emmanuxNevermind, I quit static linking.
zabbixbot[04ZBX-12335] 03The value of item value sends recovery mail within the fault zone 14created by 林志国14/linzhiguo (12https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBX-12335)
nohitallknow what be interesting, an app for zabbix to show monitoring status, like the frontpage
zabbixbot[04ZBX-12336] 03javascript json serilize error 14created by 屈轩14/quxuan (12https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBX-12336)
Calvnohitall: grafana
pidzeroZBX-12191 is very annoying. the planned fix version (3.4) is hopefully a bad joke :\
Calvpidzero: why? 3.4 will be out in March 2017
zabbixbot[ZBX-12191] Timeline on Monitoring->Events does not keep selected time period (URL: https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBX-12191)
nohitallCalv: true..as webpage
Calvnohitall: or as app
pidzeroCalv, look at the issue description and you'll likely understand "why". ;)
Calvpidzero: priority minor
pidzeroCalv, btw, wasn't march moved behind september? :P
Calvso somewhere between a few years and never gonna happen :-)
LartzaQ3 2017
Calvpidzero: "I like deadlines, especially the wooshing sound they make as they past" :-)
Calvlartza: yea, at least they update that page :-)
pidzeropersonally, i don't give a shit about dates. things should be ready not before they are ready.
Calvpidzero: then we would be still waiting for zabbix 1.0
zabbixbot[04ZBX-12337] 03API "trend.get" call doesn't support sorting 14created by Anton Alekseev14/akint (12https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBX-12337)
Calvbut yea, ZBX-12191 is ridiculous :-)
zabbixbot[ZBX-12191] Timeline on Monitoring->Events does not keep selected time period (URL: https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBX-12191)
pidzerodisagree. just look at the postgres project - no dates, but great (and very stable) progress
Calvpidzero: well, depends on your work and organization. where you have to plan ahead, get the budget for an upgrade, etc...
ghost291Hello, the label ZBX in green means what exactly ?
_ikke_That a passive agent is responding
yossarianuk‎ghost291‎: if you mean in the hosts view - its showing zabbix agent is enabled
ghost291thank you!
pidzeroghost291, zbx = bug and issues, zbxnext = feature requests
Richlv!t pred
zabbixbotpredictivefunctions: Zabbix can predict when a disk will be full or when memory usage will reach a specific threshold. See https://www.zabbix.com/documentation/3.2/manual/config/triggers/prediction
pidzeroCalv, "[...] plan ahead, get the budget [...]" i consider the matter of fact of doing this wrong already. however, i know this kind of (well established) constraints pretty well :\
pidzeroACTION is possibly a poor "business man" :)
Naphtahaving some trouble with LLD in Zabbix, I'm writing JSON out but I'm getting "value should be a JSON object" the output from zabbix_get looks fine.
JamesTuttonhave you passed the output via an online json parser
JamesTuttonits usually a simple syntax error or if its nothing to sensitive dump the output somewhere for the community to spot any issues.
Naphtacomes back valid
Naphtathis one is fine, two secs.
JamesTuttonCan i ask briefly what you trying to do. As you may find odbc can do it for you directly
JamesTuttonit very powerful
JamesTuttonAs for the LLD issue what sort of item is the LLD?
NaphtaIt's to run a powershell script which runs a query on a MSSQL database
Naphtaodbc is an option I guess though
JamesTuttonODBC Is native and fast so if it works then would be my first option to be honest. It was a feature of Zabbix i never used until i recently certified as hadn't appreciated how good it was.
NaphtaIs ODBC delegated to proxy too?
JamesTuttonserver or proxy yes
NaphtaAh cool, I'll check it out. It's bound to be more efficient than running scripts.
JamesTuttonNot used the above but based on what you said looks to be 90% of what your after
JamesTuttonwhat zabbix version you running? As if its 3.x then the discovery doesnt need to be as complex as that example
JamesTuttonjust use db.odbc.discovery[UNIQUENAME,{HOST.HOST}]
JamesTuttonthen for example SELECT [Name] as DBNAME FROM master..sysdatabases ORDER BY [Name]
JamesTuttonshould give you the dicovery you were trying to create
JamesTuttonAs for your original script and json output i cant spot the error either. All i wonder is depending on how your outputing it if it maybe needs wrapping in a couple of single quotes or the quotes escaping somewhere.
NaphtaJamesTutton: That's what I was wondering, but I'm looking into this ODBC stuff now since its probably best.
zabbixbot[04ZBXNEXT-3960] 03Short-circuit Action Condition Evaluation 14created by Vladislavs Sokurenko14/vso (12https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBXNEXT-3960)
zabbixbot[04ZBX-12338] 03System Status widget slow on large installations 14created by Ingus Vilnis14/ingus.vilnis (12https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBX-12338)
ckiendlgood day
ckiendlis there a way to tell Zabbix to stop collecting data on an LLD-generated item, if the discovered device is currently no longer discovered?
torgrimtit does delete them
torgrimtbut the default is 2 weeks
torgrimti think it was 2 weeks
gleb30 days IIRC
glebckiendl: In 3.2 you can disable/delete discovered items manually.
torgrimtyou can also manually delete them
ckiendlI don't necessarily want to delete the item
ckiendlI just want it to stop recording
Richlvckiendl, there is a feature request about that
Richlvckiendl, https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBXNEXT-2020
Richlvvote on that :)
zabbixbot[04ZBX-12339] 03Items comparison always fail if housekeeper is enabled 14created by Andrea Biscuola14/abs (12https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBX-12339)
troffaskyis this supposed to work?: https://www.zabbix.com/documentation/3.4/manual/installation/install_from_packages/debian_ubuntu
fgeekyes. isn't it working?
Calvtroffasky: i dont think so
sfl_when I look at an availability report for june month about icmp template. If I click on "show" weblink on the right graph report is for yeay 2017 and not june month !
Calvfgeek: what do you think, why is he asking? :-)
sfl_Is it a zbx bug ?
fgeekCalv, tried to get more info ;)
Calvfgeek: 3.4 is not ready yet (including the repo)
sfl_forget telling zbx version : 3.2.6
Calvsfl_: "for june month" what do you mean w/ that? you set the filtering?
sfl_I mean from 2017-06-01 to 2017-06-29
Calvaha, so you mean the default page
sfl_If I click show in Availability report I haven't got from 2017-06-01 to 2017-06-29 but all 2017 year
Calvthe calculation should be adjusted, but if you click on 'Show'
Calv" Clicking on Show in the Graph column displays a bar graph where availability information is displayed in bar format each bar representing a past week of the current year. "
sfl_yes but if I filter on 2017-06-01 to 2017-06-29 I was thinking each bar will represent past day for exemple
sfl_so I can't have a graphe for each day of month
Calvyou can have
Calvjust dont use the builtin
zabbixbot[04ZBX-12340] 03Zabbix Website crashes 14created by Johan Reynaert14/johan.reynaert (12https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBX-12340)
sfl_Calv : not builtin but how ?
Calvsfl_: via the api
Calvjust use your tool
P-NuTHi all. I have a questions regarding multiple alarms being triggered via a single trigger.
sfl_I haven't an own tool. I thought to use ZBX
P-NuTI have a situation where as there is a database with records in it labelled via username. I have an SQL query that gives me a count of the records that are affected, but am I able to represent these as multiple alerts saying "Username1 failed detected" and so forth for all of the users affected?
RichlvP-NuT, lld
Richlv!t lld
zabbixbotLLD: Low level discovery. Allows Zabbix to discover filesystems, network interfaces, CPUs, SNMP OIDs and other things. See https://www.zabbix.com/documentation/3.2/manual/discovery/low_level_discovery
P-NuTAnd will that show a count, or will that show every record that has been detected?
Richlvyou would have to script it a bit anyway, so it would be up to you to decide
Calvsfl_: then change the report
sfl_hum availability report is builin ZBX... I don't want changing php source file
Calvok, then all you need to do is open a ZBXNXT for that and wait (or pay)
sfl_ok that's I want to know !
sfl_thanks ;-)
voltersfl_: In some cases you can either override the Zabbix code or create your own menu MVC stuff.
NaphtaHaving some trouble with an LLD script; getting an error saying the value needs to be valid JSON. I've linted the JSON return and it's absolutely fine - any other way to debug?
Richlvwhat's the json ? is that the exact json zabbix complains about it ?
NaphtaTwo secs
NaphtaRichlv: ^
Farsider80Naphta have your tried https://pastebin.com/9aaYzjT7 this is the format i use for my print statements in perl
Naphtadoes that hit the shell escaped too?
Naphtawell, from zabbix_get
Farsider80dont think it does but to be honest i use mine as external scripts or trapper items rather than via the agent
Naphtayeah these are userparameters
mmrkmkis someone here from the development team?
volter!t ask
zabbixbotask: Do not ask for a permission to ask a question. Ask right away to save time. Be specific right away so others do not have to spend time on clarifying the details you could have provided early on.
volterProbably not at this time of the day, but who knows!
mmrkmkI want to participate on building a pre-compiled agent for macOS
mmrkmkThat would be my question :D
mmrkmkI am working on an installer package
mmrkmkBut I thought maybe I should check if someone is working on this.
volterI'm not sure if they are going to distribute it.
volterI would suggest, if you are ready, offer it on support.zabbix.com.
mmrkmkok, thanks!
volterIt's worth searching the issue tracker first.
Farsider80Naptha: Best debug i can think of as this point is to call the item as Text and see what actualy comes back, That way you will get the output of the command exactly as its returned to the server. My guess is maybe a carriage return or line feed or some other junk in the output.
volterIf nobody cares, you can still drop it on the zabbix.org wiki or perhaps a Github repo to be included into ...
voltermmrkmk: ^
P-NuTHi all. How can I show the result of a low level discovery?
mmrkmk@volter thx, omg XD
volterP-NuT: Define "results"
P-NuTI know that the query is returning data in mysql, but I can't see the result in latest results
Farsider80what you mean by show the result? Easy option is what Naptha about to do and use a Text Item but discovery itself doesn't show a result you have to use it as a normal item to "cheat"
Farsider80P-NuT:are you using odbc discovery?
volterFarsider80: Was that you with the too long result?
P-NuTyes I am using ODBC discovery
P-NuTNow, How can I see what is returned by that discovery?
P-NuTand then based on that returned value I assume that I will then create an item.
RichlvNaphta, i suspect that is not what zabbix is getting
Farsider80So the result for odbc discovery is for example SELECT athing ,another FROM blah will give a json of {"{#ATHING}": "something", "{#ANOTHER}": "something else}".......} basically thr column names converted to uppercase and prefixed with #
Farsider80You then use these in your item and other prototypes
Farsider80And for each row of data returned it will create a corresponding set of items etc.