the pigeon/smokesign workaround and just lay back :-)
HarmenAnd yes, sending an email and checking that could work, but that's something I'd love to have in Zabbix as well. :) We really want Zabbix to be the one stop shop.
Calverharmen: you can do that in zabbix w/ external check for ex. :-)
finalbetaCalver, sneakernet only goes as far as the cofee machine here.
HarmenYeah. But I'm lazy. ;-P No really, I just hate reinveting the wheel over and over again.
HarmenSo if there's a ready-made template, I'd rather use that.
finalbetaHarmen, read this (search for smtp)
finalbetait does what you ask
kees_Harmen, send an email, parse the email with a script, have the script send data to zabbix trapper items?
Calverharmen: usually these are complex setups so checking the availability of the smtpd on port 25 and able to hello or put a mail in the queue wont help much, you will notice the obvious...
kees_mailchecking is quite easy, get a gmail address, set up forwarding to your own server, have an itemid that sends an email to that gmail address (include a timestamp in the subject) and have a script parse incoming email and update zabbix and you tested the whole chain
TypeDanHi, I have a user_parameter which looks for memory usage and outputs it to powershell. This works! Zabbix see's a long string of text. I want to hook it into Graphana. It obviously just sees the text. Is there a nice way in Zabbix to interperate the data and make it a graph
TypeDanAm I going about this the wrong way?
DXManiacTypeDan: just see that you only output the digits and set the item type to something numeric(ie. "Numeric (unsigned)" or "Numeric (float)".. whatever *pun* floats your boat
Richlvwoah, gleb++ for unearthing . turns out, nearly all bugreports are worth investigating :)
TypeDanDXManiac: Hmmm, let me think how I do that
gormuxI'm trying to use a remote command
gormuxall seems ok... but I get :
gormux 18882:20170405:144714.025 Requested [["/bin/sudo /bin/systemctl start vmtoolsd >/tmp/zabbix_log 2>&1","nowait"]]
gormux 18882:20170405:144714.025 Executing command '/bin/sudo /bin/systemctl start vmtoolsd >/tmp/zabbix_log 2>&1'
gormux 18882:20170405:144714.027 Sending back [1]
gormux/tmp/zabbix_log is not created, and the service is not started...
Calversure Sending back [1], that is an exit 1 i guess
Calverwhat happens if you manually execute?
gormuxit works
Calverare you using the same user, same profile,etc ?
_ikke_with nowait, always returns 1
gormuxI added the >/tmp/log to see if there is an error message, but it is not created
Calver_ikke_: ahh, that makes sense :-)
gormuxyeah, user zabbix
_ikke_gormux: I don't think invokes a shell by default
gormux_ikke_: i can't reproduce manually
gormuxi tried su zabbix -c "command"
gormuxand it works
Richlvthe description of is "major meh" :>
Calvergormux: put that all in a wrapper script (, and see if that works
RichlvZBXNEXT-3773 - "pics or didn't happen"
Richlvmaybe the specs are just resting
Richlvor they might be stunned
gormuxCalver: not better
q1xfor anyone using Saltstack... I would love some test feedback on :)
Calvergormux: so the problem is not with your command :-)
gormuxI forgot to disable it on this test machine
q1xgormux: welcome to the club buddy
q1xACTION hands gormux a complementary t-shirt
q1x"I've been had by SELinux"
Calveroh, so you haven't checked your syslog? :-)
gormuxit's in audit.log, not syslog :)
Calverguess who writes that :-)
gormuxI think thats not syslog
gormuxyeah, not in syslog
zabbixbot[04ZBXNEXT-3777] 03Central management for PSK and identities through the gui 14created by Wolfgang Alper14/wolfgang.alper (12
voltergormux: But most likely your syslog daemon is writing these files, hence it used the syslog() system call.
volterThough I'm not sure, audit.log is probably written directly.
DmitryV_gleb, my apologies - problem with unsupported was with undefined macros for nodata(). Sadly error message doesn't point this out.
glebDmitryV_: Ah!
glebAnyway, longer messages are coming in 3.4 ;)
volterYep, auditd is doing it directly.
DmitryV_I believe it doesn't say "macros is not set and thus used as empty string"
DmitryV_gleb, it says something about "nodata doesn't get any parameter but require one" in very other words which is very hard to understand because of that
zabbixbot[04ZBXNEXT-3778] 03Actions from evensource "Internal" should support "host unavailable" as eventtype in action condition 14created by Wolfgang Alper14/wolfgang.alper (12
DmitryV_gleb, it says something about "nodata doesn't get any parameter but require one" in very other words which is very hard to understand because of that
DmitryV_sorry, misclick
Guest2360how can one go about regex matching a macro in a trigger?
glebNaphtdone: What's the problem with that?
Naphtdonejust trying to work out the syntax for it
Naphtdoneis what I have at the minute
glebOh god!
Naphtdoneit's not pretty and I don't feel good about it
glebNaphtdone: PCRE will not work at all in triggers
Naphtdonewhich flavour then?
glebNaphtdone: And what's the point of applying regexp to a macro?
glebNaphtdone: POSIX Extended
Naphtdonewe have a dangerous bug with logging so if logs fill up it can essentially DoS a server, I just want the alert to go off if it's older than the fix version
glebNaphtdone: So the version must be in the item value, not in macro
Naphtdoneno simple way to query it from the application as it stands
Naphtdoneso I set the version at deployment level from our vars into a macro
gleb{host:item[params].regexp(...)}=1 <- this is the way
Richlv<Naphtdone> {$VERSION}.regexp("^((?:[0-7]\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+)|(?:8\.[0-2]\.\d+\.\d+)|(?:8\.3\.0\.\d+)|(?:8\.3\.1\.\d{1,2})|(?:8\.3\.1\.1-4\d{2})|(?:8\.3\.1\.5[0-5]\d)|(?:8\.3\.1\.56[0-8]))$")=1
Richlvok, what game have you written there ?
Richlvis it doom engine ?
Naphtdonenot a game, just quite an old CMS
Naphtdonewell, a CMS with history
RichlvNaphtdone, how about pushing the version in a trapper item ?
RichlvNaphtdone, nah, i meant that the line posted already could implement a game ;)
Naphtdoneas for trapper item, not sure what you mean?
typedanHi, Ive had a userparameter running, some powershell. Until just now, i get an error
typedantimeout whilst executing a shell script.
RichlvNaphtdone, the moment when you set the macro - maybe put the data in a trapper item instead. might be a bit easier to work with
Naphtdonehm, just trying to workout how doable that is
Naphtdoneshort term
Naphtdonegleb: making it posix hasn't seemed to have made a difference
glebNaphtdone: Still using macro? Use item
NaphtdoneI'd rather just get something working ASAP and then look to make it pretty/better later on.
volterHehe, Thailand and Chile are part of Europe, according to the Zabbix newsletter.
roryIs it possible to get a complete list of all triggers across all templates
rorywithout all the duplicates
glebvolter: Hit me with a hammer if they are USA!
roryThink I will export all templates and parse the xml
pc99096_hey what happened to zabbix.conf.php in zabbix 3.0? where is the db info stored in 3.0?
pc99096_ok found it, it is now in /etc/zabbix/web/zabbix.conf.php
Richlvpc99096_, not now. your packages do that.
pc99096_you are correct, i somehow missed that
pc99096_i used to compile before
Richlvsomebody here recently had an interesting case of trigger expression not working as they expected, and it was related to operator priority
Richlvwho was that and what was the problem ?
Richlvcannot find it in logs :)
Richlvah, found it
jfchevrettehi! i have an item which value is a timestamp in seconds. i want to create a trigger that checks if this is smaller than 3 days ago.
jfchevrettetried a few expressions with now(), fuzzytime() but no luck
jfchevrettein other words, if value in seconds is less than current epoch - 3 days ago
Richlvjfchevrette, show an example of what you tried with fuzzytime() - how did it not work ?
jfchevretteRichlv: my understanding is that fuzzytime compares the last check timestamp, not the actual item value
Richlvjfchevrette, nodata() is one of the few things that would do that... so what did you try and how did it fail ?
jfchevretteRichlv: this: {host:my.item.key.fuzzytime(259200)}=0
jfchevretteRichlv: in didn't fail. yet. but from my understanding of the doc, fuzzytime compares the item last check clock/timestamp, not the actual item value. if thats the case, then this is not doing what I want
Richlvjfchevrette, no, it should compare the item value
Richlvto test it, try experimenting with different function params
jfchevretteRichlv: i will. thanks for the help
gentunianwhen I tried to set a regex for the active item "log", the response is "incorrect item key". The regex is: "Dead member: [^0]"
gentunianwhich kind of regex does zabbix support for that item?
zabbixbot[04ZBX-12021] 03Data Retention policy to Zabbix DB -ALE-35 14created by Biswanath Kundu14/b_kundu (12