sunrunner20peerce, that sucks that it keeps slowing down. Wonder why
m0nkey_Ericloewe: that pool destroying bug has been pushed to RC3
Ericloewewell, the change is in RC2, I think that's just so that it gets proper QA in RC3
Ericloeweapparently, RC2 is rather buggy
sunrunner209.10 4 lyfe
sunrunner20peerce, just initiated my first disk
sunrunner20just looked at warning on that box "BaseVol is currently at 87%"
sunrunner20didn't know I was so close on that machine
m0nkey_My first new backup drive is now live and is currently backing up
sunrunner20 8.85G scanned out of 11.9T at 37.9M/s, 91h28m to go
sunrunner20 1.65G resilvered, 0.07% done
sunrunner2091hrs lol
sunrunner20and what do ya'll think
sunrunner20let it resilver and then run my smart tests
sunrunner20or smart tests than resilver
sunrunner20I'm thinking resilver first so my pool will be degraded for the least amount of time possible
sunrunner20if it fails to resilver, well its a bad drive
m0nkey_No room to place an additional drive so you don't have to degrade the pool to replace it?
sunrunner20nope :(
sunrunner20not without spending the money on a eSATA enclosure
sunrunner20this is a purely replicated content box
sunrunner20if the pool dies I'll be mildly annoyed that I have to replicate 8TB over gigabit
sunrunner20well, this box also has some backups from my desktop on it. I probably need to delete those
BaTI wonder, why HGST's ISE drives cheaper than SE. In general not clear how all those variations compare to each other.
sunrunner20AllanJude, around?
AllanJudesunrunner20: ?
AllanJudenote: ignore the resilver time estimate until it has been running atleast an hour or two
AllanJudethe metadata walk at the beginning is very random, so slow
AllanJudebut it will speed up after that
sunrunner20since you can tell zfs "this drive is going to replace a drive in the pool" (I forget the term for it), shouldn't you keep any warm spares in that state?
AllanJudebut the speed is reported as an overall speed, since the start of the scrub
AllanJudesunrunner20: huh?
sunrunner20so the resilver only has gigabytes to copy and not the entire disk
sunrunner20the method on which you swap disks without ever degrading the pool
AllanJudezpool spares do not know which disk will fail...
AllanJude'zpool replace' allows you to do an online replace, yes
AllanJudebut, isn't really related to spares
sunrunner20didn't think that through
AllanJudealso, spares can be shared across pools in the same system
AllanJudebut yeah, you'd have a handful of spares, for possibly 100s of disks
AllanJudeso no way to have it primed with data
sunrunner20I was assuming single pool
AllanJudeeven single pool
AllanJudei have 48 disks in my pool
AllanJudeif I add a hot spare
AllanJudethere is no way to tell which data it will need
sunrunner20yea I forgot parity is A B C with parity disk being A B and B and C for z2 (very crude example)
AllanJudeparity is distrubted
AllanJudehow wide is your vdev?
sunrunner20but not every disk has all copies
AllanJudecopies? what copies...
sunrunner20copies of the blocks
AllanJudehow wide is your vdev?
sunrunner205 in this case
AllanJudesunrunner20: parity != copies of block, except in a mirror
sunrunner20they aren't?
AllanJudez1 or z2?
sunrunner20I thought it just distributed extra copies of blocks around the disks
AllanJudesunrunner20: no, that wouldn't work
AllanJudeif you had 3 copies of every block
AllanJudeit would take 6 disks to have 2 disks worth of space
peerce 7.59T scanned out of 8.23T at 72.1M/s, 2h34m to go
peerce 1.90T resilvered, 92.24% done
AllanJuderaid-z2 uses fancy math, to calculate 2 points on a curve
peerceyeesh, thats 30h 42m into the resilver
sunrunner20ouch peerce
sunrunner20I hope mine go faster
sunrunner20I don't want this pool upgrade to take a month
AllanJudeso the 'distributed part' of parity means:
AllanJudeit looks like that
AllanJudeso it doesn't store copies of the block, it uses polynomials to record points on a curve
AllanJudesuch that, with enough known points on the curve, you can calculate the missing points
AllanJudein a more dumbed down version: raid-z1:
AllanJudeyou have say 4 data blocks, and 1 parity block
AllanJude2 3 1 4 X
AllanJudesay the parity is the sum of all of the values: 10
AllanJudeif disk 2 goes away
AllanJudeyou have:
AllanJude2 ? 1 4 10
AllanJude10 - 4 - 1 - 2 = 3
AllanJudebecause, if you just wanted to do it with 'copies', you'd have mirrors, not raidz
AllanJudeand to get 4 disks worth of storage, you'd need 8 disks, not 5
sunrunner20back to "don't know which drive and thus blocks is going to fail"
sunrunner20I blame the lack of sleep and the high doses of cold medicine I'm on
sunrunner20slept 4 hours, been up since 4:30
sunrunner209pm local
sunrunner20I had to disable the alarm this morning when I got to work
sunrunner20I should probably upgrade my pool versions
sunrunner20resilver time down to 16hrs for mine
jrgAllanJude: with all this maf!
AllanJudeif you really want to understand it
AllanJudethe paper about RAID-Z3 is very good
AllanJudeby Adam Leventhal
jrg3 times the parity 3 times the fun
jrgus mind leeches tend to take this sort of stuff for granted nowadays.
jrgwithout really taking into consideration how much work went into zfs
jrga piece of me is still sad that legit sun supported opensolaris is gone.
jrgthat was depressing. wonder if freenas would have based itself off Solaris
mgolischwasnt it around before zfs?
peerceyeah, it was.
peerceused to use ufs and whateve rthe old raid/volume manager was
peercevinum ?
Carlos0611#Do not mark to autodetach otherwise ZFS get very unhappy
peercegovdeals and govplanet are my older kid's favorite sites
peercebut he usually buys things like army trucks
peerceBIG army trucks
peercelike, his desert party wagon, is a M925A1 5 ton 6x6
sunrunner20at this rate the resilver should be done by the morning
peercethe one I started 22.5 hours ago has 1:20 to go :-/
sunrunner20and yours are only 4tb right?
sunrunner20like 2->4
sunrunner20i'm starting with a 90% full 5x3tb Z2
sunrunner20My wonderful father is acting as remote hands for this operation
sunrunner20god bless him
sunrunner20freenas handled the loss of a drive smooth as silk
sunrunner20granted it was pulled during a clean shutdown
sunrunner20but I didn't tell it which drive
sunrunner20I just had to look up how to replace a drive
sunrunner20didn't remember where the button was
sunrunner20just shows how zero maintance my builds have been
sunrunner20only had to replace one drive in 5 years
sunrunner20I'm a bit worried about my DDR4 ECC order
jrgI had to call my dad once or twice long distance
jrgand tell him to stop by my place just to press a button.
sunrunner20I run the IT for home for the most part
jrgluckily for me I moved out before houses needed an IT specialist haha
jrgnow I get stuck doing it for my mom every now and the.
sunrunner20I've been the IT specalist since I was like 14
peercethank gawd, my parents never used computers. my mom is dead, my dad is 93, so I think I'm safe.
sunrunner20dad takes care of most of mom's complaints
sunrunner20but stuff like storage and setting up a PVR solution falls under my domain
peercemy brother's computer usage is limited to a few music programs like band-in-a-box that he can use to practiuce with (he's a guitar player), and email annd porn.
peercedamn, he must be 60 this year. I think I forgot to call him on his birthday 2 weeks ago, oops.
sunrunner20just me and my sister here
sunrunner20she's super successful
sunrunner20I got all the bad genes
sunrunner20psych issues galore if you guys have never noticed
peerceits just me and my brother, but he lives with dad about 100 miles from me
peercehere, its just my wife and I... both kids are grown up and moved out to go to college.
sunrunner20I moved out of parrents
sunrunner20into my sisters
peercemy bro had a career as a chef and waiter, while playing jazz guitar as much as he could
sunrunner20they bought a giant house
sunrunner20first floor is BIL's mom
sunrunner20second floor is family floor
sunrunner20third floor apartment is me
peercemy house is one floor, spread out. 2.5 acres of land, so why not? i hate going up/down stairs.
sunrunner20not a lot of land
sunrunner20most of the land in this neighborhood is tarmac
peerceplenty enough. we're half mile from town
sunrunner20registered FAA runway
sunrunner20garage isn't a garage
sunrunner20its a hanger
sunrunner20no joke
peercehah, you should get a pilot license, and a small plane!!
peercecessna 152 or something
peerceeasy to fly
sunrunner20I can't afford a plane :(
sunrunner20planes also terrify me
sunrunner20I'm the guy in first class half drunk on flights
peercei hate flying commercial, but flying in the front seat is fun.
sunrunner20its the height
sunrunner20hands on stick won't help
peerceits not that different than driving across a big bridge.
sunrunner20I don't like bridges either :|
peerceever seen the Golden Gate Bridge up close? when we were teens, on a foggy sunday morning, we'd climb up onto the substructure, and catwalk out to midspan. heh.
sunrunner20all those russian videos make me ill
SweetAndLow_peerce: so I just shucked 2 and got 2 WD Reds
SweetAndLow_also zero damage to the case
peercereal red label reds?
peerceyou saw my label, right?
peerce 8.13T scanned out of 8.23T at 71.7M/s, 0h22m to go
peerce 2.03T resilvered, 98.90% done
peercewow, 9:30pm. 24+9.5 hours total elapsed to resilver one drive.
sunrunner20*hopes his resilver is better*
peercen40l is pretty slow. and my wife has streamed a bunch of ours of TV shows off it which I'm sure interferes with the throughput
sunrunner20N54L here
peerceah, hah.
sunrunner20the N40 and N54 were supreme when you could get them cheaply
sunrunner20only 5 drives
peercei've toyed with getting a 9207-8E or equiv, and adding something like this, to make it 8-drive.
sunrunner20I just bought bigger drives
sunrunner20I'm not going to max out 20+TB anytime soon
peercewell, 8 drives would enable raidz2, with 4, you're pretty much stuck with mirrors or raidz
sunrunner20i have a 5 drive z2
SweetAndLow_peerce: yeah real reds
SweetAndLow_nasware 3.0
SweetAndLow_peerce: I didn't know the 8TB's had helium
peercei dunno which do or dont
SweetAndLow_well my 8TB's have it in the smart data
SweetAndLow_I'm going to start burning them in tomorrow
peercehow can you tell from the smart output?
peercewoot. scan: resilvered 2.06T in 33h14m with 0 errors
peerceand second drive resilvering away.
Carlos0611ur stuff still resilvering?
Carlos0611peerce, the casita, have you used it much?
peerceCarlos0611: fair bit. 2 5 night music festivals, a 5 night astronomy star party, and a 3 week road trip for the eclipse plus sight seeing in the PNW
peercea weekend in the Mojave Desert
peerceprobably a couple more trips
Carlos0611i've finally purchased a vehicle that can tow the casita. once its halfway paid ill put on the expense of the trailer
mybalzitchpeerce: hey, that sounds liek fun. record it on a go pro and time lapse it to save me the effort please :)
rattlebattle79wow: "A common misconception is that a colder hard drive will last longer than a hotter hard drive. A 2007 study by Google showed the reverse to be true.[1] Hard drives with average temperatures below 27 °C had a failure rate worse than hard drives with the highest reported average temperature of 50 °C, and a failure rate at least twice as high as the optimum temperature range of 37 °C to 46 °C.[1]"
mybalzitchhmm, thats pretty warm in my books
mybalzitchI usually shoot for 25-30C
mybalzitchand I have no way to make it warmer, it just naturally cools to that point in my basement
mybalzitchrattlebattle79: do you have a link to the source you are citing please?
rattlebattle79not saying it's absolutely right, but just saying I have always thought that cooler is better and then came over this
mybalzitchrattlebattle79: well, it's some actual data from which you can see trends in. Thats the important part
EaglemanAny idea why I am not seeing any improvement when I add an extra mirror (Samsung 850 EVO 256GB) to an existing 2 way mirror (Samsung 850 EVO 512GB)?
Eaglemanwrites should collapse since the new mirror has less capicity, but reads should improve since there are 2 more drives to read from, so from 4 to 6 drives to read from
Tjhhi guys i have a question, i currently have a NAS with a 1TB mirror (2 drives). i need to upgrade size. my thinking is: one more 3TB mirror vdev. Which will allow me to later upgrade the original vdev to 3TB if need be, but will have unequel vdev much of an issue is this?
rattlebattle79Man, I'm watching a Youtube movie from Asus, telling us that top fans should be intake(???)
Tjhrattlebattle79: WHAT?
R1chRfor FN 11, to restart the GUI, is it still "/usr/local/etc/rc.d/django start" then "service nginx restart"?????? I'm having issues.....
Tjhhi guys i have a question regarding RAID10. what if anything is the danger of differently sized vdevs?
ayeceenot so much a danger, you just won't be able to use all the space.
ayeceeinstead it will be a multiple of the smallest device in the array
Tjhhwo is that possibly what happens?
Tjhlike, that makes zero ssense
Tjhayecee: lets say i have a pool consisting of 2 vdevs, just a regular stripe. one vdev is 1TB the other is're telling me the total available sizE will be 1TB?
Tjhand not 7?
ayeceea stripe is quite a bit different from raid10.
ayeceein that example you could have a raid0 of 7TB in theory, though the performance would probably be bound by the 6TB disk which would be doing most of the work.
ayeceenot sure if unequal stripe sizes are supported like that for a plain stripe though.
Tjhayecee: ok now..what if each vdev in that stripe is not a single disk but a mirror?
Tjhsame thing yea?
Tjhstill a raid 0 of 2 vdevs
ayeceeraid0 is not mirror.
Tjhnot what im saying
ayeceemaybe start again then.
Tjhif i had a raid 0, that is 2 vdevs, and zfs stripes across the 2 vdevs right?
ayeceeoh, i see what you're saying. two smaller disks in a mirror, two larger disks in a mirror, with unequal stripes between them
Tjhwhat did you think i was saying O.o
ayeceei honestly couldn't tell what you were saying
Tjhaah llol
Tjh2 vdevs
Tjheach vdev consists of 2 identical drives (identical in both make and size)
ayeceesure, if unequal stripes are supported, that could work. one set of disks would be a lot busier than the other set.
Tjhhmm ok
Tjhyea that makes sense, but other than that no obvious danger?
ayeceejust the regular danger of raid10, that if you lose two of the wrong disks, you lose the data.
ayeceein this case, if you lose both of the disks in a mirrored set
Scareh <= any sonarr wizards inhere
Scarehi'm at a loss
Scarehbasicly need to know which folder to mount to sonarr to make sure it can get to my shows
Scarehthe one inside the sab jail, or the one on my disk
Scarehand what to put into the remote path inside sonarr config
Scarehi wonder why sonarr is so much more difficult to set up then sickrage. THere is was just point it to the folder and forget about it
SweetAnd1owScareh: it's pretty simple to setup
SweetAnd1owyou mount a dataset in your sab jail and you mount the same dataset in the sonarr jail
SweetAnd1owand it needs to be the same path
SweetAnd1owso /mnt/tank/media/sab mounts to /mnt/sab in the jail and also mount /mnt/tank/media/sab to /mnt/sab in the sonarr jail
Scarehit is sweet and low
Scarehit's pointing to the same folder outside my jails
Scarehsab is throwing it's finished downloads there
Scarehand sonarr should look at that folder and move them further
Scarehand on the bittorrentfolder: drwxrwxrwx 8 root wheel 8 Nov 30 17:40 BittorrentDownload
SweetAnd1owScareh: that site has ssl cert erros i can't view it
Scarehah ok, any other suggestion on where to upload?
SweetAnd1owScareh: so i read your post and it's exactly what i told you
SweetAnd1owyou have to have the path be the same in the sab jail as you do in the sonarr jail
SweetAnd1owso in sonarr you need to mount /mnt/BigDisk/BittorrentDownload to /var/db/sabnzbd/Downloads/complete
Scarehand if it doesn't exist inside the sonar jail it'll create it?
SweetAnd1owhuh? it has nothing to do with not existing
SweetAnd1owsab is telling sonarr hey i put the file in /var/db/sabnzbd/Downloads/complete go find it
SweetAnd1owand sonarr is like umm that path doens't exist
Scarehok, changed it in freenas sonar mount point
Scarehin sonarr itself, the remote path: same /var/db/sab/downloads/complete ?
SweetAnd1owi don't understand
SweetAnd1owwhat is remote path
SweetAnd1owthe path should be /var/db/sabnzbd/Downloads/complete
Scarehwell inside the sonar gui
Scarehsettings => download Client
Scarehyou can specify Remoth Path Mappings
Scarehnvm, that worked
Scarehstill confusing as hell to me, but that worked
SweetAndLowit's super easy
SweetAndLowsab puts files in /var/db/sabnzbd/Downloads/complete and sonarr needs to have that exact path to find the files
Scarehit's totally the opposit on what sickrage did/does
SweetAndLownot really
Scarehit just demands the folder where the data is put
SweetAndLowexactly the same
SweetAndLowyeah and i bet the name has to be the same
Scarehoh well, it works now, am happy :p
SweetAndLowcool good luck
Scarehthanks a lot :-)
ReverendDSSorry to bother, got a quick question. I've got a freenas box that went down and upon reboot hits the "Initializing... 79" point and then hangs there. The elipsis continues to move, so I assume it's processing, but it's currently sat there without change for at least 10 minutes. Is this normal?
ReverendDSNever mind.
ReverendDSIt finally bounced past that and finished the boot.
SweetAndLowpossible failed boot device
brerHi, is there a roadmap thread on the forums? I'm looking for 11.2 release date
ayeceei don't think there's a roadmap that would have such a date.
R1chRok, I think I f'd in a couple ways.... proabbly lost 1 pool, but more some kind of opensolaris KDB: stack backtrace panic...
R1chRnow I'm at a db>
peercenice, solaris kernel debugger.
peercei used to know how to use that, is it 'bt' to get a backtrace?
R1chRno idea about this
R1chRapparently there are some bad drives which I was replacing --- FN won't boot
R1chRI thought we were past this crap
peercewait, opensolaris? thats not freenas
peercefreenas is bsd based
R1chRi unplugged a couple drives and am rebootibng
R1chRhmmm, how/where do I upload a photo from my phone?
SweetAndLowR1chR: is great
R1chRfrom phone?
R1chRok, I unattached all 45 drives and rebooting 0 got allthe way through
R1chRanything I should do before rebooting and starting to slowly add drives?
R1chRi really need a drink
ayeceetake a shot with each drive added
ayeceemake it a game
SweetAndLowR1chR: how are your disks attached to the system?
peercei'd go for a binary search. add half of them, if it crashes, take half off, rinse repeat.
peerceer, take half of those off.
peerceput a dab of blue tape or something similar on each drive that you've successfully booted with
peerceif the first half boots, then add half the remainder.
R1chRim doing 1/3rds since they are in rows of 15
Koopzi've got a second NAS and want my Jails to access those network shares...
Koopzdo i have to mount those into the FreeNAS system so i can mount them into the jails?
SweetAndLowI think you need to mount in the jail
peercedoes a jail even have fstab or know how to mount nfs ?
peerceif you want multiple jails to mount the same nfs share, I'd think you'd want to mount it at the system level, then map it to the jails
SweetAndLowyeah i don't know what will work
SweetAndLowit's not really a thing to mount shares to freenas
peercetrue. having a storage server dependent on other storage servers creates a real pain in the $#@$
Koopzyeah those are only requirements of foolish people using FreeNAS for home-mediacentre purposes
peercewhy is the media spread across two NAS's ?
EaglemanAny idea why I am not seeing any improvement when I add an extra mirror (Samsung 850 EVO 256GB) to an existing 2 way mirror (Samsung 850 EVO 512GB)?
peerceprobably saturating your IO bandwidth already, even with just one of those.
peercethose 850 EVO's don't have supercap write protection, do they?
peercebtw, writing all zeros to zfs, that gets supercompressed and generates far less actual writes
Cpuroastpeerce: they don't
Cpuroastno samsung consumer ssds have plp
Koopzpeerce because my semi professional data hoarding started with a Synology DiskStation and when my 8TB JBOD got full i built my own tower assuming i'll most likely get cheaper away with FreeNAS in case i need more than 4 bays
peerceso very likely to corrupt completely if there's a power failure
Cpuroastnot quite
peercewell, a power failure during writes
Cpuroasteven then
Koopzand now i'm actually lacking enough space to move the data from my 8TB DS213j to somewhere else, pull it's disks out and stuff them into my FreeNAS to move the data back
Koopzi might treat myself next month though and add an 8TB WD Red to my FreeNAS and may be able to pull that off then
peercei'm in the midst of swapping my 4 3TB drives for 4 8TB drives, so my NAS will go from ~8TB to ~22TB
CriggieKoopz: I'd suggest a big external drive for backups, or even a single-disk synology
Koopz"backups are for loosers"
Koopzall i need is a text file containing a dirlisting of all my stuff :P
Koopzso i know what i lost in case i lose something
Koopznothing of worth on it, most of it can be retrieved again
telendrithIs there an easy way to run something like iperf on freenas to test throughput or do you use something different
peerceiperf is built into freenas
peerceeasiest to use if you enable ssh, and log in with an ssh client, but you can invoke it from the web console too
peercewait... does freenas have a webconsole?? I offten mix that stuf fup between pfsense and FN :-/
lirielyes but I don't think iperf is accessible from it
lirielunless you open a terminal window in the web console lol
peercethats what I meant
lirielwell, then "yes" :)
peerceoh, 'shell', there it is.
enoch85Can I trust the 11.1 release date, or is it likley to be pushed forward?
lirielI read "webconsole" as "webgui"
peerce[root@hognas ~]# iperf -v
peerceiperf version 2.0.5 (08 Jul 2010) pthreads
lirielI have been watching that too enoch85 - they seem to be making good progress on the few outstanding issues so I am optimistic
enoch85liriel, yeah, I have it as a pinned tab and check like every day, I feel like you do. But if I know FNAS correctly, they will push it until next year or so
liriellol fair point
lirielI am still on 9.10, waiting for 11.1 to move up to 11
lirielso yeah I check daily too lol
enoch85liriel, you should be glad you missed the whole Corral "disaster". Upgrade, downgrade, and now waiting for the real upgrade again *sigh* :)
Koopzi wonder how long until Docker support
lirielyes, my reticence to trust .0 releases paid of big with Corral
Koopz(from UI)
lirielAlthough I admit I was tempted when it first came out, but some folks here warned me off it
lirielthank god for them
SweetAndLowKoopz: I don't think it will be in the freenas UI
SweetAndLowthey are probably going to use RancherOS
SweetAndLowso it will be in the rancher UI
Koopzfine for me
SweetAndLowKoopz: ok then you can do that right now
Koopzyou mean trying to get a VM running RancherOS working?
Koopzi tried that for a short time but failed due to something
Koopzcan't quite remember the reason tho
mgolischhm it has jails already why do you need docker?
Koopz'cause i usually use linux based systems :P
Ericloewehas anyone seen 11.1-RC2 or -RC3? I can only see -RC1 on, and it's in a somewhat strange place.
KoopzSweetAndLow is this the best tutorial on how to set everything up?
mgolischyou good with docker? if not i would start learning the cli, those frontend uis are kinda useless if you have no clue about docker
Koopzi wouldn't call myself good at docker but my root server is running everything using containers, yeah
Koopzlike... my znc, thelounge, web, transmission
SweetAndLowKoopz: i have no clue
SweetAndLowI use docker for work but don't really care to run it on my nas
ahughes03Koopz, I have all of those services running in native jails... it's totally possible if you work through them
Koopzha i'd really like to get away from those :P
Koopzas a dev i really like things to be "programmable"
mgolischwhatever that means
SweetAndLowKoopz: yeah can you explain that last sentence?
ahughes03yep, mgolisch took the words right out of my mouth
SweetAndLowlol devops
SweetAndLowcompanies that want to hire less sysadmins because a single devop can do everything
Koopzwell you've got your Dockerfile giving instructions like what to install, your docker-compose to setup ports and mounts and all that and you just use those 'instructions' and got a running application
Koopzmy experiences with jails? "click new, wait for setup to complete, ssh into it and 'apt-get install' yourself"
SweetAndLowyeah i guess i never have to do any of that with jails so i don't care
SweetAndLowKoopz: so you have never used a jail, lol because it does not use apt-get
SweetAndLowthat is a ubunut tool
SweetAndLowKoopz: so by programable you mean there is a script that does the install for you
SweetAndLowI get that it makes things easier
Koopz"pkg install" then
Koopza cookbook, a recipe, yes
ahughes03koopz, give it a shot. I think thelounge was one of the easier installs...
Koopzdocker lounge was even easier
SweetAndLowSomethign like plex,transmission,sonarr docker-compose file would be fun to have
SweetAndLowti would setup everything for people to just start using it
Koopzdocker run --detach --name lounge --publish 9000:9000 --volume ~/.lounge:/home/lounge/data --restart always thelounge/lounge:latest
Koopzwait for things to complete, boom got lounge running
Koopzalternatively i suppose you could create a new jail and install it yourself of course oh and also hope there aren't any compability issues with FreeBSD
ahughes03well, to show how simple it is to do this stuff in jails- i did pkg install screen node8 nano npm-node8, npm -g install thelounge, screen -dm lounge start. Boom, running. A few other steps to turn it into a service, and bob's your uncle. basically same amount of work, but one runs native... so no concerns about compatibility...
R1chRhi - does all the configuration data for a pool exist in the disk? Meaning - if I take all the disks of a pool out of one server, can I attempt to import that pool into another? In reading section 8.1.6, it's not quite clear to me... the issue I have is.... I may have a hardware/cable/controller issue in a data center.....
R1chRthe current pool will not "import" at boot because it doesn't see all the disks. My hunch is that there "should" be anough good disks in that pool, and a bad cable or something else may be preventing it from importing at boot.
R1chRI want to bring those disks home, and see what happens when I put them in a FreeNAS box at home....... thoughts?
mgolischyeah you should be able to import it on another machine
R1chRthanks... I wasn't sure if I needed to "export" anything..... so all the "pool-data" that is needed is on the drive?
wedgieR1chR: exporting makes it easier. If you don't it'll complain about the disks already being part of a pool, or something. But you can force it to import anyway. So not that big a deal if you didn't export
mgolischas for figuring out stuff like that i just label the serial numbers on the tray, so you can easily see which disks are missing and can find them easily on the server to track down cables and stuff running to those disks
R1chRwedgie: how/where do you export..... also, do you think it will work since the pools fail to be imported in the current system at boot?
wedgiereally depends on why it is failing. If its a bad cable or whatever then it'll likely import fine on another machine
R1chRmgolisch: the problem is the start up is jacked.... and the only thing I get are mps errors about disks dax...... where I don't know what daX is because if you change a disk the SAS controller changes the dax number
wedgienot sure if you can export it if it's not imported
R1chRwhen I say not imported, to be clear, the pool "was" in the server, but because of "something", won't come back
R1chRwhere do you export?
mgolischso it doesnt boot up at all?
mgolischotherwise you could look at zpool status or something
R1chRahhhh. detach
mgolischno detach is for splitting mirrors i think
R1chRI have 7 pools, so 2 won't show up, 5 do
R1chRno, detach is for exporting
R1chRas well as destroying
R1chRok thanks----- back to the data center with more new drives...... fun!