sunrunner20I like my N54L
sunrunner20makes a good freenas
sunrunner20but thats it
sunrunner20has no oomph for anything else
sunrunner20not a chance in hell
acosI finally got a chance to play with some freenas vms.
acosWas trying to learn more about it.
n4pchwith bhyve or iohyve?
n4pchoh oh, gotcha
acosYa. Was going to play with replication. But found it overwhelming.
sunrunner20replication is a little tricky
sunrunner20but its been smooth sailing since I set it up several years ago
acosI don't know if it's worth setting up a dedicated user. I tried reading the docs But it was 4am so ya.
sunrunner20I use root
acosNo semi-automated
sunrunner20a non root user requires a bunch of extra setup
sunrunner20for no beniefit in my use case
^Gecko^sudo su
sunrunner20just turned the furnace on for the first time this winter
sunrunner20because aparently right now 72f is too cold
^Gecko^lol, love the smell of dust burning off the heating elements
sunrunner20I buy expensive filters and the whole unit is less than a year old
sunrunner20so no dust in the system
sunrunner20the filters I have are almost rated to filter out soot
sunrunner20OH HELL
sunrunner20wasp in my room
sunrunner20this is the second red wasp thats made its way into my room this week
mrelceei was going to guess jehovah's witnesses
sunrunner20that means theres a nest in the attic somewhere most likely
sunrunner20hive technically
sunrunner20and raid took like 45s to kill the thing
sunrunner20good thing the wasp thought it was raining not being attacked
^Gecko^the stuff will kill them even if it takes time
^Gecko^as soon as it hits them, they'll start suffering and won't be able to attack any more
sunrunner20I want to NOPE the fuck out of here and sleep in a hotel until an exterminator can show up and find the hive
sunrunner20but looking at this months cc bill
sunrunner20says I don't have the money to do that
^Gecko^so go outside with the spray and look under your eaves
sunrunner20already did
sunrunner20there's one empty hive that I need to knock down with two brooms ducktaped together
sunrunner20but that's it
sunrunner20besides, how are they getting INTO my room
sunrunner20it should be sealed
sunrunner20I bet its the AC ducts
sunrunner20also funace WAAAAY overshot its set point
sunrunner20was set to make it 73 in here... its 77 now
^Gecko^cracks in window edges?
sunrunner20the seals on my balcony are good
^Gecko^dryer exhaust?
mybalzitchsunrunner20: oh. my. god.
sunrunner20thats one floor down ^Gecko^
mybalzitchsunrunner20: those look really scary.
^Gecko^probably followed you in when you opened the door
mybalzitchsunrunner20: worse than the yellow jackets we have here
sunrunner20idk how they compare to yellow jackets
sunrunner20but yea
sunrunner20red wasps are nasty
sunrunner20idk if I'm even allergic
sunrunner20then again I don't know my blood type either
mybalzitchme neither!
mybalzitchboth yours and mine
sunrunner20I need to call my GP and have them look it up
sunrunner20something like that should be on like page 1 or 2 of my chart
sunrunner20its not like I get bloodwork done every 8 weeks /s
sunrunner20annual HIV/HepC/TB tests too
sunrunner20thats the downside to the psorasis treatment
sunrunner20could box my liver/kidneys or more or less give me lymphoma
sunrunner20on the upside
sunrunner20those are like a few percentage points more risk than general population
^Gecko^ACTION has ab+
sunrunner20vs about 90% odds i'd have offed myself by now if I still had to deal with the psorasis
sunrunner20I'm at the point where if I lost a little weight too
sunrunner20if I lost insurance the doctor would pay for my treatment
sunrunner20I'm like the 1% of patients who this treatment is indefinitely effective
^Gecko^that's a good thing, right?
sunrunner20hell yea
sunrunner20most people they've had to make it more frequent and much higher dose and other drugs like methotrexate
^Gecko^for psoriasis?
sunrunner20I had like 50-60% skin coverage
^Gecko^skin disease is all i know what it is
sunrunner20its itchy, its unsightly, it leaves ungodly piles of dust over *everything*
sunrunner20and its embarrassing
sunrunner20and it bleeds
^Gecko^I'm sorry. how long has it been like that?
^Gecko^and I'm sorry also, because all I could think of for a moment is 'it puts the lotion on its skin'
^Gecko^AS IF you hadn't heard that, I'm sure
sunrunner20I have
sunrunner20and do find it funny
sunrunner20that works well for people with small coverage over easy areas like a patch on their forearm
sunrunner20but not for me where the only areas untouched were feet, hands, face, and naughty bits
^Gecko^i heard the tommy tutone song on the radio one day and I was with a helper and I was like "LETS DO THIS!" and I called the number with a local area code, someone chick answered and I said "i saw your number on the bathroom wall'
sunrunner20and it started in like 5th grade
sunrunner20as a small patch on my scalp
^Gecko^and she was like 'like I haven't heard that before!' and I was like okay thanks, bye!"
^Gecko^and my helper started laughing his ass off
sunrunner20never worked a commercial kitchen
sunrunner20but I'm fairly good at cooking
^Gecko^would you even want to?
sunrunner20and yet I eat plain pasta with canned sauce and plain chicken most nights
^Gecko^I've worked /in/ restaurant kitchens before, but not /at/ the restaurant. I was installing things like the alarm system and cameras
^Gecko^one was Texas Roadhouse
sunrunner20I got bored and bought a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette this week for the chicken.
sunrunner20OMG so much better
sunrunner20idk why I stopped using it
^Gecko^and let me tell you about texas roadhouse, if there are any doubts, every single fucking item they have is made fresh, from scratch
^Gecko^they almost butcher the cows, lol. no they have a freezer with people in jackets working in it and they cut down large slabs of meat for the meals
sunrunner20 lol superglue
^Gecko^and I'm guessing there's not really a cure for this either?
sunrunner20not yet
^Gecko^ACTION wonders about skin grafts
sunrunner20its an immune disorder
^Gecko^oh i see
sunrunner20I'd need a complete bone marrow transplant
^Gecko^like how poision ivy is technically an immune disorder
^Gecko^now it makes sense
sunrunner20I guess
sunrunner20I excpect a full cure in 15years or so
sunrunner20I'll have to go to mexico or somewhere to get it while the FDA spends another 5 years approving it.
sunrunner20photoshop never ceases to amaze me
sunrunner20I'm good with it
sunrunner20but these people make me look like a child with crayons
sunrunner20I also mostly use it to do basic photo manipulation
sunrunner20not creative works
^Gecko^I have a few photoshop masterpeices
sunrunner20is the most photoshopy i've gotten in recent times
sunrunner20that was thanksgiving friday
sunrunner20with a severe cold
sunrunner20and half drunk
^Gecko^ACTION waits for the page to load....
sunrunner20its a collage of 3 different stock photos.
sunrunner20or images rather
sunrunner20heavily modified
sunrunner20hopefully breaking the original owners' copyrights.
^Gecko^that's one of my early attempts
peercehah, I still can't believe I almost crashed my zpool today, but recovered with a power cycle :-p
sunrunner20once I'm in the positive for a few months I'll pay a pro to develop a logo based on that
^Gecko^(that was my boss at that point in time)
sunrunner20^Gecko^, getting a 404 for those
Juggiepeerce, how did you almost crash it
^Gecko^okay, sunrunner20, 1st
sunrunner20idk what thats from but good job
^Gecko^full metal jacket
peercei'm swapping the disks from 3TB to 8TB drives... ada0 I did with a power cycle, so I could be sure which serial was that drive. ada1 I did hotswapping (offline the old disk, pull it, plug in new disk, replace....)
^Gecko^right before he blows his brains out
sunrunner20never seen FMJ
peerceada2, I offlined, pulled the disk, plugged in the new one, and when I did, ada3 hiccuped and GEOM took it offline. freaked me out.
Juggiepeerce, raidz1 or z2?
peercethe pool was broken, and freenas basically locked up, so I powered down.
peerceits only 4 disks
Juggiez1 is russian roulette these days
sunrunner20I wouldn't trust that to a z1
Juggieyou just need one bad sector after a disk fail
Juggieand you are in trouble
^Gecko^check out this huge cock next to a big boy!
peercepowered back up, pool was 'degraded' with 0,1,3 online, so I replaced ada2 as I was planning, and its restripping happy as can be.
Juggieand big disk, logs of sectors
peercewell, each of the 3TB dissk has about 2TB of files on it
Juggiepeerce, did you buy all 8tb disks?
peerceI scrub weekly
sunrunner20luckily zfs doesn't bail on you if one sector is nfg
peercei have 4 new 8TB drives, #3 is striping now.
sunrunner20its just like "whoops i'm sorry but file xy.z is corrupted"
Juggieyou could of just made a new pool ;)
peerce2 more days, it will bea 20TB raid
peercei don't have 4 more bays in a hp microserver
peercemore like 21.7TiB
Juggiesomething like that
^Gecko^you wankers with all of your terabytes of storage!
sunrunner20peerce, the n40 has the 5.25 bay right?
peercei did toy with getting a external sas 4 drive bay, and a 2307 8e card.
Juggiemy 18T shows up as 15T in df
sunrunner20theres your fifth drive for a z2 right there
^Gecko^seriously, the pic I just posted is hilarious
peerceyeah, thats a 5th drive, but its not hotswap unless you get a tray or something
sunrunner20its how I have my n54L configured
Juggieyeah... z2 is the way to go for sure
Juggieyou can do z2 w/ 4 disks too
sunrunner20I have a tray peerce
sunrunner20it was like $35
Juggieits actually safer than raid1 w/ 4 disks
peercei saw a cute one at newegg(I think)... was a 5.25 that had a 3.5 and 2.5 'bay' which didn't use any tray or carrier, you just slide the raw drive in and it plugs into the sata port
peercespring loaded door holds the drive in place.
sunrunner20thats what I have
^Gecko^sunrunner20, one of my better photoshops:
sunrunner20and its the drive I had dad swap out first
sunrunner20which reminds me
peercedrive 3 of 4....
peerce 1.74T scanned out of 8.24T at 73.8M/s, 25h38m to go
peerce 446G resilvered, 21.17% done
peercestarted about 7 hours ago
peerceyeah :-/
Juggieshould be faster
sunrunner20my first 8tb just finished the smart test
peercewhen I reslivered 10 disk z2's at work it was 370MB/s, but those were 15K SAS disks with SSD cache :-p
peerce[hbey, it was a test, I got 3 cartons of those disks cheap]
peerce600GB 2.5" SAS 15k hybrid HD/SD
sunrunner20I'm trying to get work to use ZFS
peercewas 50 disks total, i forget how they were packed.
peercewell we used to be a Solaris shop, so ....
sunrunner20we have cause for a large size of near archive storage
peercebut really me running freenas in the lab I managed, it did the job, no legal strings, corporate was OK wit htat
sunrunner20that needs to be replicated off site
peercewasn't 'approved technology' or nothing.
^Gecko^sunrunner20, probably the most effort I ever put into making chicken:
peercesad, going to get scrapped next week.
peerceservers will get reused.
sunrunner20peerce, nature of tech *shrug*
peercehah, they didn't even want the 2 HP 25-drive 2U SAS trays but I'm shipping them anyways
sunrunner20^Gecko^, italian seasoning and olive oil?
^Gecko^i think it was ms dash
sunrunner20and salt looks like
sunrunner20I get chicken cutlets
peercei think they are gonna get 4 'hot' 1U's, 2 older decent 2U's, and the 2 2U disk trays which were attached to one of the 1U's as a NAS
sunrunner20they cost a little more
sunrunner20but cook evenly from frozen
^Gecko^these were boneless things
sunrunner20I'll pay 30% more for my chicken to not have it overcooked before the center thaws
sunrunner20I'm disappointed mom things MSG is horrible for you
sunrunner20chemo did a number on her
sunrunner20I've explaind several times that its a salt of sodium and gultamate
sunrunner20both are essential parts of our biological functions
sunrunner20and msg has been a part of our diet for centuries
sunrunner20yeast produces a lot of it
peercei remember when MSG first hit American awareness, I think it was late 60s, they sold it as Accent. "Flavor Enhancer". made my tongue and throat feel swollen, didn't care for it, still don't.
peercei was a kid, mom was into healthy food way before it was a fad.
peercethink that first red shaker of Accent lasted about a year, we never touched it again.
sunrunner20so much so that you can buy "yeast flakes"
sunrunner20thats pretty much straight up powdered msg
peercenatural glutamates and straight up MSG are not the same thing
sunrunner20afaik glutamate doesn't have chirality so it chemically is the same thing
peerceread somethign talking about traditional flavors in japanese food, and in addition to the sweet, salty, sour, bitter, they consider glutamate to be the 'fifth flavor'
sunrunner20just might be in a more raw form
sunrunner20I forget how to spell it peerce
peerceyeah, i'm probably mispelling shit, had several pints of strong fresh beers tonight, yay
peerceahh, that sounds familiar, yeah
peercei think its a major part of miso soup too
peercealong with the soy and fish flakes
peerceand tofu+veggies floating in it
sunrunner20via tofu
sunrunner20which is ferminted soybeans
sunrunner20which means yeast
peercemy wife loves miso soup, I'm more 'k, thats kinda meh'
peerceHAHAHAHAHAHA. my kid just sent me this ->
sunrunner20I guess msg isnt' for you peerce
sunrunner20let me find it
peerceheh, yeah, prolly not. there's a few things I won't eat. never much cared for oysters, organs of most any kind, don't like mushy overcooked veggies of any kind (but love fresh steamed crispy veggies)
peerceif I'm going to have a soup, I prefer a thick bean soup over a thin broth
peercenah, i like the talking heads one better :p
sunrunner20there's a better one
sunrunner20where its trump vs obama
sunrunner20there we go
^Gecko^the talking heads
^Gecko^fucking lol
Juggiepeerce, how fast is your scrub?
sunrunner20lol ^Gecko^
^Gecko^but wait there's more!
sunrunner20I'm in bloody texas
^Gecko^lol wat
sunrunner20and know 1) you aint going to stop immigrents
sunrunner20and 2) we shouldn't even try. Need to start the programs from the ?30's? again
sunrunner20where massive numbers of immigrants could come and work.
^Gecko^this guy
^Gecko^vicente fox
^Gecko^is a fucken genious
^Gecko^i hope you're watching these videos if you haven't seen them
sunrunner20politics is a fucking travesty right now. Even more so than usual.
sunrunner20watched most of them
sunrunner20all o fthe first one
sunrunner20I'm getting drunker so I'm loosing focus
^Gecko^i think there are 4 of them
sunrunner20watching mythbusters
^Gecko^i love the ""razzle Dazzle"!
sunrunner20a new big clive
^Gecko^I also love the honest ads guy,
sunrunner20I don't think I'm overeating tonight
sunrunner20idk why
sunrunner20but I'm not very hungry today
sunrunner20absolutely not hungry enough to kill 3lbs of ground beef
sunrunner20i'm fat
sunrunner20I can kill 3lbs of meat and some noodles in a drunken snack binge
sunrunner20over 8hrs
sunrunner20usually fridays start at 6pm-ish and end at 2+am
sunrunner20I'm still sick as hell with a cold
sunrunner20my groupings at the gun range evidence how hopped up on psuedophed I am
^Gecko^and how are the groupings?
sunrunner20half inch from a rifle on a rest today
sunrunner20at 25 yards
sunrunner20not fantastic
sunrunner20but not terrible for my experience level.
^Gecko^I was always an expert shooter when it came time for it in the army
sunrunner20I've been shooting for <6mo
sunrunner20before that I have like 100 rounds fired over my lifetime
^Gecko^i don't know
^Gecko^i think I feel like a natural
sunrunner20I'm no instant expert
sunrunner20but i'm fairly good
sunrunner20day one I was better at pistol than half the people I see shoot at the range
^Gecko^it's weird, in the army,
^Gecko^pretty much only officers get pistols right off
sunrunner20I'm learning pistols mainly as due course
sunrunner20I don't expect to ever need one
sunrunner20but I'm making sure I can use one if I ever need too
sunrunner20honestly for "fun" shooting, I like the ar15
sunrunner20with a red dot sight
^Gecko^ar15 is fun, for sure
^Gecko^which red dot sight?
sunrunner20my serious shooting is a bolt action 22 right now
sunrunner20I'm not picky
sunrunner20whatever I can pickup at the rental counter
sunrunner20typically their aim is off
sunrunner20next time I rent
^Gecko^i got a couple of them from army supply
sunrunner20I'm going to rent, shoot a few shoots
sunrunner20take it back and make them fix the sights
^Gecko^Aimpoint CompM2
sunrunner20assholes are redirecting me to the front page
sunrunner20I started with iron sights
sunrunner20I couldn't see shit
^Gecko^that's how you have to start
sunrunner20I have a lot of trouble with the imagination part of "aim small, miss small"
^Gecko^red dots are also called 'close combat optics'
sunrunner20I've been putting X marks on the targets with a pen
^Gecko^they're meant to let the shooter identify targets without having to line their vision up with the barrel exactly
sunrunner20yea you're going to get fuck all for check weld during combat
^Gecko^because the red dot marks where the bullet will go, regardless
sunrunner20meanwhile I can take my sweet time
sunrunner20call off a shot if I think I'm going to miss
^Gecko^the M2 sight also has a honeycomb grille attachment that screws on to the front
sunrunner20my goal is to be able to hit a 24x24" target at 1km within 5 years
^Gecko^to keep the enemy from seeing the reflection from the sight
sunrunner20the scopes I've been looking at almost all have that option
sunrunner20but I think its mostly tacti-cool shit
sunrunner20as these are all civilian scopes
^Gecko^the other sight they used was the ACOG
^Gecko^more for ranged contacts
sunrunner20I've shot ACOG as well
sunrunner20also on ar15
^Gecko^theyr weird
sunrunner20seemed mostly the same as the red dot too me
sunrunner20for the 100 rounds I've put through ar15's
sunrunner20vs the 8k I've put though my 22
^Gecko^what was funny as we were getting ready to go to afghanistan, we all zero'd and qualified with iron sights
^Gecko^then a couple weeks later we were issued the Aimpoint CompM4 sights
sunrunner20gg lol
^Gecko^and everyone was like OH GOD WHY MORE STUFF
sunrunner20BIL is a vet
^Gecko^and i was like people chill out, you'll love these things
sunrunner20I should have gone military after highschool
sunrunner20though I doubt I would have passed screening
^Gecko^then they went to the range again with them and came back and they were like 'WE LOVE THESE THINGS
sunrunner20I would _NOT_ have ended up in the field
sunrunner20I would have been some IT position at base camp or on a ship
sunrunner20brother in law
^Gecko^yeah I was in voice/data communications
^Gecko^I was on base
^Gecko^I was here:
sunrunner20how I imagined it
sunrunner20prob with an ?AWACK? in the middle for shooting down stuff
^Gecko^just on the edge of the big desert southwest of Kandahar
sunrunner20artillery and rockets
sunrunner20and crap
sunrunner20I forget their name
sunrunner20the bloop tubes
^Gecko^we had 3 M777 Howitzers on the FOB
^Gecko^155mm artillery
^Gecko^big boom
sunrunner20I imagine
sunrunner20but that's counter
^Gecko^they used it for all kinds of stuff
sunrunner20afaik most bases have stuff that would shoot down shells
sunrunner20like CIWS on ships
^Gecko^remote support
sunrunner20but on land
sunrunner20idk what to even search for, but there's youtube videos
sunrunner20alarm klaxon sounds for incoming fire and you see through NVG ?25mm? machine guns fireing out into the night sky
sunrunner20and see flashes out there
sunrunner20where bullet meets shell
sunrunner20It amazes me the tech we have
sunrunner20and still we send, no offense, people out to fight a pointless war
^Gecko^sunrunner20 this is from my camera:
^Gecko^from the same place in the pic
^Gecko^the booms are the m777's firing, and it take something like 20 seconds for the rounds they fired to explode at the far end
sunrunner20as far as I'm concerned you and everybody out there and back are fucking heros
sunrunner20doesn't make it any less pointless
sunrunner20I don't think any amount of american military action will make a country in the middle east more friendly
sunrunner20I could be ignorant, and would be happy to be corrected
^Gecko^this is me:
sunrunner20I remember one day
sunrunner20I burned so much canned air
sunrunner20the air in my room was literally toxic
^Gecko^it probably wasn't toxic
^Gecko^let me guess, you tasted something bitter?
sunrunner20R134a has a toxic combustion byproduct
^Gecko^in your mouth
sunrunner20I forget what it is
^Gecko^r134a is not canned air
sunrunner20couldn't breath right
sunrunner20most canned air is r134a
^Gecko^lol no
sunrunner20at least the stuff I've bought
sunrunner20its 134a with bitterant
^Gecko^i dunno wtf canned air you're buying
^Gecko^that's a refridgerant
sunrunner20dust off brand canned air is R154
sunrunner20stuff I've always gotten has been 134a
^Gecko^: producing a very large blast of flame and extremely toxic gases such as hydrogen fluoride and carbonyl fluoride as combustion products.
sunrunner20sounds right
^Gecko^HF is serious fucking business
sunrunner20I told you
^Gecko^right out fucking dead serious
sunrunner20couldn't breath right
^Gecko^do you even comprehend what HF acid is/does?
^Gecko^I had to work with that shit at Texas Instruments in the clean room
sunrunner20I knew it produced toxic gasses I just incorrectly assumed they were trace quantities
sunrunner20totally not trace
^Gecko^people are always 'omigod hydrocloric acid is so bad' and I'm like bitch you don't even know
sunrunner20hcl is baby acid
^Gecko^hydroflouric acid, big boy stuff
sunrunner20HF and nitric are the scary shit
^Gecko^put your big boy pants on
^Gecko^and your fucking suits
^Gecko^and galoshes
^Gecko^and screens
^Gecko^because that gets on your skin and you're in for a world of hurt even if it doesn't feel like it hurts right now
sunrunner20it will
^Gecko^your heart will fail and you will die
sunrunner20*yoda* it iwll
^Gecko^TI had it in liquid in 4 concentrations
sunrunner20I origionally wnt to college at UTD
sunrunner20TI's pet college
^Gecko^.049%, .49%, 49%
^Gecko^maybe three
sunrunner20pretty much the entir eschool is funded by a TI grant
sunrunner20half the EE's go to work at TI
sunrunner20I started as physics and quit as mechanical engineering
sunrunner20too much theory not enough real world for my learning style
sunrunner20uber low thrust pulse jet
^Gecko^I really liked working at TI
^Gecko^it was a super cool job with super cool hours
sunrunner20my hours are why I haven't flat quit my current job
^Gecko^what is that?
sunrunner20its basically "work 40hrs don't care when"
^Gecko^i mean, what job
sunrunner20I was the entire software migrations department
^Gecko^or pm if you want
sunrunner20now the best description is special projects director
sunrunner20I get all the shit nobody else will or can handle
sunrunner20like figureing out how to install our applications on current server versions
^Gecko^lol that's like the Mavica for audio
sunrunner20that atrocity
sunrunner20my first digital was the canon 20D
sunrunner20a respectable 8MP
sunrunner20still isn't an awful camera today
sunrunner20but doesn't match my 24MP 80D
^Gecko^mine was the Canon Rebel XT
sunrunner20with 1080P60 dual pixel autofocus
^Gecko^I've got probably 20000 shots on the shutter
sunrunner20I've got at least 20k on the 20D
sunrunner20I've got 5k on the 80D in a 18mo
sunrunner20I grew up in the digital age
^Gecko^this was done with my rebel:
sunrunner20so I've an affinity to the "shoot more get more good shots" theory
sunrunner20youtube is redirecting me to a list of my videos
sunrunner20clean your lens bro
^Gecko^that was dirt on the sensor
sunrunner20manual timelapse or did you have an interleveometer
sunrunner20never had dirt on the sensor
^Gecko^had software to make the camera snap
sunrunner20my 80d has an interlevometer built in
sunrunner20I tried using it for the eclipse
sunrunner20but the arc of the sun was too great
^Gecko^the rebel came out I think before that started becoming popular
sunrunner20I had to adjust it every 3min or so to keep the sun in shot
sunrunner20decided it wasn't worth the effort
^Gecko^so the software would grab the image and transfer it out of the camera to the computer via usb
sunrunner20oh thats a good series at the end
^Gecko^yeah the end is the best
^Gecko^from 2m50s
^Gecko^I did a drive timelapse the same way
^Gecko^three days, took 20 gigs of jpegs
^Gecko^15000 shots on the shutter
^Gecko^or so
sunrunner20my eclipse trip
sunrunner20there should have been photos of peerce in there but we didn't quite meet up
sunrunner20literally within 300m of eachother
sunrunner20for 2-3 days
^Gecko^oh the fnords
sunrunner20we were at the same campground for the eclipse
sunrunner20I didn't have his number and he wasn't responding to IRC
sunrunner20so I went up and down the rows of campers but never met up
^Gecko^you should have been running
^Gecko^with a sun
^Gecko^a sun runnner
sunrunner20ha ha
sunrunner20the origin of this nick is actually a book series
sunrunner20where the magic system is based on the sun
^Gecko^you could have made a big sign
sunrunner20I was in grade school when I smithed this nick
sunrunner20for AIM
sunrunner20I've kept it for nigh 20 years now
sunrunner20I should crash soon
sunrunner20I should be drunk
sunrunner20but I'm not
sunrunner20and not for the lack of trying
peercei wanna anudder beer. already 4 draft pints to the wind.
sunrunner20i'm on std drink #10 or so
sunrunner20since 7 CST
sunrunner20its not 1CST
peercewell, 2 of those pints were 8.5% :D
peercea double brown ale that was /tasty/
peercethat was a 32oz crowler I brought home from a local microbrewery
sunrunner20kinda wish i liked beer
sunrunner20but I've tried 20 varieties
peerceat the brewery I had a pint of one of their IPAs, and at dinner before that, I had a very nice South 40 Pale Ale from another local brewery.
sunrunner20some I wouldn't drink if my life depended on it
^Gecko^freeway chase!!!
peercewas watching that for a bit, but ARRRGH, really?
peercestupid human tricks gets old
^Gecko^lol hey peerce
sunrunner20reminds me of the video where the guy is recording a chace on the tv
sunrunner20and the pans to his front window and the car and police go by
sunrunner2080mph OMG
sunrunner20as I've gone 100mph on the interstate
sunrunner20as fast as my balls let me go
sunrunner20car was at 3/4ths throttle
^Gecko^this guy must be nuts
sunrunner20I went 100mph for maybe a mile
^Gecko^this isn't like the other chases
sunrunner20wanted to see what my car could doo
^Gecko^this isn't a normal chase
sunrunner20makes me think PD should have 50 cal's
^Gecko^somethings wrong
peercei had my 1989 jetta gli 16v up to its flat out top speed of about 135 a couple times on wide open empty long rural roads
sunrunner20yea my 100mph was middle of nowhere
sunrunner20only car in sight
peerceand my bmw r1100rs motorcycle up even a bit faster than that because it was down a long grade with a tailwind, I made almost 150 indicated which is rpobably 140-145 real speed
sunrunner20on my side of the highway
peercethe jetta was remarkably stable up there.
peercei've been in cars that started to get sketchy about 90 or 100
peercehoods start to flutter
sunrunner20my wheel was smooth as silk at 100
peercesteering starts to feel light
peerce100 is easy in any decent car
peerce120 is a bit more
sunrunner20accord coupe v6
peerceyeah, that should be fine.
sunrunner20I'd be fine with this guy getting taken out by a guided rocket
peercei wanna wind out my 1993 mercedes 320 some day, but first I want to take care of some things
peerceit ssupposed to be able to go close to 150
sunrunner20google says my car tops out at 135ish
peercei'd want nearly new tires, fresh brakes, and know all the drive train is in shape
peercethe benz is a inline 6 twincam
sunrunner20I have fairly fresh tires
peerceoh, and cooling system in top shape too before I'd do a speed run
peerceits tough on a 25 yr old car to be driven that hard
sunrunner20I think I replaced them early in the year
sunrunner20mines a 2008
peercethis is the car,
peercethis is a 1993
peerce another view
peercehah, if I actually got it up to 150, i'd be afraid the top stitching would start to come apart
peerceits a cloth top
peerce9 hour in, and ...
peerce 2.22T scanned out of 8.24T at 69.2M/s, 25h18m to go
peerce 568G resilvered, 26.92% done
peercedrive 3.
sunrunner20whats your fragmentation?
peercei do wonder if these drives are in some funky mode thats slowing them down.
peercehow do you tell ?
peercei'm sure, awful
sunrunner20zpool status I think
peercenothing I see about that
sunrunner20running a super old version of freenas?
^Gecko^i hope he end up in the pool
peerceno, latest
sunrunner20oh boy
peerce# zpool get fragmentation zpool
peercezpool fragmentation 34% -
sunrunner20this youtube video just mentioned minidisk
peercethats pretty chitty
^Gecko^i used to live in that area too
peerceoh hah, Sony MD audio stuff? I remember those.
peercenever did buy anything that used them, they seemed too limiting.
sunrunner20mines at 28%
peerceI liked 4mm A-DAT but never bought any of that either, but I did use borrowed ADAT gear
sunrunner20but this is a 90% full pool
sunrunner20I'm *cough*
peercemine is 78% now and has hit 85% a few times
sunrunner20barely old enough for cassets
peercei was around when tape meant reel to reel and nothing else.
sunrunner20my first album was a CD
peercenever owned a 8-track, they were for rednecks
sunrunner20owned an 8track in 4th grade
peerceI had cassette stuff in college.
sunrunner20traded it for that first cd
peercea decent Aiwa towards the end
sunrunner20wich was backstreet boys >_>
sunrunner20BYE BYE BYE
peercemostly was vinyl when i was a kid
peerceand college
sunrunner20dialup existed all but my earliest computer memories to give my age away
sunrunner20like 56k dialup
sunrunner20not the handset in a box dialup
sunrunner20we had dialup and two phone lines, then DSL
sunrunner20until FiOS came along
sunrunner20went from 768/128 to 15/2
^Gecko^im on 4g verizon
sunrunner20booze is getting to me
sunrunner20not drunk
sunrunner20but getting sleepy
^Gecko^oh god damn it
peercehere at home, I had ISDN when we first moved in, probably 5 years, 128kbps symetric routed with a static /29 subnet, when everyone else was dialup, then I had 768k symmetric SDSL via covad, also static IP for years, finally Covad was imploding and hte ISP offered a discount to get 7M/768 ADSL
peercebut somewhere along the way I ended up with just a single static IP instead of a /29
peercefinally a year or two ago we got cable, which is 180Mbps, but I still have the ADSL static IP for my mail and DNS server :d
peerceand backup when the cable is offline.
^Gecko^I think I should get an ISDN line some day when I have lots of money
sunrunner20FiOS itself only went down a couple times in the years we had it before it sold to frontier
^Gecko^just for shits and giggles
peerceisdn was very cool in the 90s
peercewe moved here 22 years ago or so
sunrunner20I found out most hte outages were verizon's DNS servers
sunrunner20swapped to google's dns
sunrunner20then we had two ONT failures due to texas' ungodly heat
peercei really need to retire my old mail and DNS server and shut it down. its an incredibly ancient linux box that i hardened beau-coup years ago
sunrunner20'our ONT has the misfortune of being on the southern exposure of the house
sunrunner20so I bet its guts easily hit 150F in the summer
peercehere on the central coast, its rarely much about the mid 80s
^Gecko^i can hear killface saying 'that better not be formic acid...
sunrunner20yea we get 100+ ambient
peercethis last summer, when we were on our eclipse trip, it hit the all time high of 115 or so here for a couple days.
peerceand fAWK. the raspberry pi that runs my wx station croaked today
sunrunner20that's part of why I choose oregon
^Gecko^damn texas crazy ants getting into electronics
peercei've heard the fire ants are spreading :-/
peerceeven some infestations in southern california
sunrunner20break from goddam august heat
sunrunner20they are
^Gecko^they're awful
^Gecko^need to burn them all
peercehere, we mostly just have the little tiny 'pissants', which are perfectly happy to stay in your garden and not invade your house if take some precautions
peercethey don't bite or anything. as long as they have some outside moisture source, they'll pretty much stay out of the house.
peerceabout every 5 or 10 years, I go around the perimeter of the cement slab with a ant spray to make a barrier
peercei think I watched a few of those, and just couldn't get into it.
^Gecko^oh yeah, california ants are completely harmless
peerceloved Cowboy Bebop.
^Gecko^theyre fine
peercewell, we have some nasty red ants in the deserts and mountains
^Gecko^fuck texas ants
sunrunner20holy shit
peercebut the coastal garden ants are cool
sunrunner20peerce, has seen cowboy bebop
peercei've actually watched way too much anime.
peercegood and bad.
peercelotta bad.
sunrunner20*IVE* not seen cowboy bebop
^Gecko^i need to find a source for Tri-gun
^Gecko^I don't know why or how I lost it
peercereally? huh, its just like 2 seasons or something of 22 min eps.
sunrunner20idk but I'll take a copy and keep it forever
^Gecko^I also have a show called Eureka7 that's pretty good
sunrunner20I'll soon have the best residential backup setup of anybody in here if I do say so
sunrunner20primary replicated to a secondary 10miles apart
sunrunner20plus a cloud backup
^Gecko^sunrunner20 did you say you were in texas?
^Gecko^ok good
sunrunner20plano to be more precise
^Gecko^because i'm going to mail yo a hard drive so you can copy your movies onto it for me
sunrunner20I don't have all that many
^Gecko^I have tons of movies
^Gecko^i usually rent them from redbox and rip the blurays
sunrunner20I just buy off of amazon
^Gecko^yeah I saw that one
sunrunner20reminds me of the original ipods
sunrunner201.8" HDDs
^Gecko^my ipod got me through some stuff
sunrunner20mine is currently in the back of my dad's BMW
^Gecko^so you saw mt raineir
sunrunner205g video
sunrunner20hood and one other
sunrunner20not sure about raineir
sunrunner20unless my memory is screwed up because drunk
^Gecko^up there in washington
^Gecko^oh hood
sunrunner20yea we were in washington for one day
sunrunner20and only by like 15miles
^Gecko^I should have known, scrolled further befoer i opened my fingers
sunrunner20portland to hotel to multinomah falls (which was too crowed too see) then south to madras for the eclipse camp sight
^Gecko^some damn good shots, lol
sunrunner20I'm no slouch
sunrunner20I also took a LOT of photos
^Gecko^dam good
sunrunner20ha ha
sunrunner20I generally killed a battery each day
sunrunner20or a sd card
sunrunner20whichever gave out first
^Gecko^you pay for a camera
sunrunner20SD cards were 64gb
^Gecko^take as many fuckin photos as you can
sunrunner20esp with digital
sunrunner20I had to conserve my shots at the campground as I had no way to recharge the battery
sunrunner20so those are a combo of my 80D and the canon M5 mirrorless I rented for dad
sunrunner20instead of the 20d
sunrunner20I flat bought the lens he used
sunrunner2028-105mm canon L glass
sunrunner20I think thats it
sunrunner20might be 25mm
^Gecko^I just went outside to take a leak
^Gecko^turned around and saw a meteor fall
^Gecko^long one too
sunrunner20I had one a while back
sunrunner20NASA actually tracked it
^Gecko^this one i just saw was to the north of houston
^Gecko^look at this fucker:
sunrunner20and i'm crashing
sunrunner20no idea if I'll sleep
sunrunner20Ahh texas
sunrunner20Just turned the freaking ac back on to cool the room down to sleeping temp
sunrunner20In December
peercewe dont even have ac here
peercein fact, i haven't lived anywhere with AC since 1975
peercesummer of 1975 I lived and worked in Sacramento
acosGood evening. Is it REALLY necessary to run badblocks on the Easystores?
peerceacos;i didn't.
peercei'm still swapping them in
peerceon disk 3 of 4
peerce 2.68T scanned out of 8.24T at 66.4M/s, 24h20m to go
peerce 686G resilvered, 32.55% done
mybalzitchzoom zoom
mybalzitchyour read speed sucks :p
peerceyeah. ;-/
peerceits ok, its about a day and a half per disk.
mybalzitchI'm discouraged from logging into my freenas page. the yellow warning won't go away
acosHmmm interesting pierce.
peercere: your yellow warning, I've had blinking red telling me my zpool is degraded
peerceall week while I've been swappign in bigger disks
acosCan't you uncheck the box
acosI plan to stand-up a fresh pool
nostroraHello, i don't understand what is the last version of freenas ? Freenas 11 ? 9.10 ? or freenas coral ? thanks
mybalzitch11.0-U4 I believe
mybalzitchcoral is dead
mybalzitchyeah 11.0-U4 is most recent
nostroraOh, sad! because freenas corral have a very nice web ui.
nostroraAll this web ui is lost ? or freenas will have this webui soon ?
mybalzitchtheres some elements of the upcoming UI in 11.0-U4 that you can try
mybalzitchbut its still pretty crap
mybalzitchunless they improved logging
mybalzitchdisks n such
nostrorain the screen, i can see "Docker". Freenas have docker container manager in vanilla ? or with plugin ?
mybalzitchI'm not aware of support for managing docker containers in the current freenas?
mybalzitchthe new ui seems to have provisions to put in a container manager, maybe that feature will be in 11.1?
nostroraThere is an freenas roadmap ? i don't find
lilwizI read the installation documentation for FreeNAS, is it recommended to install onto a thumb drive? Can it be the same as the installation one or..?
cbreaklilwiz: no, separate ones
cbreakideally multiple with mirrors
lilwizmultiple thumb drives with mirrors? sounds overkill?
lilwizFrom what I've understood, the OS itself doesn't demand much in terms of read/write, much like other OS:es that are nix-based
cbreaklilwiz: the io demands don't matter at all
cbreakmirrors are for redundancy
lilwizcbreak, can it be added later?
lilwiznice, I hadn't thought of raiding thumb drive for redundancy, pressed on time I'm not really able to head outside to pick up one or two more drives
cbreakI use three of them.
cbreakso if one fails (which they do sometimes, being cheap consumer ware), I still have two remaining until exchange
lilwizis it like hard drives, they have to match?
cbreaklilwiz: they have to be as big or bigger
StynoAny idea why the jump from FreeNAS-11.1-RC1 to RC3? (and it seems to have b0rked the update from the gui)
StynoMeh, can't update manually as well... "[freenasOS.Update:926] Latest manifest has invalid signature: Signature verification failed"
EricloeweRC2 was very broken
dakaryou can expect RCs to be broken
dakarmore often than not
mybalzitchdakar: you can expect a RELEASE candidate to be broken? why is it a candidate for release then
Cpuroastbecause it's close to being finished
Cpuroastessentially an RC is the final stage before release
Cpuroastif there are no show stoppers
Cpuroastthe RC can be directly converted to release
Cpuroastas is
Cpuroastthat's why it's a release candidate
mybalzitchexcept when you're freenas and your RC2 deletes encrypted pools
Cpuroastthat's a show stopper
Cpuroasthence RC3
mybalzitcheh, no. That was a complete lack of QC and review of changes to the code base
mybalzitchand evidence of no automated testing of UI functions before release
KichigaiHey, anyone have a solution for the new Ports problem?
mybalzitchtheres a new ports problem?
KichigaiThat's not my support thread, but that's the same problem I'm experiencing.
mybalzitchwhat version are you on / do you track that ports claims to be EOL
mybalzitchI don't have ports on my machine, I just use pkg
KichigaiFreeNAS 11.0-Stable
KichigaiThe software I'm installing in a jail is, AFAIK, only on ports.
mgolischi always asumed they build the whole ports tree into pkgs
KichigaiWell the guide for the software I'm using says Ports.
mgolischso the ports dont build or whats the problem?
KichigaiPorts won't build unless I modify my make.conf
SicKTRicKShi al lmighty community.. :P got a question someone might be able to answer.... I know that for some reasons (prbably really good ones ) replicated snapshot/datasets are now readonly on the receiving end appliance. Is there a way to "check" my data the "freenas" way and do receovery tests without screwing up the whole process? Tried clonig the dataset, this worked but couldn't mount the clone volume. I was about to drop to shell and just flip the
mybalzitchSicKTRicKS: scrub a volume if you want to verify data integrity
SicKTRicKSalready running... :P but 4TB is a couple hours even with a fast system all seems fine other then the replicated showing readonly and I read somewhere that readonly would prevent any write and only allow replication so I guess if the software is trying to mount it read-write failure to mount would occur?
SicKTRicKSthat'S what i'm getting : [root@freenas] ~# zfs mount -a
SicKTRicKScannot mount '/mnt/zPool01/replication/NeoForixVault': failed to create mountpoint
SicKTRicKScannot mount '/mnt/zPool01/replication/NeoForixVault-auto-20171023.1605-1m-clone': failed to create mountpoint
SicKTRicKScannot mount '/mnt/zPool01/replication/zPool01': failed to create mountpoint
SicKTRicKS30% scrub done so far no errors...
SicKTRicKSok that's exactly my problem here :
SicKTRicKSlook at the last post. any pointers on how to fix that? or is my replication just dead in the water, and will need to be resynced with a less complex structure?
SicKTRicKSok so for the onlookers here, that'S a known bug with child datasets ans is schedule to correct in 11RC1 release, to get acess to the data (no clue if it changes something or not use at your own risk), make parent dataset r/rw "zfs set readonly=no Dataset1"
SicKTRicKSthe "zfs mount -a"
SicKTRicKSthen set the parent dataset readlonly againt "zfs set readonly=yes Dataset1"
SicKTRicKSall mounted and all data was visible!
acosWell done SicKTRicKS
m0nkey_off to the hardware store i go
[Pir8Man]so I restarted my freenas box and it is now only booting to a"grub>" prompt. can I fix this or should I just reinstall?
[Pir8Man]nm my query.
sunrunner20a this old tony video throws in an AvE reference
sunrunner202:54 since it didn't copy the time
sunrunner20the part the ejects from the mold
sunrunner20is AVE's logo
sunrunner20and I slept pretty much all day
sunrunner20stupid being sick
sunrunner20I should be better by now
sunrunner20did it not copy at all?
sunrunner20guess not
sunrunner20this is a nice this old tony video
sunrunner20even though I know half of what he's talking about
sunrunner20he still makes it interesting