Mac_WriteI am having trouble doing my first ZFS send (moving data from old pool to new pool) I am a complete newbie
sunrunner20Mac_Write, you'll have better luck when its not 2am +-2hrs for most of us
RoofleHrm. I'm attempting to install Corral from a USB stick, but I keep getting stuck at boot with an error 19 loop of: "Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/md0.uzip [rw]... mountroot: waiting for device /dev/md0.uzip". I'm a bit confused as to what md device it's looking for, as there shouldn't be any :-\
Mac_WriteI am doing the send again and I hope this time it doesn't miss some datasets
Roofleinteresting. I installed a nightly and didn't run into that issue ^ anymore. :)
ekarlsoSweetAndLow: lol no back :p
ekarlsowhat is the recommended setup for mixed disks to have some failure tolerance ?
frvdefine mixed disks
frvDegraded array
frvBit late to start pondering about redundancy
Mac_WriteSecond time trying sending old pool to new pool (same server) and the send/rcv failed on my VPS backups! HELP{
Mac_WriteLearning on the fly with only one copy of data is scary@
Mac_WriteOk time for bedf before I go crazy
{HD}Great...CL is blocking VPNs again...
{HD}They had about a month where they were not.
cbreakwhat's CL?
{HD}craigs list
cbreakthey have a catalog of vpn exit nodes? hmm...
{HD}This IP has been automatically blocked.
{HD}If you have questions, please email:
Jeroen|BBmaybe they just run a whois on an ip block occasionally, easy to find out that way
Jeroen|BBin fact i think you can download huge lists from the net directly
Jeroen|BBor pay a small sum to netflix for it
m0nkey_lol, why would craigslist block vpns?
loko--m0nkey_, mass post spam
m0nkey_I thought that was the point of CL? :)
fyrfghtr2Hello all. Has anyone setup pfsense in freenas corral?
mattva01anyone know how to check ashift values on freenas corral?
m0nkey_mattva01: use the zdb command. That being said, FN defaults ashift=12 if you're using 4K disks, otherwise it drops to 9. Anywho, I wouldn't worry about it.
mattva01nvm, figured it out, for anyone who is dumb like me, the name got changed from zpool.cache to volume.cache
mattva01the reason I was asking is because I have non-4k disks that might get replaced with 4k disks at some point, so I'm fine with losing some space to not have to rebuild my pool when disks start getting replaced. Oddly enough, it created my vdev with mirrored 512b drives with an ashift of 12....
mattva01thanks though!
Butt-PlughI am the NAS
mgbowmanhey guys, I've got an odd iperf issue over the WAN where I can not exceed 30Mbps from FreeNAS
Cpuroastover the WAN
mgbowmanwait wait
mgbowmanit's a FreeBSD issue
mgbowmanI'm 99% sure
mgbowmandoing a pastebin so you can see what I mean
SweetAndLowmgbowman: if you are 99% sure why does wan have anything to do with it
mgbowmanSweetAndLow: fair enough… I guess "over the WAN" is irrelevant here
SweetAndLowif you are testing using iperf over the wan those test are testing your wan connection
mgbowmansorry, should of posted this question with the pastebin… gimme 30s
mgbowmanyou'll see what I mean
mgbowmannotice from freenas2 avg is 23Mbps, from debian avg is 117Mbps
SweetAndLowmgbowman: your link doesn't work
mgbowmanthe connection between my office and home is "upto" 500Mbps - not guaranteed, but I've done iperf tests upwards of 500 before so I know it's possible
CpuroastSweetAndLow: the link works fine
SweetAndLowahh i hate my work network
SweetAndLowssl man in the middle everything!
mgbowmanfreenas2 is latest 9.10.2-U2
mgbowmanand home.lan (the target of these tests) is freenas latest 9.10.2-U2 as well
Cpuroastno idea
mgbowmanjust port forwarded iperf (from my work ip) through to my freenas
mgbowmanit's one of those ??? moments
mgbowmanit makes me think it's something in the networking stack
SweetAndLowmgbowman: what the heck are you even doing. testing iperf over the wan in crazy
mgbowmanI'm doing home -> office replication (via ssh)
SweetAndLowthere is so much traffic shaping, switches and routing that happens
SweetAndLowok scp a big file and see what performance you get. Way better test
mgbowmansure, but these test results are consistent time and time again
frvTcp window?
mgbowmanfrv: whatever the defaults are
mgbowmanthat's what I think it is
frvBut both tests have a diff window
frvOther than os its the only diff i see
mgbowmanfrv: but shouldn't the window scale accordingly?
mgbowmanI mean if you look at the freenas2 output, it starts to climb", then always drops back down and starts climbing again
frvWhich is cnsistent with windoow issue
frvintermittnt freezes
frvBut im no network expert so ymmv
mgbowmanwas just hoping I could get the replication speeds higher since the connection can obviously handle it
SweetAndLowmgbowman: what are your speeds now?
mgbowmanfrom freenas to freenas they're topping out around ~20Mbps which is consistent with the iperf tests between the two freenas boxes
SweetAndLowmgbowman: what are your scp speeds?
SweetAndLow20mbps is super slow, like wifi slow
mgbowmanhrmm… scp only gives me ~2MBps (so ~20Mbps)
SweetAndLowwell over the wan i get 450 KB/s with a scp of an iso
SweetAndLowconnection is rated at an upload of 10MB/s
mgbowmanwhat makes this even more confusing is my OSX laptop I can get ~333Mbps iperf to the home freenas
mgbowmanbut scp is ~2Mbps
lirielAlright I am making hte plunge into Corral. Will have a lot of working reimplementing jails and VirtualBox VMS over the next few days lol
mgbowmanliriel: I'd wait for SU1
lirieloh? most of what I have heard is people are pretty happy
MD500_PilotI have 2 x 108TB systems running far so good. Some bugs but still awesome
lirielmy rush is that I am on an older version of 9.10 because I have some key stuff in VirtualBox VMs, which are not supported by newer versions of 9.10. Don't want to move those to bhyve in 9.10 then have to move again when I upgrade to Corral
mgbowmanSweetAndLow: I agree this being a WAN scenario, I'm afraid there's just too may variables to actually solve this… regardless of the scp / ssh / zfs replication speeds, the iperf speeds should be somewhat similar but these differences seem a little far off
lirielbugs in the UI MD500_Pilot or at a lower level?
lirielui bugs I can live with
MD500_PilotUI mostly, nothing that has put my data in any kind of harm
MD500_PilotI am running 10.0.2 on one system (my primary) and nightly on the backup
MD500_PilotI'm doing snapshots and replication between them. No heavy workload, a single NFS share for Plex is all
mgbowmanMD500_Pilot: 2x108TB for Plex o_O
MD500_Pilotyeah, but but one is a backup! :_)
MD500_PilotI am at 35TB in use now...still growing....
mgbowmanwhat kind of vdev config?
MD500_Pilot7 kids, lots to watch!
mgbowman7 kids o_O o_O o_O
mgbowmanGET OFF OF HER !!!
MD500_PilotOn my primary I have 4 x 6 Drive RAIDZ2 vdevs and on my backup I have 4 x 9 Drive RAIDZ2 vdevs
mgbowmandisk size?
MD500_PilotWell one of our sons is adopted!
lirielI don't back up my video media
MD500_PilotThey range, on the primary I started out with 4TB drives, so I have 18 4TB HSGT NAS Drives and 6 8TB WD Reds
MD500_Pilotthe backup all 36 drives are 3TB Hitachi
MD500_Pilotliriel: I didn't used to but after a year of me and the family ripping our DVD/BRs I figured it would really suck to lose it all, so I bought a used Isilon 108TB unit off eBay
MD500_PilotHas a year warranty, 108TB raw, runs freeness (basically a super micro in a custom frame).
Jeroen|BBso my library sort of dissappeared and when i run an update library now i get
Jeroen|BB18:55:24.996 T:140426689906816 ERROR: GetResumeItemOffset - Cannot open VideoDatabase
Jeroen|BBany idea?
SweetAndLowJeroen|BB: what library?
jab416171sounds like your filesystem isn't mounted
Jeroen|BBit is
Jeroen|BBboth tv shows and movies
Jeroen|BBlooks like it got corrupted or so
Jeroen|BBi can still query it form commandline though
Jeroen|BBmaybe some weird continuation error or so
Jeroen|BBdamn i just figured i'm posting this in the wrong channel :(
Jeroen|BBi recently left an irc channel so i'm still mixing them up
lirielWell this is not a good sign - can't login in via the WebGUI after upgrade to Corral
MD500_Pilotliriel: very common
MD500_Pilothappened to both of mine
liriellogin seems to hang, then after a couple minutes comes back with a message that says my token has expired
lirielis there a workaround/solution?
SweetAndLowreset root password maybe?
MD500_Pilothas to do with something about special characters
lirielah so I have to physically access the machine then
lirielmy password has no special characters
lirielguess I am making a trip down to the basement :/
Dark-Fxdon't die
MD500_Pilotmine had special characters and that is why it had to be changed
lirielseems my ssh key no longer works for remote access either
ekarlsoSweetAndLow: so with regards to yesterday, what would be a good partition layout ?
ekarlsoehm, disk layout for the pool
MD500_Pilotaccount user root set password=newpassword
MD500_Pilotthat is from the CLI
lirieltx MD500_Pilot I was just going to look that up
MD500_Pilotliriel: sushi is defaulted to off after upgrade, at least it was for me on my test systems and production system after upgrade
SweetAndLowekarlso: partitions?
ekarlsoSweetAndLow: I mean you said yesterday that using plain disks was bad..
ekarlsoor someone did :)
MD500_Pilotliriel: service sushi start
lirielalright bbiab - off to the basement. tx MD500_Pilot
MD500_Pilotliriel: sticken autocorrect: service sshd start
liriellol yeah I figured that is what hapened and knew what you meant :D
MD500_Pilotthen make sure to enable it in the GUI or by service sshd config set enable=true
MD500_PilotI wish I had a sush
MD500_Pilotsushi start service
lirielI might service sushi start for lunch :D
lirielgood idea
MD500_PilotI concure
MD500_PilotAlso double check your network settings when you get back in the gut, mine had gone from static to dhcp
lirielwow - seems like a lot of unnecessary complications. Hopefully these are types of things that will be fixed in next version
m0nkey_They're already fixed in 9.10 :)
m0nkey_Or more to the point, it was never broken/
MD500_Pilotyeah, but once I figured it out I was happy! Could not figure out why the darn thing kept going back to DHCP every boot!
lirielhaving some fixed in 9.10 does not help in Corral MD500_Pilot
lirielin fact, I would add that it is pretty much irrelevant
lirielalso, this is not encouraging:
MD500_PilotNow that one I have never seen before and I have done a bunch of test upgrades :-(
lirielback on 9.10.1-U4 for now :/ upgrades were from 9.10 but U2....not sure what is going on there...
lirielyeah I am still on U4 because of VirtualBox
MD500_PilotI assume you have enough space on your boot device for the upgrade correct..?
ekarlsoanyone has a suggestion for a pool layout for 3*4tb, 1*1,5tb 1*2tb ?
lirielthat is what I am checking now MD500_Pilot
lirielI only have 3 boot environments
lirielbut it seems Corral is huge
MD500_Pilot5G I think
MD500_Pilotlet me check
lirielmy boot device is only 8GB
MD500_Pilotyeah, my nightly is 5G
MD500_Pilotand 1.0.2 is 5G as well
m0nkey_You're using nightly's?
lirielmin req for boot device is 8GB
MD500_Pilotm0nkey_: only on my backup
CpuroastMD500_Pilot: 9.10.2-U2
lirielI will remove 9.10.2 rnv and try again
SweetAndLowekarlso: i would buy one more 4TB and do mirrors
CpuroastMD500_Pilot: there's been 9.10, 9.10.1 and 9.10.2
Cpuroastwith several patch updates called Ux
Cpuroastin between
SweetAndLowwould get ~9.5TB
Cpuroastyou are on corral now
MD500_PilotI upgraded from 9.10.2-U2
MD500_Pilotto 10.0.2
MD500_PilotCpuroast: yes
MD500_Pilotone system on 10.0.2 and one on nightly
ekarlsoSweetAndLow: 4*4tb gives you 9,5 tb ?
SweetAndLowplus the 1.5TB and 2TB
lirielI am thinking after deleting the 9.10.2 env to make more room on the boot device, I should probably also delete the Corral environment and start the upgrade over?
SweetAndLowput those 2 dirves in a mirror also
lirielcurrently the boot device is at 93% whith just the 3 envs on it
SweetAndLowyou will lose some space but if you want to use them you could
MD500_Pilotliriel: you are not using the 9.10.2-U2
lirielno - it breaks VirtualBox
ekarlsoSweetAndLow: so something like raid5 or 6 is not used in zfs ?
SweetAndLowekarlso: you can use raidz2 if you want
lirielI didnt't want to deal with for 9.10.2 upgrade, then again for corral upgrade
MD500_Pilotwill 10.0.2 break virtual box ?
SweetAndLowbut when you have random drives it makes it hard
m0nkey_lol, VirtualBox
lirielthought I would just do it once 9.10.1-u4 -> corral
CpuroastMD500_Pilot: there's no Virtualbox in corral
liriellol m0nkey_
m0nkey_VirtualBox on FreeNAS was experimental at best
Cpuroastthere's no Virtualbox in 9.10.2 and up
m0nkey_Nobody was maintaining the VBOX template
lirielI know that is my point
MD500_Pilotergo, 10.0.2 WILL break virtual box :-)
m0nkey_It was horrifically out of date
lirielI will move to bhyve
m0nkey_Full Bhyve support is coming in 9.10.3
lirielbut I did not want to move to bhyve under 9.10.2 then have to move to new bhyve under 10
lirielsince I understand that 9.10.2 -> 10 bhyve won't work
lirielI only use vbox for crashplan
m0nkey_Not in it's current state, however as I just said, full Bhyve support with VGA consoles is coming to 9.10
m0nkey_So, at this stage, there is no point upgrading to Corral
m0nkey_Just wait for 9.10.3 which should be out later this month.
lirielah, so if I set up bhyve VM under 9.10.3, it will still work after upgrading to Corral?
Cpuroastliriel: quite possibly
m0nkey_Maybe. But why go to Corral at that point?
Cpuroastbut nothing is confirmed
lirielhmmm, I am getting ansy running an old version without security patches etc, which is why I decided to move to Corral
Cpuroast9.x isn't going away
lirielthe "quite possibly" is not inspiring much confidence
Cpuroastiit will be supported for a LONG time
m0nkey_You'll be ansy with Corral.
lirielwhy m0nkey_?
m0nkey_Because so much is broken right now
lirieloh really? the bit of reading I did, people seemed pretty happy which is why I considered making the leap
m0nkey_Reports of Docker not working as expected, Issues with Bhyve VMs, slow speeds, etc.
lirielapart from the usual moaning that always happens
m0nkey_No jails
lirielew, that does not sound good
lirielIs "No jails" something that might change?
m0nkey_9.10 will give you Jails, Bhyve and eventually Docker down the road.
lirielI thought that was a permanent thing with 10
lirieloh didn't realize they still intended to be that active with 9.10
lirielthought it was being put into maintenance mode
m0nkey_TrueNAS is based on FreeNAS 9.10
m0nkey_TrueNAS is iX Systems commercial product..
Koopzanyone got the freenas/jdownloader container to work?
m0nkey_9.3 was put into maintenance, 9.10 is still active.
lirielerr 9.10 is what I meant
SweetAndLowi bet once the iocage stuff comes together that we will have jaisl on corral
m0nkey_Jails are not in the design, afaik.
lirielso I guess that leaves me just dealing with my outdated 9.10.1-U4 until I can have some confidence that bhyve VMs won't be broke by a future 9.10 update
lirielor jumping to Corral
lirielnot a great set of options :(
lirielon a different note, what is the make of those low profile usb sticks that are often recommended here for boot drives?
liriel$foo Extreme or something lie that
m0nkey_SanDisk Ultra Fit
MD500_Pilotliriel: I do not use dockers, vms, etc
lirielah thanks m0nkey_
MD500_Pilotjust a single nfs export for my flex server
lirielI run a lot of services from this machine MD500_Pilot
MD500_Pilotliriel: you might want to stick with 9.10
lirielprobably time to go for something bigger than 8GB for my boot disks
Cpuroast16 is plenty
MD500_Pilotif it is working for you might just stick with it for now.
lirielyeah it certainly is appearing that way MD500_Pilot
lirielexcept like I said being stuck on 9.10.1-U4 until the bhyve wrinkles are ironed out in 9.10
MD500_Pilotwith a backup of all of my data, I decided I liked corral after playing around with it on a couple of test boxes
m0nkey_Bhyve works n 9.10.2
m0nkey_I use it
liriel i know m0nkey_ but it is not upgradeable to 10
lirielor possibly even to 9.10.3
roycroftyesterday someone was relating second-hand anecdotes about how supposedly loud the seagate ironwolf nas drives are, and i indicated that, having just received four of them, i did not notice any excess noise from them
m0nkey_It'll work with 9.10.3
lirielso I don't want to go to all the effort of moving my crashplan install to bhyve, just to move it again in a couple months
m0nkey_I'm not sure why, but Corral does something funky to Bhyve
MD500_Pilotwhat is bhyve...? sounds like something to stay away from !!
lirielVM MD500_Pilot
MD500_PilotI use promox for production VMs
MD500_Pilothave never really used anything else
lirielVNC won't work in linux bhyve VM under 9.10.2 right m0nkey_?
lirielCrashplan is a pain in the ass without access to its GUI
lirielyeah for serious VM implementation, there are better options MD500_Pilot. This is just to support a single application
roycrofti just pulled one of the drives, to stage a transfer for something else
MD500_Pilotmakes sense, at the school where I help with IT we have about 30 or 40 VMs all running under Proxmox. Looked at moving to Openstack but Proxmox just seems to work. Never tried it (or needed to) under FreeNAS although we have enough FreeNAS servers we could :-)
roycroftand the drive is absolutely silent
roycrofti cannot hear it at all
roycroftmaybe if i put a stethescope up to it
roycroftso that's my anecdote
MD500_Pilotroycroft: Is it turned on :-)
roycroftit is
roycroftit's moving data happily
roycroftand it's barely warm to the touch, having been spinning for about 3 hours now
roycroftit's sitting in a usb drive dock
roycroftso quite exposed - i should be able to hear it if it's making noise
roycroftand it is not in my machine room, so not being drowned out by all the fans
liriellol great - now I can't convince it to go back to 9.10 STABLE train under update
lirielit is says this" Current Train: FreeNAS-9.10-STABLE (...)"
lirielbut when I check for updates it prompts to install Corral
MD500_Pilotvia the GUI?
Koopzguess i'm the only corral user using Containers
MD500_Pilotwhen you reboot can you select the old version there (I can't remember)
lirielI get his when trying to switch back to 9.3 which is good
lirielYeah I am booted into 9.10 but can't get the update checker to go back to 9.10 train
MD500_PilotOh, I thought you were in 10 and could not roll back
lirielit looks like it changes, but when I navigate away and back to the update tab 10 is selected again
lirieloh yeah, thankfully not that MD500_Pilot :)
MD500_Pilotno kidding
Koopzugh i've fooled myself again... wondering for days why the Console-Button was broken
Koopzthe one for Containers and VMs
Koopzmy browser silently blocked popups again
jrgseems like there is a pfsense update
jrgi'm still running 2.3.2_1 .. guess they're on 2.3.3_1
sunrunner20Oh, nice
sunrunner2032gb optane ssd is $77
sunrunner20Can anybody say slog?
MD500_Pilotgreat price if you need one :-)
SweetAndLowsunrunner20: endurance?
sunrunner20Se eetAndLow: no details, but it's supposed to be higher than flash
lirielm0nkey_ I migrated my vbox vm to bhyve. Was relatively painless and it is working great! Much more responsive and lower resource use than vbox
MD500_Pilot@SweetAndLow Ah...lights goes on...
MD500_Pilotjust read a post by you explaining why having your equipment in your sig and pointing people to it instead of posting it in the first post is not a good idea....people on Mobile don't see the sigs...
SweetAndLowlol yeah
SweetAndLowi'm almost 100% on mobile when browsing the forums
MD500_PilotI had no idea, now I do...thank you
frvCarefull if you switch between corral and 9 10
frvCorral adds some flag to your datasets
frvWhich causes zfs to coredump
frvDuring zfs send/receive
SweetAndLowMD500_Pilot: people get really mad when i tell them that and they say well you have your info in your signature
SweetAndLowi'm like wtf i'm not hte one asking for help!
frvFinally figured out why my replication kept failing
SweetAndLowfrv: what flags? this is really interesting
frvLemme find the bug report
frvReplication eventuelly works
frvBut i got mails every time it ran
frvAnd exits of zfs receive in the logs
frvAfter applying that fix
frvNo more mails
frvSeems silly to advertise try corral and if things go south you can easily revert
frvBut at the same time add a flag
frvWhich borks up replication
frvA key feature
frv(atleast for me)
SweetAndLowfrv: ahh so this isn't really a bug
SweetAndLowit's just that you upgraded your pool
frvChose not to upgrade it during the install proces
MonicleLewinskyIs the Corral Docker implementation stable enough to recommend to a friend?
SweetAndLowMonicleLewinsky: do you hate your friend?
MonicleLewinskySweetAndLow: Not particularly
MonicleLewinskySo that's a no
frvSweetAndLow: having chosen not to upgrade is what threw me off
SweetAndLowso what was the actually problem
SweetAndLowhow was there a alcmode set that doesn't exist
frvbeats me
frvfeedback in bugreport was:=
frvCorral added a new aclmode called "discard_chmod" which is not compatible with anything != FreeNAS Corral.
frvi am 100% sure i chose not to upgrade my pool
frvsince i wanted to be able to rollback without issues
frvsupport ticket also doesn't mention anything about that guy having upgrade
frvsince it's also mentioned on the forums to NOT upgrade
frvif you want to roll back i assume most people don't
frvSweetAndLow: just checked my zfs history
frv2017-03-17.15:45:02 <dispatcher> zfs set aclmode=discard_chmod ZP-NAS/Documents
frv-> that was when i tested out corral
frvfunny thing is
frvit did that for 5 datasets
frvthen after that undid it for 3
frva fourth got reset after a reboot
frvand the one with the failing replication (Documents)
frvdidn't untill i manually did that
frvwith all of these upgrade woes i'll be running 9.10 for atleast another few months
lirielyep I was sold on that conclusion earlier today frv
frviscsi stuff broken, replication broken, etc
frvand clearly the promise of rollback
frvis a bit 'optimistic'
MD500_Pilotmy replication works :-)
frvMD500_Pilot: you rolled back from corral ?
frvfunny thing is
frvas you can see in the paste
frvis that it undid that change for 3 of the 5 datasets
MD500_Pilotno, sorry I rolled forward to Corral, I thought you were saying replication in 10 was broken
frvand those were replicating just fine
frvexcept the Documents one
frv(the last one i don't replicate)
frv= 3auto fixed, 1 i don't replication + 1 i manually set
frv= 5
frvohwell, it's a complex product so bugs like this are likely to occur
frvno damage done ... would have preferred it didn't happen but for a free piece of software
frvi suppose one can't complain
frvanyhow. Time to get some other stuff done. Gf coming home tomorrow after a week abroad for job
frvgot lots of stuff to hide :p
MD500_Pilotfrv: no kidding, amazing for free software
Koopzanybody using containers? no? okay
MonicleLewinskyKoopz: I mean, this is #docker
gloinHey, how soon is 10.0.3 coming out? Or can we get an interim hotfix for some of the gnarlier issues making 10.0.2 not good?
gloinFor instance:
SweetAndLowo use ldc
Koopzsurely it's not but someone apparently decided to setup a freenas/docker-images repo on github full with stuff that doesn't seem to be tested at all
Koopzwell obviously i can't blame the freenas guys since their docker files only use other images and add template stuff for the gui
SweetAndLowgloin: you can always look at the open issues and timeline
gloin2 months? :(
SweetAndLowgloin: you could always help
gloinACTION is looking at the list... so much attention paid to UI when lower-level issues also exist
MonicleLewinskyEspecially when ANOTHER major UI re-write is apparently in the works
gloinSomething is murdering my USB flash drives.
gloinOnly in 10 though, not 9
SweetAndLowgloin: top?
SweetAndLowwhat process are doing stuff
gloinSweetAndLow: They all end up corrupted after install.
gloinSimilar to the forum thread I posted here earlier.
SweetAndLowsounds like a hardware problem
gloinI'd agree, except that 9 is working fine on the same exact hardware, including the USB drives.
gloinIt's been thoroughly burned in.
SweetAndLowgloin: system dataset pool location?
gloinSweetAndLow: Is there a way to collect debug logs during the install?
SweetAndLowgloin: not that i know of
gloinIt's always the freenas-boot pool that ends up corrupted.
gloinDifferent files every time. Never get a bootable system after.
SweetAndLowgloin: i wonder if you just have a bad download?
SweetAndLowdid you try installing to a new usb and uploading your config file?
gloinTried that. Ensured the checksum matched. Tried new USB. No config file to upload - this is a fresh install.
SweetAndLowgloin: even with a new usb you get corrupt files?
roycrofti've been searching all over town for usb thumb drives that will fit on the ports on my system board, to no avail
SweetAndLowthat really dones't sounds possible
roycrofti just ordered some online, but they won't be here for a week
gloinThese were new USBs. I'm at the point now where I write zeroes to the front and back of the drive after each attempt, did a destructive badblocks against one of them to ensure all clean of data.
roycroftand i would like to start moving data to the freenas machine this weekend
gloinThe drives aren't throwing errors elsewhere.
roycroftif i install on mirrored external drives, and remove/replace one at a time, they should resilver just like data drives, no?
SweetAndLowgloin: well they would not throw errors becuase other filesystems would never know something is wrong. ZFS actually knows when something goes wrong
gloinSure, but no block errors.
gloinThe post from TheWoo is exactly what I see on first boot.
gloinAlthough sometimes it'll be a segfault from some code that's encountered a corrupt file different from what is shown in that screenshot.
gloinIf I could figure out a way to gather installer logs maybe we could see what's going awry.
SweetAndLowgloin: try booting these usb's on a different sytem
SweetAndLowor do the install to a usb stick but in a VM
gloinSure. I've got an identical system running 9 right now. I'll power it off and see if it boots the other one.
SweetAndLowsee if you can even install and boot any system
SweetAndLowgloin: i really have no clue just throwing out ideas
sunrunner20I do all my freenas installs in a vm
gloinSame result :(
gloinsunrunner20: What sort of VM you installing under?
Criggiesunrunner20: and the VM host stores its data on what ?
gloinACTION wonders about storage speed
SweetAndLowI think all they meant was the initial install was done in a vm then moved the media to the hardware box
gloinnot a terrible idea
gloinAlso rules out the possibility of a bad portable CDROM. Trying it out.
lirielWhat is the best way to replace the disks in my mirrored boot pool with larger disks: 1) Add the two larger disks to the vdev, wait for it to resilver, then remove the smaller disks; 2) Create a new pool with new larger disks, replicate the current boot pool to the new one. The first option I understand better since I am not sure how I would tell FreeNAS to use the new pool for boot following replication in the second option. However, the second
liriel option seems "cleaner" beause it avoids resilvering?
SweetAndLowliriel: you are making this way to hard
lirielgood to hear :)
lirieleasier is better
SweetAndLowyou save config and encryption keys, take out old boot media, put new boot media in and reinstall
SweetAndLowupload config
lirielthat seems harder than my option #1 - is there a reason why your third option is better?
lirieli.e., clean install or something
lirielnot sure that would apply since it is a read-only os anyways ..
SweetAndLowbecause you could have been done by now
SweetAndLowresilvering also works just more complicated
lirielfor me, not needing physical access during the reinstall process is a plus
lirielalso, no downtime with resilvering
lirielbut that is great to have a third option - sounds like the only difference is convenience - from a risk or outcome-based standpoint the approaches are equivalent right?
mgolischhow do you put in the other media?
mgolischwithout physical access
lirielI don't
lirielbut I can plug them in and walk awya
lirielI could even send my 8-year old down to the closet under the stairs and plug them in :)
SweetAndLowliriel: a reinstall would be exactly the same amount of physical access
lirielwell to be honest, I have installled freenas exactly once in my life, so maybe it is easier than I remember :)
lirielI just know that most installs require some monitoring
lirieli.e., sitting in front of the terminal
lirieloh yeah, freenas is just writing an image to boot media and then booting right?
lirielanyways, won't take up any more of your time. As always, I really appreciate your advice and sharing your expertise
peerceIIRC, you do need a few mins at the console to setup the LAN addressing during setup
MD500_PilotE model
MD500_Pilotleft the marines many, many years ago
gloinFriend of mine who had left the marines many years ago still had the habit of turning his back on any rotary-wing aircraft, some reflex about not wanting to have to do paperwork in case he saw an incident.
MD500_Pilotthat is funny
MD500_Pilotwell 30 years of flying and not a dent or scratch yet....
gloinGood deal.
gloin(also was funny because we worked together right next to a refit facility for big Sikorskys so he was always turning his back on things)
MD500_PilotWith a help I would't want to turn my want to know when to run and in which direction when things start flying off!!
MD500_Pilothelp = helo
gloinI expect the correct direction is DOWN!
gloinWhere do you fly?
MD500_PilotSan Diego
MD500_Pilotout of KCRQ
MD500_Pilotalthough I fly to KDVT (Phoenix Deer Valley) every weekend
gloinHome for weekends or...?
gloinSorry, nosy.
MD500_PilotYep, we have a house her win Cali where i fly and one in Phx
gloinAh, had to be work :) Nice pic.
gloinKnew a guy who'd fly 2-3 times a week between his house in Ashland OR to Sweet Field in Eugene near his office. He, uh, had some money.
gloinIIRC he had a B206
roycroftthat's mahlon sweet field
MD500_Pilotyes, not much for a 206
MD500_Pilotwe love the 500 however...
MD500_Pilotits great for camping
gloinThey look super agile.
MD500_Pilotpretty much as agile as they get...
MD500_Pilotmy first loop in a helicopter was in that when I first got it...
MD500_Pilotand they are small enough you can park them anywhere.
Criggienice - you are the 1% :-P
MD500_Pilothaha..not really, just really really work my butt off... :-)
CriggieI ride my pushbike to work. Haven't driven in 18 months.
Criggieother than being dropped off on my first day of work
MD500_PilotI work at the airport which is about 25 miles from the house so the bike might not work for me
MD500_Pilotthe 500 is a great shooting platform as well if you are into that kind of thing...
Criggieno, not really.
MD500_Pilotswimming maybe..? :-)
CriggieI'm trying to get my insurance company's insurer to pay for the repairs to my house. 6 years after the quakes they're still fucking everyone around.
Criggiedon't really have spare money for hobbies.
MD500_Pilotyou line in Cali I take it..?
MD500_Pilotwell, fly fishing is a bit difficult but it is much easier after you shut down...
CriggieNo, I live in Christchurch, in New Zealand.
gloinAnd wait a couple hours because your aircraft has spooked all the fish.
MD500_Pilotwell, and that too :-)
CriggieMD500_Pilot: bungy-fishing is a thing.
gloinyou just reach in and grab?
MD500_Pilotjust don't get too low
CriggieTry that from your helicopter :)
gloinoh wow
gloin10.0.3 just hit
gloinYeah, it's on my updates screen.
gloinstill not on the download page, but that might be cdn lag
MD500_Pilotyep, i see it on my screen...better wait till morning, my kids will kill me if I push an update right now!
frvhmmm no 10.0.3 on my update screen
frvah now it is :)
frvgoodie will fire up the vm tomorrow and play :)
frvhah the forum post announcing 10.0.3 clearly mentions issues with usb root pools
frvdunno who it was that had issues with it
CriggieI'm so tempted to use a HDD instead of USB as a boot volume
Criggiebut only have 8 slots for drives in this machine
CriggieHave a CD slot but no drive in there - wonder if I can stick a hard drive on that interface
Zikbengot a strange problem with a new freenas deploy. I am migrating my plex data from my old machine to the new freenas box via iscsi. Transfers under 50GB go through fine but larger transfers will cause the freenas box to go unresponsive after ~200GB is transferred. Using freenas corral
Zikbenhad a similar problem on an ubuntu box a while back and had to modify the vm.dirty_ratio but I can not figure out how to do it on this platform
sunrunner20Criggie, in this day and age, likely
sunrunner20on my N54L I have a 3.5" hdd in the 5.25" bay
sunrunner20MD500_Pilot, admit it or not... it takes more than hard work to get that kind of money
sunrunner20gloin, Criggie, SweetAndLow had it right. I install in the VM then move to a physical box.
sunrunner20although, I do plan more virtualized freenas boxes in the future
MD500_Pilotno bullshit, sunrunner20 when I joined the Marines I didn't have a cent to my name, everything I made was due to 7 day a week 16 hour days....that was my get-rich-quick scheme for the last 30 years!
sunrunner20for which its ESXi + Passthrough HBA
MD500_PilotI still get to the office at 530am every day and on the days I am not flying I am here until 6 or 8pm!
sunrunner20there are plunty of people who have worked the same and don't have a penny to their name
sunrunner20I'm somewhere in the middle
MD500_Pilotmy wife is just as bad...and its a lot easier now that the kids are older. Our youngest is 12 now and tech she figures she runs the house anyway so its pretty easy!
sunrunner20bring in ~50k/yr working 9hr days
sunrunner20at work
sunrunner20then lately i've been teaching myself devops
MD500_PilotThats a lot of work for 50k a year...
sunrunner20hoping to land a better job
MD500_PilotI hope your employer loves you to death
MD500_Pilotcan you fly jets? :-)
sunrunner20I'm thinking about learning
MD500_Pilotthat is what I do not, jet transition training, its hard work and guys are always trying to kill you, but it is rewarding
MD500_Pilotthe better half works for an attorney...she says her job is more stressful!
loko--sunrunner20, I have 2 - 3.5 hdd in my 5.25 bay on my n54l
sunrunner20loko--, HOW?!
sunrunner20I'm rebuilding that array if I can fit another drivein there
loko--I bought one of those
loko--and I connect the drive via the external sata port - I run the cable thru the back
loko--along with a sata power splitter
loko--also running the hacked bios to enable the sata ports
CriggieMD500_Pilot: -grin- life's a game with no save points.
MD500_Pilotno kidding
sunrunner20*knock on wood*
sunrunner20client buffer is working so far
sunrunner20hilariously hexchat says I have 30s of lag.
kuruptionhey, so just upgraded to corral.... and there's no web interface starting
kuruptionanyway i can check and start it?
kuruption(from cli)
MD500_Pilotkuruption: here is a good starting point:
lirielI am really glad folks here steered me away from Corral for the time being
MD500_Pilotwhen you type showurls ar the CLI prompt what does it say
lirielalthough looking forward to checking it out again once it matures further
kuruptionit shows me my ip address
pissfrogit appears to be suffering from similar bugs as anything later than 9.10.1-up4
pissfrogtasks pretty much stop working with no explanation
pissfroglike rsync
MD500_Pilotwhich corral?
MD500_Pilot10.0.3, 10.0.2, nightly..?
MD500_Pilotdid the network come up properly on the box..? The IP is shows is correct and you can get to it (ping/ssh/?)
kuruptionits the lagg bug going on
kuruptioni had to recreate the lagg interface
kuruptionand didnt assign the static ip6 address
kuruptionso nginx wont boot
MD500_Pilotmakes sense
MD500_PilotI don't use laggy or v6 here. Can you break the lag to get it up for now?
olystretchI have an issue with freenas-boot volume degraded. Running Corral on the latest stable. The boot volume is a mirrored on two USB sticks (da0 and da1) After some time, The boot menu (Under system-> boot volume, shows the volume as degraded, and only one of the two drives is listed under "Boot volume disks" I am unable to clcik replace, becuase the drive is no longer shown in the menu.
kuruptionMD500_Pilot: eh i recreated the lagg, assinged the static ip4 and ip6... but it wont assign the static ip6 to the interface
kuruptionill have to do it from shell
olystretchI had to use "add" then on the CLI I did a zpool detach to remove the non-functional unit.
MD500_Pilotdid the GUI come up after that?
sunrunner20AllanJude, TIL ZFS Allow
kuruptioncorral lost my ca-signed cert :(
MD500_Pilotyou had it backed up right ?
kuruptionokay this was an interesting experiment, but im going back to 9.10 lol
AllanJudesunrunner20: I thought you watched my vBSDCon video, it had a bunch of zfs allow in it
AllanJudesunrunner20: also, did you hear about 'zfs jail'
AllanJudeyou can delegate a dataset into a jail, so root in the jail can do whatever they want to it
sunrunner20AllanJude, *watching*
sunrunner20i'm 15min in
sunrunner20I've been focusing on job related items lately
sunrunner20so its been chef and jenkins the past two nights
sunrunner20especially after last night
sunrunner20*installs in PROD*
AllanJudehey, we still use puppet :(
sunrunner20I'm totally not bitter that our environment doesn't know the word consistancy
sunrunner20but when i'm done, if I don't quit first for a better job
olystretchShould email notifications for volume degraded go for the boot volume too? It appears to not. (Also Corral)
sunrunner20Dev QA and CA will have weekly teardowns and rebuilds
sunrunner20Prod quarterly
sunrunner20is a fantastically silent channel
sunrunner20my understanding is chef has far better windows support
sunrunner20AllanJude, right now we're using sunrunner20's brain and a wing and a prair a developer doesn't modify something
sunrunner20I really just want a CI stack that takes a CM
sunrunner20make sure stuff has been signed off on it
sunrunner20builds it, stages it for CA after deploying to DEV and QA
AllanJudeI know what CI, CM, DEV, QA, etc are, but what is CA?
sunrunner20I send out the "CA going down" announcement and then press a button and off it goes.
sunrunner20right now I have this strange issue
sunrunner20where the first psexec command on a server 2008 box fails
AllanJudesunrunner20: i have not used psexec in years, but back before i used it, I used one called 'beyondexec', which had to remotely copy itself to the server the first time
AllanJudeso i had a dummy command the first time, and a higher timeout, to make that works
wedgiesunrunner20: there's basically 2 people in #chef who answer questions. And it's probably past their bed times now
wedgieand to answer your question, i think that basically anyone can put stuff in the supermarket. Doesn't mean that the company behind chef supports or endorses it in any way