peerceHT is no good for numeric/sse/etc work, there's only one FPU/SSE unit per core shared by the two threads
sunrunner20still its a quad at 4gig doing a fast transcode
sunrunner20granted they're 1080p
sunrunner20peerce, finally got my pool expanded yesterday
peercethat was the 6x3TB -> 6x8TB ?
sunrunner20now at something absurd like 60TB in total
peerceso it diddn't even take a week?
sunrunner20I have a 5x8tb
sunrunner20thats my N54L
sunrunner20took a full month
sunrunner20mostly because I was too sick to handle it most of the time
sunrunner20could have been done in 5 days
peercehuh, I went from my 4x3 that were 85% full to 4x8tb, took just about 1 day per drive
sunrunner203 if you were really attentive
r0b-How much ram would a FreeNAS box need for 10TB of storage?
sunrunner20r0b-, that's more use case than actual storage capacity
sunrunner20if its ONLY fileserving and home use case where you're transfering files off and on and streaming stuff through video players
sunrunner208gb is enough
sunrunner20obviously no dedupe with 8gb ram
sunrunner20but dedupe is pretty universally reviled
peercei wouldn't run dedupe regardless of my ram.
sunrunner20point made lol
sunrunner20I'd only run it if i'm running a crapton of the same VM
r0b-I know ECC is "suggested" but is it important?
sunrunner20heavily recomended
peerceI wish most ALL pc's had ECC. I'd much rather know there's a hardware problem causing a random bad bit then not know theres the potential of data corruption
sunrunner20typically a quality freenas setup will be ECC capable and until the DDR4 'shortage' it was like a 20% premium
peerceonly that 20% isn't 20% when you figure it as a percentage of the whole systme cost including disks
sunrunner20yea but I find that a bit dishonest
sunrunner20its comparing apples to oranges instead of apple to apples
peercethe ram is part of the system.
peerceyou';re not using it by itself.
peerceits not a consumable like car tires
peerce[I buy premium car tires, too]
sunrunner20I buy good car tires
r0b-apparently this kid things a "NAS" is just having a PC with a few HDDs in RAID
sunrunner20but I don't pay for a name
sunrunner20r0b-, we get that a lot unfortunately
r0b-I am like you sunrunner20 I will not buy the expensive tires
sunrunner20usually when they come in to whine that they've lost their pool
r0b-I have a PC I could load FreeNAS on.. it just doesnt have ECC ram.
r0b-but it has 32GB of regular ram lol\
CriggieECC is nice to have
Criggier0b-: that's pretty much what a NAS is. A SAN on the other hand is a bit more.
CriggieI had a box that reported "ECC error detected and corrected" 1-5 times a day.
Criggieit worked perfectly all that time though
CriggieYay for ECC
peerceyeah, we had a sun server that would do that. I'd swap the ram around. as long as both rows of all banks were full, it would occasionally trip an ECC, always in the same bank. if I removed one bank, no errors. swap and use just the other set of rams, no error.
peercefinally swapped the mobo, problem went away
peercesuns were odd. a lot of them, you HAD to fill all dimms, and they all had to be the same size. so if you had, say 16 x 1GB and you wanted 64GB, you'd have to replace all 16 with 4GB
peercethe dimm sockets on many of the sparcs were each at a fixed address, so if you had, say that 16x1GB config, there'd be 3GB holes in the physical address space between each DIMM
ozymandias_my favorite sun-ism? plug a keyboard into a headless box sometime
peercesolaris didn't care, it knew how to map it
sunrunner20ozymandias_, what'd that do?
ozymandias_on purpose.
ozymandias_not a bug.
ozymandias_the default behavior was to reboot to prevent unauthorized access
ozymandias_the idea was that a reboot would get someones attention
sunrunner20hey lets cause a DOS instead of properly blocking an unauthorized device
ozymandias_they are all kinds of wtfery
peerceI did like that the mouse plugged into the keyboard, adn the keyboard plugged into the computer, that was such a better design than the PC
sunrunner20ACTION looks at his keyboard with a USB hub
sunrunner20ACTION looks at the mouse dongle plugged into keyboard
peerceyeah, but most uSB mice, the cable is too long and annoying
ozymandias_sunrunner20, you could turn that off -- but iirc it required a reboot to do it
ozymandias_peerce, apple used to have short usb corded mice
sunrunner20of course it did
ozymandias_only one button, but short cords at least
ozymandias_and a single usb port on the keyboard for it
peerceoh yeah, my new keyboard has a usb port
ozymandias_not sure if the one delivered tomorrow has one
ozymandias_honestly didnt think to check
ozymandias_has full RGB under each key, and clicky keys
ozymandias_and a sane layout of keys
ozymandias_never knew how much I liked the dell quietkey layput until I tried to use a keyboard with the insert/del/home/end/pgup and pgdn keys int he wrtong places
ozymandias_gave it a full 2 months, still hate it, time for the correct layout again
peercemy last couple keyboards are back to the classic 103 layout, with the \ | key directly above Enter, and the ` ~ key above tab.
peerceive' decided I like this much better than the big L shaped enter key where they have to mvoe stuff around
sunrunner20nsfw maybe
sunrunner20I didn't know they still made those peerce
peercesure. this one is a Corsair Strafe mechanical with Cherry brown switches, and programmable RGB backlighting
ozymandias_peerce, i thought that was 104 -- thats the layout I like
peercemaybe its 104.
peerceafaik, its adding the windows key that makes it 104?
ozymandias_sunrunner20, thats the dell quietkey layout
peerceah, this is the ANSI layout
sunrunner20thats the layout I know and love
sunrunner20the ebay link
ozymandias_i need the 6 keys above the arrows to be right, too
peercei stuck with 86 key PC/XT keyboard long after the 10x PC/AT layout came along, I liked the F keys on the left, and no seperate arrow keys in the middle
peerceyeah, this has those correct
ozymandias_i use vi too much for them to be arbitrarity swapped
peerceI never use those in vi, I use the ctl keys for movements and stuff, and commands for everything else.
peercebut I mostly use old school vi commands, not vim
peerceseeing as how I learned vi long before vim, back in the 80s/90s
sunrunner20not sure what style of VI(m) I use
ozymandias_i use home/end all the time in vim, and pg up/down in cli, and insert/del everywhere
sunrunner20my hands stay on the home keys though
ozymandias_del/backspace are different things, and I use both, dang it
peerce0, $ for begin,end of lines.
peercectl-D for delete
peercectl-W for move word
ozymandias_i use some of those
ozymandias_but del/backspace are universal, and not justs places that support vi keys
ozymandias_why arrow and then backspace when you can just delete
peerceX is delete character ;-p
peerce35X is delete 35 chars.
ozymandias_not outside vim ;-)
ozymandias_or vi key bindings at least
ozymandias_say, a url bar
ozymandias_or chat client ;-)
peercegah, my head is slow. 58/64ths... thats, um... chit. 29/32? wtf kind of bolt head size is that?? my 7/8" wrench didn't fit it
peercemaybe i need a 15/16ths
peerceand thats just tolerance.
peerce1" was too big
Criggie29/32" is a 1" bolthead that has been around a while.
CriggieOr someone filed it to get a better fit :)
peercebrand new bolt
peerceits actually a threaded pin for a 2" trailer hitch reciever, threaded so the bike rack doesn't rock back and forth like it would with a regular pin
^Gecko^I found the superbowl on FTA c-band
^Gecko^except it's in italian
^Gecko^oh well
peerce[the 2" towbar part has threads machined into the hole]
peerceif it was metric, it would be... 24mm ?
Criggieok weird. I'd expect a wingnut for easier removal
peercefuck thudbowl. overpaid steroid addled beer and truck salesman.
CriggieOr a big hand grip on the end
Criggiesuperbowel ? sounds messy
peercenah, its gotta clear a reciever, and they are all a little different. but in general, not much clearance
peerceanyways, you don't WANT a passerby to be able to take it off :D
peercealso should be torqued down pretty hard
peerceyeah, 50 ft-lbs.
peercethats 68 N*m for you metric focs
CriggieTBH a bike rack on a car seems like a waste - just ride the bike and leave the 2 ton of steel at home
peerceits for the back of my camper, so we can bring the bikes camping
peercem0nkey_; did you set a timer or something ;-p
CriggieOK makes more sense. Can you load the bikes inside the camper when driving ?
peerceCriggie; rather not. bikes would bounce around and beat up on the nice interior
CriggieSrs question: Is a camper like a caravan in that you can't be in the back when underway ?
peerceits a trailer, yes.
CriggieOK so noone in the back while driving.
Criggieyeah that's a caravan. To me a camper is one unit, what you might call an RV.
peercekitchen, fridge/freezer, bathroom, queen bed, dinette, and plenty of cabinet storage.
peerceRV is inclusive of trailer campers, truck back campers, and full motorhomes
peercethose are all RV's
CriggieI've seen bikes mounted over the drawbar too, but thats bad for them
Criggienah a caravan has no motor of its own, here its completely different naming.
peercethere's a storage box for the trailer-chit, and 2 20lb propane tanks on the tongue
peerceyour caravan is our trailer camper.
Criggiethe others are vehicles in their own right with different licencing etc.
Criggiewords - confusing buggers since the american revolution.
Criggieyes, that's intentional.
peercethis one is a 21' (6.4m), gross weight 4800 lbs (2180kg)
Criggieso its a portable house.
peerce[gross as in max allowable]
peerceyeah. cabin on wheels.
CriggieI sling a tent and sleeping bag on my bike's rack. Easy.
peerceI used to camp off my motorcycle too. as well as bike camp, backpack. wife can't do that stuff, her limit bicycling is 5 or 10 easy flat miles nice and slow
peerceand she has a bad knee
peercei've got an ebike I need to get new batts for her.
CriggieFair enough
CriggieDoes the ebike tow the trailer camper ?
peerceits an e-assist bike, not a pure motor powered.
peercethe ebike will fit on this rack
Criggie-grin- I asked the opposite.
peercea Toyota Tacoma truck tows this camper.
peercei know.
CriggieI have towed 100 kilos of UPS on my bike trailer - that was an experience.
peerceyesm but not 2100 kg ;-p
Criggieyou need 21 bikes to tow it then.
peercegas is cheaper than the food they'd need.
CriggieIt was funny in hindsight, but not at the time. IE it was low low gear to get over a railway crossing.
CriggieEven getting moving from stopped over a road crossing was hard work.
peerceI use to haul my 2 kids around in a burley bike trailer
peercethey were probably 100 lbs between them, 40kg or something.
CriggieHad to plan braking well in advance too cos fast stopping was not a thing
Criggieimagine 5 kids in the same trailer.
peercethe BUrley was cool. could be unhitched from the bike and had a 3rd wheel that dropped, and a pushbar so you could use it like a cart/stroller
peercewe'd strap our music festival chairs on it, blankets, etc, and haul them back and forth, with the kids.
JayDuggerFinally got the W10 administrator account to mount a FreeNAS CIFS share by making two registry changes and setting SMB on FreeNAS to use NTLMv1 auth.
genr8_those registry settings are alternately controllable through computer management / group policy
CriggieJayDugger: sounds like a step down ?
genr8_I wouldnt use NTLMv1 either.
peerceyah, thats pretty far downrev and insecure
JayDuggerInsecure vs. not working?
genr8_maybe you're blocking the secure port 445 i think ?
JayDuggerNow that's worth checking, yes. Thank you.
genr8_think its 139 and 445
peercethe 135/137/139(?) stuff isn't used anymore, I thought... that was NBT, NetBIOS over TCP. SMBv2 and newer uses port 445 for everything
peercewell, AD uses LDAP and a bunch of other crap.
JayDuggerNo, the firewall doesn't seem to have any effect. If I disable NTLMv1 auth on FreeNAS and disable Windows Firewall, then I still have the same problem: no connection from the W10 admin account to the FreeNAS share while simultaneously having no problem reaching other SMB servers on the same subnet.
peerceis that w10 admin account local or domain admin ?
peercei is this Administrator, or some random user who's a member of the windows Administrators group ?
peercecuz far as freenas is concerned, EITHER fo those are just another user.
genr8_tick the box "Log in as another user" and enter the credentials of a valid freenas user
m0nkey_spam incomming
^Gecko^what, again?
^Gecko^what is that mode?
m0nkey_it prevents unregistered from speaking
m0nkey_they can still join, but are not permitted to speak in channel
^Gecko^thought +r was good enough
^Gecko^guess not
m0nkey_yeah, maybe better
JayDuggerTesting, testing, is this thing on?
^Gecko^keeps them from joining in the first place, and getting our nicks or whatever
^Gecko^hey JayDugger
genr8_i feel safer already
JayDuggerWhat the hell happened?
JayDuggerIn order, account local; "Owner," not "Administrator," a member of the Administrators group; and "Log in as another user" did not work without setting NTLMv1 Auth [x]
JayDuggerThe only thing I did on my end just now was use a character at the codepoint U+2611.
genr8_the unicode character was what was stopping it ?
genr8_you gotta look at SMB logs on the server to see what your weird client is trying to do and why the server is rejecting NTLMV2. or if you see no errores, you are somehow blocking it before it gets to the server
JayDuggerNo, no, I think we have two different problems confused.
JayDugger#freenas didn't seem to like me sending U+2611 BALLOT BOX WITH CHECK.
JayDuggerMoving on from that.
JayDuggergenr8_'s suggestion at (I wouldnt use NTLMv1 either., to set Network security: LAN Manager authentication level to "Send NTLMv2 response only. Refuse LM & NTLM." lets the "Owner" account mount the SMB share and write to it as I expect.
JayDuggerThank you for that suggestion.
JayDuggerAnd that's with NTLMv1 Auth [ ] unset on FreeNAS.
genr8_thanks. great
JayDuggerYou're welcome. I appreciate the help.
JayDuggerHow did you know what registry modifications to make?
JayDuggerAnd what should I have looked for in /var/log/samba/
genr8_cause i ran into this because i had my win10 box locked way down with messing in here with custom shit
genr8_and when i wanted to use FreeNas i had to figure out what was really up
JayDuggerSorry, /var/log/samba4/smbd.log
JayDuggerI looked at that earlier today without finding anything that stuck out at me.
genr8_idk, i looked at mine for a pattern but it doesnt really help all that much
genr8_once you're connected, you can run: smbstatus
JayDuggerI hadn't looked at that in probably a decade and a half, and then it was a address binding problem.
JayDuggerAh, that's a command worth knowing.
genr8_idk, i didnt mess with special samba config on freenas yet. Samba seems kind of like a dark art
peerceits more likke the SMB protocol and everything else Micrsoft is gawdawful complicated with way too many moving parts.
JayDuggerAmen to that.
JayDuggerAnything else about NTLM's limitations worth reading?
genr8_i bet this was top notch in 1993
JayDuggerAs I remember it, yes.
genr8_ah ok v2 is from 98 ;p
peerceI actually worked somewhere circa about 1990 who USED the original OS/2 1.x Lan Manager server, with their Windows 3.1 clients.
JayDuggerAnyway, so much for my weekend project to test FreeNAS in a VM. At least I haven't bought any hardware.
peercegawd, that was bad. NetBEUI and/or IPX/SPX, no tcp/ip at all.
JayDuggerDark, dark days.
genr8_you can break into NTLM pretttttttty easily
genr8_peerce: Novell
genr8_Novell Netware
peerceNetware was OK until you started trying to do other stuff on the server that required those awful NLM plugins.
peerceor whatever they were called.
peerceWe called it Notware
peerceand Notwell
m0nkey_OK, I'm out
m0nkey_g'night folks
Criggiepeerce: mercury mail perhaps?
Criggiepeerce: and recompiling the netware binary to change NIC ports/IRQs ?
peerceno, wsan't Mercury. we had a few things that had to run on it, one was a documentation mamagement system that engineering was using, another was a sort of database server, and I forget what all else.
Criggieheh don't unearth those old memories
Criggieno need
peerceNetware made a rock solid file server. it totally SUCKED as an application server.
CriggieI remember ours was an IP router too
Criggiewe have a /24 of public space for the LAN in three segments.
{HD}trying to 'mv' from ssh root I get a bunch of "Operation not permitted" errors! Why would that be? I thought root could do anything it wanted.
genr8_system files have been purposely protected
oh_lawdyay, my first freenas build's been working pretty nice since friday, got custom email alerts and everything set up. I set the fans to the lowest setting, so monitoring the temps some of the disks are now around 36 degrees celsius, it's pretty close to the 40 mark so I guess when the weather gets warmer, I should spin the fans more :P
peercei've never worired about the fan speed or the disk speed on my microserver, its quiet and never seems to get too hot.
peercedisks don't mind being warm, what they dont' like is major temp *changes*
oh_lawdok, so I'm fluctuating the whole night around 34-36 degrees
oh_lawdgood to know
oh_lawdI have two emails every day, at night and then the day to see if there's difference
oh_lawdbut also I would not like to go to the 40 degree mark
oh_lawdbut this thing is super quiet, the new 9W atom is superb <3
oh_lawdtoo bad the UPS don't give me the actual W reading of the system, but I'd say it's somewhere between 25W-40W
peercehmm, mine are 32C now, but its quite cold in the 'office' where they are
peercei think in the summer they run in the mid 40C range
oh_lawdhmm, I found two forum posts that say that 40C is a warning already
oh_lawdand 45C is critical
oh_lawdbetween in the mid-30's is optimal
oh_lawdbut I don't know, some freenas posts are very pedantic
oh_lawdbackblaze says there's zero correlation for the temps, but their averages are all under 30
peercegoogle did a study of 10s of 1000s of drives in their datacenters a few years back. the single biggest correlation of failure was excess temperature swings.
peercenot absolute temp, changes in temp
Criggieyep. Backblaze have good ones too
oh_lawdyeah, well the mid-setting for the fans ois not that loud either, we're just sleeping with the machine so not so fond of fan noise
jrgwow. after all this time.. i can finally resume screen from the client side
jrgusing .ssh/config
jrghoooray openssh!
cbreakjrg: ssh foobarserver screen -r ?
cbreakor -d -R I guess
nikade-rdU for utf
jrgcbreak: was trying to avoid extra stuff
jrgand just ssh host
EaglemanWhat is the default domain freenas uses for CIFS when authenticating with a local user?
jrgand make the client call screen -UDr from the server on login.
jrgI wanted the client to do it without the need for lame scripts or aliases
cbreakEagleman: does it need a domain?
cbreakmaybe localhost? :P
EaglemanDont know, cant authenticate with anything over a VPN to a friend
cbreakjrg: set it as login shell then?
cbreak... that's probably a bad idea
cbreakor set it as forced command via ssh
jrgI didn’t want it to be server side
jrgclient side only. there is a way to do it
jrgRemoteTTY yes
cbreakclient side the only thing you can do it is similar to what I proposed
jrgRemoteCommand <command>
cbreakby telling the server to start screen for you
jrgyeah but I wanted it in .ssh/config
jrgand just have to type
jrgssh host
jrgI didn’t want all that extra tomfoolery at the command line nor did I want an alias or script. ssh should do this on its own in its own client.
jrgwhich it does :)
Eaglemanusername/password incorect while we just made the local freenas user
jrgfor smb?
jrgare you sure the user has permissions to the dir where the share is stored?
Eaglemancannot even get a list of shares
Eaglemanby going \\
{HD}I got disconnected last night when I asked this:
{HD}trying to 'mv' from ssh root I get a bunch of "Operation not permitted" errors! Why would that be? I thought root could do anything it wanted.
{HD}Some additional information: I can move the files from SMB shares just using cut/paste. The files I tested were picture files.
jrgI’m trying to configure bind on my pfsense box
jrgsince the only local dns I have is the freenas box and that becomes a mess if the freenas box dies.
m0nkey_Why not just use the built-in DNS resolver in pfSense? You can also add local DNS names to it.
jrgm0nkey_: that's what i'm doing.... oh....
jrgnot the resolver... i actually decided to use the bind pkg
jrgi have this dual thing going on where i have an external and internal dns
jrgthe internal has to resolve to local ips
jrgi was having issues with vpn not looking up the local ips when i connected. bind seems to have fixed that after a slight learning curve to get it actually running. it was something i meant to configure earlier i was just too lazy to do it... i need to make sure that i can access the local ips if the freenas box goes down and takes the AD DC dns with it
jrgplus... the fnas box needs that silly rsat to configure the dns.. it's a real pain in the ass
jrgi might actually try to set up the master/slave thing so the fnas box dc can update its dns config off the pfsense one
jrgthen i just have to change it from the pfsense box
jrghaving the pfsense box do it seems to make resolution a lot... more..... zippy
m0nkey_SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch scheduled for tomorrow 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET. Backup window is on Wednesday.
m0nkey_This is the payload..
cbreakm0nkey_: I don't think it'll have enough charge to last the trip. They are at like... 400km or so?
m0nkey_I get the feeling Musk isn't going to drive it there
Nettoni_I have been planning a cheap freenas build
Nettoni_My cheap build would be an hp z200
SweetAndLowNettoni_: ehh not very good
cbreakmy cheap build was using one of those intel xeon atom thingies
Nettoni_i7, 8gb ECC unbuffered rdim, 1156 chipset
cbreaklast time I checked the boards are even more expensive than 3 years ago
SweetAndLowNettoni_: i7 do not support ecc
cbreakand apparently it wasn't cheap for other people's scales :)
Nettoni_I have found a good deal
cbreakNettoni_: 8gb registered dims? why the hell :/
Nettoni_My concern was that many people had issues with 9.3 update of freenas
m0nkey_i7 does not support ECC
SweetAndLowNettoni_: takea step back here man
cbreakNettoni_: I used 9.3 for quite some time. It worked ok before upgrading to 9.10
mrelceei've been prepping my server to switch over to freenas by moving all my services into a bhyve vm.. almost done.. how big of a deal is it to take disk image file and move it over to freenas?
cbreakand that worked ok before upgrading to 11
SweetAndLowyour hardware is not going to work very well
mrelcee(currently running freebsd)
Nettoni_No prob I could go with a Xeon stil cheap
SweetAndLowNettoni_: I'm not sure the z200 will even boot freenas
SweetAndLowcheck otu the hp ml10
Nettoni_From some googling I've seen that people got it working, but after going to 9.3 it couldn't even boot
SweetAndLowNettoni_: well then you don't want it
SweetAndLow9.3 is super old and EOL
m0nkey_We're on 11.1 now
Nettoni_So that might be even worse
Nettoni_Now have to check for the ml10
SweetAndLowNettoni_: i also can't find a single post about z200 actually working on any build
Nettoni_What prebuilt wks or srv on the very cheap side can you recommend
SweetAndLowNettoni_: already told you
Nettoni_I was looking at IBM system x 3100 m4
Nettoni_Plenty of storage ports, Xeon, ECC ram
Nettoni_Found it for 100 EUR
Nettoni_Would you recommend that build
Nettoni_Anyone ever got freenas working on a system x 3100 m4
Zapywhy wouldnt it work?
Zapyits a pc as anything else Nettoni_
ayeceeinb4 idk just checking
ayeceeperfectly cromulent internet word
ayeceei predict this phrase will appear in the following conversation
Zapywhy not just write it out what it stands for instead of saying that its a cromulent internet word, if id know what it stod for i wouldnt have asked.
ayeceenow you know
ayeceedoesn't quite capture the whole meaning either. it also suggests that the conversation happens so often that the outcome is painfully obvious.
Zapynope, as it seems unnecessary to now i couldnt bother less
ayeceeit wasn't necessary to know before either
Zapybut thanks for being so nice and helpful
cbreakI can bother less than you.
peercegoogling inb4 says, use of this phrase, drops the posters IQ by 10%
ayeceecan confirm, feels that way when i use it
m0nkey_Elon Musk posted this 45 mins ago..
zaggynlthis slightly raises my hopes for humanity
wedgiem0nkey_: i'm pretty excited for the launch tomorrow
VallHello everyone. I'm running a couple of LSI SAS2108i here, what is the recommended firmware version for FreeNAS 11?
ayeceethe latest, probably
Vallayecee: thanks for the confirmation. How can I know for sure, and more important, where can I download it?
ayeceeprobably download it from LSI, eh
SweetAndLowVall: i think is the current version used for freenas
VallThanks SweetAndLow.
VallI think I got the update file for this one already around here, lemme check
VallIsn't it version 21?
Cpuroast20.00.07.00 is pretty much the final version of SAS 6Gbit cards
Cpuroast2008 and 2308
VallI *think* it's the one I have here already
VallCan anyone "md5sum" it for me and paste the hash here?
sunrunner20Download from avago technically
sunrunner20They’re in the legacy section last I saw
Cpuroastfor 2008 yeah
Cpuroastfor 2308, it's still in the main section
sunrunner20m0nkey_: lol
Cpuroastthe hell is a SAS2108i :)
CpuroastVall: you sure that's the model?
VallThe card is a 2108 for sure.
VallThe file was supposed to be too
Cpuroast2108 is a Raid chip
VallBut OK, I will download it from Avago.
Cpuroastwith Raid 5 and Raid 6
Cpuroastmeaning no HBA function
Cpuroastmeaning it can't be used with FreeNAS
Vallcpuroast: It can be used with FreeNAS *after* reflashing it to IT mode.
CpuroastLSI SAS2108 6Gb/s RAID-on-Chip
CpuroastVall: there is no IT mode on the 2108
Cpuroastonly the 2008
Cpuroastand 2308
VallIt is certainly possible, in fact I just did it.
Cpuroastthen it's not a 2108
VallWell, why does the upgrade file calls itself "2108IT.BIN"?
ayeceethat's the one thing we'll never understand
Cpuroastwhat URL did you use to download the firmware
CpuroastI'm curious
Selavino doubt a guide
Cpuroast2108 is a Megaraid chip
Cpuroastyou must have a 2008
Cpuroastsomeone must have renamed it
Cpuroastthe file is actually called: 2118it.bin
Cpuroastah 2108it.bin is specifically for the 9210-8i
SelaviI suspect it's the last 3 of SKU + ports + mode
Cpuroastbut it really doesn't matter
VallCPURoast: thanks for the feedbacl.
Cpuroastall 2008 based cards can become 9211-8i in IT mode
Vallgr8 ;-)
CpuroastLSI SAS 9210-8i is the OEM version of the retail LSI SAS 9211-8i
Cpuroastsame card really
Cpuroastjust 2 different SKUs
peerceif yo have a choice, go for a 2308 based card like a 9207, they are pci-e 3, and a little faster, especially if you're hammering on IOPS on all 8 sas channels at once (more likely with a larger storage subsystem, for sure)
Cpuroast9211-8i is no longer made, as it's been replaced with the newer PCIe 9207-8i which uses the 2308 chip
VallI got here :-(
CpuroastPCIe 3.0
CpuroastVall: 07 is on the broadcom site
VallNot :-(
VallNot AvagoTech?
Cpuroastavago bought broadcom
CpuroastLSI, Avago, Broadcom
Cpuroastsame company now
peercewhats the command to show all the info on a SAS chip?
VallOK, can anyone give me a more exact URL?
Cpuroastor you can go dig in the legacy section
Cpuroastfor the retail 9211-8i version
CpuroastLegacy Products, Legacy Host Bust Adapters
CpuroastLSI 9211-8i Host Bus Adapter
Vallthanks Cpuroast
sunrunner20Anybody know if fn11 supports resuming replication?
CpuroastAsset Type, Firmware
VallThis is the one I want, right?
VallFile Size: 1700 KB
peerceok, wtf, sas2flash doesn't show up on a freebsd 11.1 w/ pkg search ?
sunrunner20Is it not packaged with freenas anymore peerce ?
peerceit is, but I have a box with naked fbsd11.1
acosPut some clothes on that box plz
SweetAndLowThis is perfect i have been meaning up upgrade from 20.00.04 to 20.00.07
peerceok, i just copied it frm freebsd, screw it. apparently its a binary from LSI :-/
peerceerr, from freenas to freebsd
SweetAndLowyeah you can download it from their site
sunrunner20Man appcelerator is such a piece of shit
peercehuh, this 9211 has p19 :-/
sunrunner20Ohhh I’m a rebel just for kicks now
sunrunner20Idk how that song has been popular for like 2 years
jab416171is there a "limit" to the number of files freenas lets its clients hold open?
jab416171nfs clients
sunrunner20Don’t know jab416171
SweetAndLowjab416171: yes there is probably a limit
jab416171SweetAndLow, would you reckon it's in the hundreds or thousands or higher?
SweetAndLowjab416171: not sure i'm trying to find it
SweetAndLowso zfs has a directory file limit of 2^48
SweetAndLowand per filesystem it's unlimited
SweetAndLowand bsd probably has a process file limit
jab416171my torrent client keeps erroring my in progress torrents, saying "device or resource busy: /path/to/torrent" (being on an NFS share)
SweetAndLowmaybe the max is 234,828 openfiles per process
SweetAndLowif you type limits on the cli
SweetAndLowmaybe that's a kernel limit
jab416171 openfiles 941679
SweetAndLowahh that is just stating the current values
SweetAndLownot the max
SweetAndLowwhat is sysctl kern.maxfiles?
jab4161711m open files? that sounds like a lot
jab416171same as what limits reports
jab416171lsof | wc -l is 3277
{HD}anyone here have a problem with closing their macbook lid while a timemachine backup is backing up to a freenas dataset? I think it is causing a corruption and when I open my macbook again timemachine lists the backup 'in progress' but cannot resume finish it.
acosHD I don't own a Mac sorrry
jrg{HD} I think it backs up on power with the lid closed.
jrgI never had that problem tho. quit watching it and worry about it if it says it hasn’t backed up in a week heh
{HD}jrg: Yea, I don't pay attentation until today when I got a 10 day warning.
jrgheh. I haven’t had a problem with it. as a matter of fact I need to set up my son’s mba for it.