chris349I setup nfs in FreeNas but when I try to mount the volume I get an error: mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting
chris349What steps do I need to take to grant the access?
mybalzitchproperly set up the export and permissions?
peerceyou're using IP based auth or what? add either hte subnet to authorized networks, or the IP of the client host(s) to authorized ip addresses
peerce[those are on the 'advanced' screen]
chris349peerce, I added the fqdn of the other machine, just in cast the IP address changes. I dont want to add the full subnet
peercecan you verify that freenas properly resolves that FQDN ?
Eaglemanpeerce, how can I be saturating my IO bandwidth when they are all connected to the onboard sata ports?
chris349Does FreeNAS support the computer account when using Active Directory?
peerceum, you can join FreeNAS to an Active Directory, i'm not sure what you mean by 'support the computer account'
mgolischprobably give permissions to the computer account of some computer or so
peercecomputer accounts are used to authenticate that you can do AD queries and such.
chris349Right now I have a scheduled task on a Windows server that backups up to a non-Freenas machine and it appears to use the machine account, so instead of the backup file being owned by user administrator its owned by user: exchange-server$ group: domain computers
chris349But nowhere in Freenas do I see the computer accounts listed. I see the normal users and groups only.
peercewhat user is that scheduled task set to run as on the windows box ?
chris349And when I try to access the share on freenas I get access denied trying to write or make a new directory
chris349Its set to run as DOMAIN\Administrator
peercewhat software or commands is it using to do this backup ?
chris349peerce, New-MailboxExportRequest
peerceno idea what that is
mgolischits a powershell cmdlet that tells the exchange server to export a mailbox as a pst file
mgolischiam not sure you can give permissions to computer accounts in freenas
mgolischyou could try mapping it to a drive letter or something
peercemgolisch; drive letter mappings only exist in the user session
mgolischthink you can still do the old map drives as system user trick
peercechris349; unless its huge, export it to a file in a local directory, then copy it to the NAS
mgolischlike in scheduled task run as SYSTEM map it to some drive letter and tell you cmdlet to use that for storage
mgolischthat atleast works in 2012-r2 not sure about 2016
mgolischanyways time to hit the futon
sunrunner2011hrs to resilver 2.38T
sunrunner20drive is at a comfortable 38C
sunrunner20peaked at 40
sunrunner20smart long test estimated to finish sometime tom afternoon lol
sunrunner2018hrs to do a read sweep on a drive
sunrunner20and what's funny is that number is never going to go down
sunrunner20because even if we add more heads, they still have to each read every sector
sunrunner20to make sure the sector and the read head is good
sunrunner20well that's interesting and I don't know
sunrunner20ok, at least its the same
sunrunner20smartctl reports 512byte sectors (logical) 4k physical
sunrunner20how does that affect the correct ashift value?
peercezfs should deal with it just fine. don't set a logical blocksize under 4K for best results
sunrunner20illumos wiki has a good article on it:
sunrunner20I've got ashift of 12 so everything is hunky dory
sunrunner20chris349, I think it was you. CDW says my ram is shipping monday
samiAnyone that could help me with ports and a jail?
samiI don't understand. I'm running a jail on 11.0-STABLE, and did a portsnap fetch update. Wanting to updated one of my installed ports I get "Ports Collection support for your FreeBSD version has ended"
kinloso I'm still having issues with a rsync job I've configured under tasks. I know it fails, as not all files have been transferred, but I cannot find any error message in email or /var/log/messages. is freenas not supposed to give me some kind of alert if such a job fails?
crestsami: you jail is probably running an outdated stable
crestwhy did you want to run freebsd 11-stable in a jail?
crestjust run the same release as your kernel inside the jail
crest(running newer userland versions on an older kernel is unsupported even if most of it works most of the time)
samicrest: freebsd-verion -ku on the host gives me 11.0-STABLE
samiSo my jails are running the same as the host
samiAny ideas?
SweetAnd1owsami: what is the output of uname -K and uname -U
R1chR_anyone else Timeout warning windows when you change a disk in FN 11? It's happened to me 3 times now
SweetAnd1owR1chR_: new ui or old ui?
R1chR_it does work... if I click storage again it shows up, and zpool status hsows resilvering
R1chR_but I've never seen a big window lie that before
peercehah. that was not the first time a ZFS drive fubar which took the volume offline entirely was recovered by hard resetting and rebooting. somehow it took the wrong drive offline when I was swapping a disk and the zpool went dead. rebooted, and it sorted it out, i was able to replace the drive that I'd just replaced.
peercei had the same thing happen once on Solaris 10 years ago
peerce[thats solaris 10, not 10 years ago
Sysadmin88Anyone know if they fixed the problems with FreeNAS on the HP Microserver Gen10?
ayeceeone way to find out is to check out the bug report that was filed for it.
SweetAndLowSysadmin88: what problem?
SweetAndLowi have been saying that the gen10 is a good platform