tr0gd0r_whats the best way to troubleshoot super slow writes? The pool was fine last time I checked, but now Im getting like 5MB/sec on an 8 drive raidz2 that was able to do 300MB before.
tr0gd0r_reads are still fine
Cpuroastits full?
Cpuroastnever let a pool go above 89% usage
tr0gd0r_nah its not full
tr0gd0r_less than 50%
tr0gd0r_33% full
tr0gd0r_I think I figured it out. I had sync=always. Changed that to sync=disabled -> fast speeds again. Changed to sync=standard -> also fast speeds.
tr0gd0r_but I was getting over 200MB/sec with sync=always before, not sure why it changed
tr0gd0r_do SMB writes get written sync or not with sync=standard?
EricloeweSamba does few, if any, sync writes
Cpuroastsync=standad means sync on demand
tr0gd0r_is it a good idea to set sync=always on a samba pool?
tr0gd0r_just for media storage?
tr0gd0r_ok I will leave it as sync=standard
tr0gd0r_that seems to have fixed my problem
Cpuroastsync=standard is the default
Cpuroastthe only way to improve sync performance
Cpuroastwould have been to add a SLOG
Cpuroasta fast SSD
tr0gd0r_whats weird is on my Windows 7 machine I was getting like 5MB-6MB/sec writes and on my Windows 10 machine, I was getting 25MB/sec
tr0gd0r_with sync=always
Cpuroastyeah, diff SMB version
tr0gd0r_changed to standard and I was getting full gigabit
Cpuroastdiff behavior
tr0gd0r_yeah I'm surprised the difference was that much
Cpuroastwin7 uses SMB2
CpuroastWin10 uses SMB3
CpuroastMS probably tweaks the SMB behavior
Cpuroastwith each version
tr0gd0r_so is there anytime you would want sync=always?
tr0gd0r_seems like standard is fine
Cpuroastsync=always just means, always use sync writes
Cpuroastsync=standard means upon request
Cpuroastso for example
CpuroastESXi with an NFS datastore
Cpuroastwill request sync
Cpuroastfor hosting VMDKs, sync writes are kinda useful
Cpuroastto maintain data integrity
Cpuroastanother use case would be hosting dbs
tr0gd0r_but if im using NFS, there is no need for sync=always
tr0gd0r_since it always syncs anyways
tr0gd0r_just wondering when I would use sync=always
CpuroastI would use it on iSCSI
Cpuroastwhich doesn't sync by default
tr0gd0r_and SMB doesnt sync by default it sounds like
tr0gd0r_but I guess thats okay
Cpuroastsync goes against ZFS write management
Cpuroastbecause it asks the file system to perform the write to non-volatile storage immediately
tr0gd0r_ZFS likes to queue things up in batches then write
Cpuroastwhere as ZFS likes to keep things in RAM, build TXGs(Transaction groups)
Cpuroastand then commit the write
tr0gd0r_like 128k batches
Cpuroasteither the TXG is full
Cpuroastand then it gets comited
Cpuroastor the timeout happened
Cpuroastand then it gets committed
Cpuroastsync writes still go into those TXGs
Cpuroastbut it gets immediately committed to the internal ZIL or SLOG(external ZIL)
Cpuroastwhich comes in handy in the event of a power failure
Cpuroastthink of it as, if shit happens, break glass
Cpuroasttype thing
Cpuroastonce the TXG containing the sync writes finally gets committed to the pool
Cpuroastthe ZIL gets purged
Cpuroastas in under normal operation
Cpuroastthe ZIL never gets read
Cpuroaston written and purged, written and purged, rinse and repeat :)
sunrunner20peerce, around?
[Kid]we are running ZIL with sync=always
[Kid]with a backup appliance.
[Kid]it is working pretty well
[Kid]have only managed to get about 300MB/s though
[Kid]with about 54 spinners
sunrunner20latency is king with sync
sunrunner20300MBs is what I get on my hyperconverged homelab
sunrunner20some guy in /r/sysadmin was shocked at how much a tape drive costs
Criggieyeah they're not cheap
Criggiethe real expense is in tape media though
sunrunner20cheaper than HDDs though
sunrunner20way cheaper
Criggieby the time you get 10-15 tapes it costs more than your drive.
Criggieyeah - tape still wins for bulk storage.
sunrunner20LTO7 is what
Criggiehah last time I used tape it was VXA
sunrunner208tb compressed for a $100 tape
sunrunner20oh wwo
sunrunner20its better than that
sunrunner20LTO6 standard is 6TB raw
sunrunner20brake even cost there is like 40TB
sunrunner20but for a company that used to pump out 50GB/day of new content that we 'had' to archive
sunrunner20[Kid], around still?
dibblegoIf I were to create a jail template for FreeNAS 11, could I install FreeBSD 11 on a virtualbox and make a template from that? Is there an easier or simpler way to do it?
sunrunner20i'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish dibblego
dibblegoA jail template.
CriggieI've never understood the desire for jails in the first place sorry. Never used them and never seen a need.
sunrunner20jails or plugins?
sunrunner20not really sure
sunrunner20pretty sure you could transfer the content
sunrunner20but I don't know how to make freenas see the new jail
dibblegoI just found so that might help me out
sunrunner20yea you typically create jails from the gui in freenas
dibblegoyeah but from a template, and there are no templates with freenas 11
sunrunner20you don't put freenas in a jail..
roycroftwe had someone here the other day wanting to hack on freenas jails
roycrofti don't recall the issue
roycroftbut i recommended not doing that
roycroftinstead, to install a stand-alone freebsd vm in bhyve
dibblegoI just want a jail. There are no templates in the freenas 11 install.
roycroftand doing the jail stuff there
sunrunner20thought they were bringing the jails back
sunrunner20there are jails
sunrunner20m0nkey_, just installed unify in a jail on 11
sunrunner20crystaldiskmark says this disk will do 3336MB/s sequential read
Criggiesunrunner20: what is it? nice SSD or something ?
sunrunner20good ssd
sunrunner20but tnot THAT good
sunrunner20like 2GB/s
Cpuroastofficial specs say: Sequential read: 3,200MB/s
Cpuroastfor 1TB model
sunrunner20it is the 1tb model
sunrunner20I'm buy once cry once on SSDs
Cpuroastbut, it never really reaches that
Criggiepfft my best machine hasa 64 GB SSD.
sunrunner20thought 128would be enough then I thought 256 would be enough
sunrunner20skipped 512
sunrunner20went to 1tb
Criggiesunrunner20: surely you put stuff on your freenas box instead of having it locall ?
sunrunner20real question- I'm looking for something that's like a really dumb smart watch, Show the time maybe temperature. But primarily a strong vibrator and a loud (optional) alert every time a message comes in on my phone
sunrunner20Criggie, I keep a lot of stuff local
sunrunner20then it gets pushed to freenas
Criggieso - glue your phone to your wrist. Will that do the job ?
sunrunner20lol no
CriggieOther than size, it would do all of that.
sunrunner20if I don't feel or hear it in my pocket
sunrunner20I doubt it'd be better on my wrist
Criggiewear tighter pants.
CriggieI keep my pager in my fob pocket and it never gets missed
Criggiethere are some weird people out there
Criggieor if you're Mooby enough....
sunrunner20ohh bo burnham
epicSo i was transferring a pool during the night using zfs send oldpool | zfs recieve newpool and I woke to alot of "failed to read SMART Attribute " and "failed to open device", seems 2 drives have dropped, one from each pool (transferring from raidz1 to raidz2...)
epicwhat should I do?
epicthe transfer is still going .. disks are cool
epicstopping the transfer is probably stupid as the first pool only has one parity, and rebuildinging it risks loosing the data?
gschweppmy UPS is coming today :D yay
IpsilonUPS comes here every dya
gschweppnindustries: ahoi
epiclol actually 3 drives failed, two on the raidz2 and one the raidz1
epicso I bought a bunch of new drives to upgrade from raidz1 to raidz2, but 1 old and two new failed in the data transfer urgh
Monsieurhave a nice day :/
nindustrieswhy thank you, crocque monsieur
Monsieurnindustries: it was a message for epic ;)
Monsieurand it's "croque"-monsieur btw
epicThanks Monsieur
epicReally wondering if I should stop my zfs pool transfer to rebuild the raidz1 or just continue..
epicwell still transferring, taken steps to cool down the drives further, keeping them around 35 degrees C
dakarhi, runing freenas 9.10.2-u5. my vol1 has about 500gb free. weird things started to happen earlier, and long story short /var is filled up
dakari traced the problem to /var/db/collectd/rrd eating up about 90% of /var
dakargoogle suggests this is related to snapshots
dakarmy /var is only 5.3G according to df -h
dakarinstead of deleting snapshots, I'd rather somehow enlarge this tmpfs
dakarany idea how to do that without damaging something?
dakarthe thing is, it's tmpfs and I dont have unlimited ram..
dakarapparently, there's a way to more rrd files to a dataset, but you cant login to the webgui because /tmp is full
dakarhello? anyone?
dakarweird, this channel has never been so dead :x
dakaranyways I'm really stuck and dont want to remove a whole directory without being sure what I'm doing
dakarso if anyone wakes up and has an idea.. please..
tangorrihi, I notice my windows explorer can hang some secs time to time, can it come from my freenas sharing ?
Nicholas_MHello :) Has anyone had a chance to play with the Minio S3 service in FN11? Im wondering what performance is like, and if the FN implementation will support erasure coding between multiple FN servers..
mgolischdont think so
cbreakdakar: sure that it's not on your boot pool?
cbreakcheck mount
cbreakif you don't want the log history, delete the log history
diddledanlinux isn't the only crazy person on YouTube:
wedgieI'm sure youtube has no shortage of crazy people.
m0nkey_wtf, gaming motherboard and an i7
diddledanm0nkey_: it's "Bad A$$"!
psykozACTION grins
m0nkey_because the board supports overlocking
psykozthat's not nearly as crazy as that youtuber who let his wife gun him down :)
diddledanwell yeah. he wins the Darwin award for that
diddledanIMO any build that requires modifying things such as cutting metal shields is a fucked build to start with
m0nkey_there's always my channel! :)
m0nkey_I put a bit of post-production in my latest
m0nkey_plus it's recorded in 4K @ 60fps :)
diddledanwait, what? that sounds almost like you put effort into it!
m0nkey_wait it gets better!
m0nkey_I used PowerPoint for the start/end presentation
m0nkey_all recorded in openbroadcaster
m0nkey_edited in OpenShot Video Editor
diddledanwell spank my monkey!
diddledanooh, even animated bullet points!!!!1!
m0nkey_fuck yeah!
m0nkey_hey diddledan, you going to vBSDCon?
m0nkey_Awh, they're not letting you out of your country?
diddledanI daren't try - might never get back in again
m0nkey_It's going to be interesting traveling to the UK on a Canadian passport for the first time
m0nkey_It's gotten to the point that I no longer want to identify being British anymore.
diddledanit's shocking that we don't even like our own country anymore :-(
Cpuroastbecause of brexit?
diddledanbecause of moronism
m0nkey_Maybe if I can put on a fake English speaking Quebecois accent. Then my identity be hidden.
m0nkey_Too bad my French sucks! lol
anodosm0nkey_ how will you be able to overclock your vmware server if you don't use a gaming motherboard/
m0nkey_(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
begna112hey I need a sanity check. I've got a bad drive in a z2 pool. I've sent in an RMA request on it but they want me to ship the drive first. Can I remove a drive for an extended time or do I need to replace it immediately?
begna112by bad drive i mean slowly encroaching unreadable and uncorrectable sectors
dkeav┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)
m0nkey_(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
dkeavIn Soviet Russia table flips you! ノ┬─┬ノ ︵ ( \o°o)\
danoldlibHey does any one know if it's possible to import a disc xfs formatted for data transfer on freenas? It mentions NTFS and what not in the documentation
dkeavno xfs support anymore
dkeavit got dropped a few years ago
dkeavprobably easier to use a linux host to mount and transfer over nfs/ssh/rsync/cifs/nc whatever
danoldlibYeah I'll have to do it that way. I was hoping for a quicker easier way. Oh well thanks