sunrunner20know whats freaking amazing
sunrunner20alexa can understand me with my mouth full
sunrunner20peerce, I toss my hdd boxes. since all RMAs will be cross ships I ship back in the box they shipped me the replacement in
sunrunner20I think I have one stuffed away somewhere just in case
slwbSweetAndLow, the NEBB EasyStores are almost guaranteed to be the mystery drives, the NESN have a good chance of being the EMAZ drives peerce got that are rebadged reds
Criggiesunrunner20: most americans talk with food in their mouths - the ones I work with are horrendous for it
Criggiealways eating or slurping
sunrunner20a friend of mine called me out on slurping that japanese soup
sunrunner20forget its name
sunrunner20haven't slurped anythign since
sunrunner20yea miso
Criggiemiso. Fish soup
sunrunner20that has no fish afaik
sunrunner20its all seaweed afaik
slwbmiso is just one of the flavors in miso soup
peerceseaweed and tofu mostly.
peerceand fermented soy bean
slwbthe stock is usually made with dried fish (and a ton of other stuff)
CriggieMiso Soup is made with Dashi, a Japanese sea vegetable stock. It's the primary base for any miso soup. The traditional version is made with bonito (fish) flakes and kombu seaweed. However, a vegetarian version can be made by simply replacing the bonito with a diced shiitake mushroom.
Criggiewikipedia says Miso is fish soup but vegetarian options do exist.
sunrunner20anybody know if h265 is mature enough to start using in full yet?
Ericloeweafter the apocalypse, when the last remnants of the internet are IRC, email and the on cat picture someone at Google copied to every server in their network, historians will look back at this room and come up with the weirdest stories about how we used to live...
sunrunner20oh well
sunrunner20that makes that decision easy
sunrunner20the xeon I ordered doesn't support quicksync
Carlos0611freenas continues to resilver after every boot, how can i stop this
Criggiestop rebooting ?
Criggieor reboot cleanly ?
CriggieCould it be caused by a dirty shutdown ?
wedgieCriggie: iirc from yesterday, he has corrupted files after replacing a disk in a z1
Criggieoh - time for a full backup.
Carlos0611no dirty shutdown, yes corrupted files. i deleted the corrupted files.
peercehas the resilver finished ?
sunrunner20peerce- askign the important questions
peercewell, that resliver estimate of 9 or 10 hours total when it was 8% done? its beeen running 6:20 now and says 12:20 to go. so 18 or 20 hours is more likely.
EricloeweFinally someone wrote this up:
acosI think that smart test is done.
Carlos0611yes! the resilver finishes at 100%
jrgusing this new iPad Pro 10.5”
jrginteresting. seems the perfect size.
jrg12.9 is probably better.
Carlos0611errors: Permanent errors have been detected in the following files: Pool1:<0x1e330>
jrgoh no!!
fishfoxHey, how can I select which network a jail bridges with?
fishfoxI have two and want a bridge with one
fishfoxIt is not selecting nic by IP
Carlos0611how can i delete file Pool1:<0x1e330> ?
EricloeweCarlos0611: You don't, it's metadata
Ericloewerealistically, you destroy the pool and start ovr
Carlos0611what about the files in the pool?
Ericloeweyou restore from backup and/or pray that you can read them off successfully
qwert0987i'm having a hard time finding ECC memory for my supermicro!
mybalzitchwhich board
qwert0987i was looking last time i think you were on.
qwert0987it's X11-SAE
qwert09872400 mhz, 8gb x 2 = 16gb, ecc, unbuffered
qwert0987i was trying to find crucial ram, but it seems sold out everywhere.
qwert0987one place has it, but more expensive... $220 before tax. should i get the kingston, at $199?
qwert0987these price really suck.
Criggieecc is expensive.
peercemost people going ddr4 ecc are likely going 16gb not 8gb dimms.
Criggieit should only be 1/9 more than non-ecc memory, but it doesn't work like that
sunrunner20ffffuuuuuu newegg
peerceshould be 1/8 more.
sunrunner20my server board hasn't shipped yet
Criggiepeerce: sorry - single bit error between brain and fingers.
qwert0987peerce: my freenas will only be 8gb.
mybalzitchqwert0987: I don't keep notes for irc :)
mybalzitchqwert0987: I have used both those brands, I don't think you will have problems with either ideally.
qwert0987peerce: that's DDR4 2133.
qwert0987i was looking for ddr4 2400
qwert0987sorry, i should have specified.
qwert0987mybalzitch: alright. i should probably order the kingston valueram then.
qwert0987it's expensive as hell, but cheaper.
qwert0987than the crucial.
mybalzitchI would double check the warranty
mybalzitchif crucial is 3 yr vs kingston 1 yr
peerceqwert0987; you have a low end i3 cpu? you don't need 2400 for that
sunrunner20I don't touch kingston
qwert0987i have an i3-7320.
sunrunner20they started changing the product without changing the p/n
peerceyou'll be fine with the slower speed
Selavithat was years ago for SSDs. their RAM has always been fine
peerceprobably not even 1% difference in raw cpu benchmarks, and a lot less for mixed IO workloads
mybalzitchhi Selavi, ltns
Selaviyo dawg
qwert0987i don't even understand the Crucial memory warranty:
qwert0987it seems to be 10 years in germany, and limited lifetime everywhere else..
qwert0987is that... my whole life?
slwblifetime warranty in the US is usually 'expected product lifetime'
slwbie- whatever the fuck they want it to be
qwert0987slwb: that doesn't help
slwbbut it is the answer
qwert0987both kingston and crucial ram offers limited lifetime warranty.
qwert0987so they're equal in that respect.
qwert0987Ok. I'll do the Kingston ValueRam.
mybalzitchqwert0987: limited lifetime = you'll get a replacement assuming they have it in stock
mybalzitchand still make it
qwert0987i'm screwed lol
qwert0987well, it seems these manufacturers don't have ram in stock too long.
qwert0987crucial, for example - everything seems to be out of stock
mybalzitchI also had issues sourcing ddr4 ecc for my e3 setup
mybalzitchbut that was years ago
sunrunner20I had no issues on mine
sunrunner20got some nice crucial for a decent (ddr4) price
sunrunner20bought it yesterday
sunrunner20hoping to put the build together this weekend
qwert0987sunrunner, what crucial did you get?
sunrunner20I'd have to ask dad
sunrunner20low end ecc ddr4
qwert0987i'm just going to suck it up and get the kingston.
qwert0987question 2: WD Easystore drives.
qwert0987I've read something about a 3.3 volt issue. Are people here familiar with that, and how to get around it?
sunrunner20crucial has no udimm ecc ddr4?
Cpuroastthey do as far as I know
Cpuroastsunrunner20: you are blind :)
sunrunner20no the filteres are wrong
CpuroastI just picked ECC
sunrunner20they only have two sets in my size
Cpuroastand nothing else
Cpuroastfrom the filters
Cpuroastyou want EUDIMM not UDIMM
Cpuroastfrom the Form Factor
sunrunner20had to odrder from cdw
sunrunner20says "call for availability"
sunrunner20which means its not likely to go through
^Gecko^ redbox code tonight: happy15blu (for 15 cent rental)
qwert0987sunrunner: That's why I went with the Kingston.
qwert0987I looked up the ECC on CDW and saw that, same thing on Adorama, etc.
sunrunner20I'm _not_ buying kingston
qwert0987sunrunner: well, then you'll have to wait for crucials to be in stock.
qwert0987i think it's kind of crazy that everything is out of stock.
sunrunner20I'll wait rather than buy kingston
qwert0987wow. we came into the RAM game at a bad time:
qwert0987last september ddr4 was 1/2 the price.
sunrunner20wonder what's driving up prices
qwert0987i'm not sure. i just asked a stock trader friend of mine that follows some of these companies.
sunrunner20have I bitched about how cpu intensive plex PVR is recently
sunrunner20on this admitedly wimpy celeron
qwert0987he said there are just 3 ram companies - implying that they have high pricing power.
qwert0987sunrunner: what computer are you building?
sunrunner20its using the better of 2 cores just to record
sunrunner20new freenas
sunrunner20I paid like $300 for 32gb for this desktop
qwert0987that's cheap compared to prices now.
qwert0987i think 32gb ddr4 is running about $400.
qwert0987based on my search just now.
qwert0987so what will your new build have?
sunrunner20some x11 supermicro board
sunrunner20wtf is plex doing to peg a cpu not even transcoding video
sunrunner20or if it is transcoding idk why
qwert0987what ghz?
sunrunner20is the board
qwert0987oh wow. integrated. what board did you get
sunrunner203.8 stock 4.1 turbo
qwert0987i mean, is it a supermicro?
sunrunner20link above
sunrunner20run of the mill
sunrunner20nothing to gawk at
qwert0987nice. well, this is all new to me - so looks nice to me.
sunrunner20other than how they fit 4 pcie slots on a matx board
qwert0987i got the x11sae
qwert0987yeah i got mine because it had 8 sata ports, and the people in this channel seem to think supermicro is solid for freenas builds.
sunrunner20sm is solid for freenas
sunrunner20impi comes in super handy
qwert0987once the memory i just ordered gets here, i'll build it... just have to figure out if there's something special i have to do with the WD Easystore drives i bought
sunrunner20I don't shuck drives
sunrunner20I bought 6x6tb hgst NAS drives
sunrunner20newegg has a $50/off each promo
qwert0987yeah, i saw that.
sunrunner20actually 5
qwert0987i'm shucking these. have to figure out the right was to do it.
sunrunner20I'm going to move the 6x5tb HGST that are currently in the server into the new freenas box
sunrunner20then build a pool out of all the WD red 3tb's i'm going to have on my hands
sunrunner20when I say "the server" I mean my 4U 24 bay monstrosity
sunrunner20super new to this are you
sunrunner20U is how servers are measured in size in data centers
sunrunner20iirc its like 1.5"/U
sunrunner20with standard racks being 48U high
sunrunner20this is a big server weighing in at like 80lbs empty
qwert0987so this new server - what box are you putting that in?
sunrunner20standard atx case
sunrunner20drop in replacement for what we have now
qwert0987Nice. Mine is an ATX case, too.
sunrunner20you might need the supermicro to intel header adapter
qwert0987with ram shipping time, my guess is I'll be putting this together next weekend.
sunrunner20nfi when I'm getting mine
qwert0987lol, when crucial gets memory in?
sunrunner20and when I can check the board boots whtiht taking donw the old server
sunrunner20theres an 80/20% chance its been sitting on a shelf long enough to not have the new bios that can run kaby lake chips
sunrunner20my desktop had the same issue
sunrunner20luckily it has a small CPU dedicated to flashing the BIOS from a special USB port
sunrunner20entirely self contained
sunrunner20can flash bios with no ram no cpu
sunrunner20just pen drive and pressing the flash bios button
peerceis that ipmi or something else?
qwert0987peerce: you're shucking easystores soon, right?
sunrunner20no ipmi on my desktop
sunrunner20just a lone SoC who's only purpose is to read that flash drive if the button is pressed on poweron and write that bios to the chip
qwert0987i'm curious about this IPMI feature...
sunrunner20IPMI is amazing
sunrunner20full control over the network
sunrunner20can literally never plug a keyboard into the motherboard, or a monitor, ever
qwert0987i'm confused how i'll administer freenas without plugging in.
qwert0987is it like FTP in?
sunrunner20http5 on the new boards
sunrunner20java on the older ones
sunrunner20good java though
qwert0987is the board i got newer or older
qwert0987the x11sae?
Juggiemine is java :(
sunrunner20x11 and x12 afaik are html5 once updated
sunrunner20the only downfall
qwert0987so, what, you see a desktop in a browser?
sunrunner20and all kinds of stats
sunrunner20power, voltage rails, fan speed
sunrunner20power on power off
qwert0987not sometihng i'm used to with my desktops and laptops
sunrunner20thats because
sunrunner20it doesn't exist on those
sunrunner20well it does
sunrunner20its called intel management engine
sunrunner20which if you've been paying attention
sunrunner20is horribly insecure
sunrunner20basically a hard coded side OS on your CPU has major security issues
sunrunner20and theres no way to disable it
sunrunner20I'm wastingt water
sunrunner20steaming up my bathroom
sunrunner20and the AC comes on
sunrunner20and blows it all away
qwert0987oh, good, my laptop is safe.
peercesunrunner20; well, if the IME is never activated, I thought it was safe ?
peercelaso, re a laptop, I think its only vunerable over ethernet, not over wifi
qwert0987so what if you build your own systems? intel is providing updates to system or mobo manufacturers.
peerceyou build your own motherboard from raw chisp? cool!
peercei haven't done that since my 5Mhz 8085a CP/M system in 1980
qwert0987direct link:
peercekinda contriducts that other?
^Gecko^getting them hooked while they're young!!
qwert0987peerce: have you shucked WD easystores before?
qwert0987i think it was you that said you ordered some during the recent sale.
peerceshucked 4 today.
peercebroke the snaps on every one, even being careful using a auto trim tool
peerceby the fourth one it was screw it, snap, snap, snap
peercefirst drive is still silvering. started out fast, but is going slower now that its 40%
peerce scan: resilver in progress since Tue Nov 28 12:02:58 2017
peerce 3.26T scanned out of 8.23T at 104M/s, 13h51m to go
peerce 835G resilvered, 39.67% done
peerceits 9:09pm, so its been running 9 hours
mybalzitchpeerce: right, they probably designed it that way to deny you any warranty claims
peercethe drives are not reds, but they are damn similar
peerceits written 830GB so far, and no soft errors that show in smart.
peerceDevice Model: WDC WD80EMAZ-00WJTA0
peerce 1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate 0x000b 100 100 016 Pre-fail Always - 0
peerce 7 Seek_Error_Rate 0x000a 100 100 067 Old_age Always - 0
peerce199 UDMA_CRC_Error_Count 0x000a 200 200 000 Old_age Always - 0
qwert0987peerce: did you have to do anything w/r/t the 3.3 volt issue?
peerceplugged into my n40l microserver and spun right up.
peercefirst drive, i powered down to verify the drive serial number
peerce2nd-4th drive, I'll do in order warm
qwert0987is it based on the motherboard or power supply?
peercethese are plugged into warmswap trays
qwert0987well, mine will be plugged into the supermicro motherboard.
peerce[they claim they aren't hotswap but thats because its a intel onboard fake-raid they are thinking of]
peerceactually, its amd fakeraid
peerceI think.
peerceI just use it as sata
qwert0987i'm just wondering where the 3.3 v issue becomes a problem
peercei toyed with getting a 9207-8e and a external 4-drive recabled with a SAS octopus
peerceqwert0987; he probably had some lame raid card or something
peercethe n40l has one low profile pci slot
qwert0987ok. peerce, sunrunner, all - i'm going to sleep. ttyl
peercehas anyone taken a cheap 4-drive esata/usb box like this, and rebuilt it with a SAS octopus cable ?
sunrunner20peerce: nope afaik it's ime capibible period
peercehmmm? 3D print a plastic frame to hold the 4 sata power+data connectors...
sunrunner20Too much work
sunrunner20By the time it's done you'll have spent the equivalent of just buying the right stuff to begin with
peercehm? who makes a inexpensive SAS 4-bay ?
peerceor just get a 2U 12bay from ebay?
sunrunner204bay idk
sunrunner20Md1000 is 15 bay for like $100
sunrunner20Likely noisy though
sunrunner20Ugh time for new phone. Random crashes and touch screen not registering where it should
peercehmmm, ok, so you can find what I was thinking of cobbling together already built for a reasonable price:
peerce11.5 hours of resilvering and its still only 45% done :-/ it started out so much faster :-p
mybalzitchI'm short a hot spare =\
Carlos0611my pool is fked up =/
Carlos0611can i create a 1 drive pool?
Carlos0611 Resilver
Carlos0611Status: Completed
Carlos0611Errors: 0 Date: Wed Nov 29 02:40:36 2017
peerceCarlos0611; yes, but it has no redundancy, so if that drive crashes, its gone
Carlos0611thought i could have 1 failed drive?
Carlos0611for the 1 drive pool
peerceyeah, sorry
Carlos0611yes im just doing backups of my 4 drive pool
Carlos0611to rebuild the pool
peercei'm zzzzzzzzleeepy, i think i need to go crash
peerce scan: resilver in progress since Tue Nov 28 12:02:58 2017
peerce 3.96T scanned out of 8.23T at 90.7M/s, 13h42m to go
peerce 1013G resilvered, 48.11% done
peerceits not 12:45am, so 12 hours 45 minutes after starting, 13 hours 42 min to go. and thats just disk 1, I have 3 more disks to swap
Carlos0611im transfering data at 10mb/s
Carlos0611this is concerning
Carlos0611 starting to think its not the disks but the network
xeederwhat is meant by 'array unit'?
BrokerOneI can't bind vlan interface on SSH service
BrokerOnereceiving this error message: Value u'vlan1090' is not a valid choice.
BrokerOne:S WTF????
m0nkey_What version of FreeNAS?
BrokerOneCurrent Train: FreeNAS-9.10-STABLE (...)
BrokerOneBut I have other FreeNAS with this setup working fine same version.... :S
m0nkey_Have you tried rebooting?
BrokerOnei setup vlans and then I'm tryeing to setup binded ssh
BrokerOnerebooting solved the issue
BrokerOneI need to install perl on my FreeNAS 9.10
BrokerOnehow can I do it??
gschweppBrokerOne: You can just install it over cli. May I ask why you need perl on the host, because this is not recommended.
gschweppIf you need any 'additional services' it is highly recommended to install them in jails.
m0nkey_Perl is already there
m0nkey_[root@tardis] ~# perl -v
m0nkey_This is perl 5, version 20, subversion 3 (v5.20.3) built for amd64-freebsd-thread-multi
m0nkey_Recommend that you do any custom stuff in a Jail
gschweppah thanks m0nkey_ I didn't have a fn system to check it myself
wgwinnFor personal use, i'm considering using some of the space on an already running freenas server (6x5tb, raidz2). Would I generally be better off exporting some space as an iSCSI target and losing any ability to cache it with an SSD, or is it reasonable to use SMB share(s) for the space to a 2016 cluster, and would it be likely to gain any performance from any sort of cache, whether it be l2, zil, or any other choice?
SweetAndLowwgwinn: what is a 2016 cluster?
m0nkey_What's the best way to burn in a drive on Windows?
wgwinnSorry, phone call came in in the middle of that. Windows 2016 Hyper-v cluster.
m0nkey_Was thinking of getting hold of a copy of HD Tune
SweetAndLowm0nkey_: badblocks off live boot usb
m0nkey_Yeah, but I don't want to do badblocks on my PC.
m0nkey_I guess I could shove the drive in a USB dock and run it from a VM
SweetAndLowm0nkey_: that is kind of what i was thinking
SweetAndLowthere is probably a good tool for windows but i have never needed it
m0nkey_That's why I was looking at HDTune
m0nkey_I've always used it. I guess I should pony up the $35 since I do use it every time I get a new drive
m0nkey_Gotta test these Seagate Ironwolf drives I got on Cyber Monday
hydrian2Is the DC3520 one of the Intel drive's that bad the FreeNAS?
hydrianIs the DC3520 one of the Intel SSD drives that is bad on FreeNAS? (sorry for repeating. Got disconnected)
SweetAndLowbad for what?
wgwinnAre there any known flaws or issues with iSCSI on freenas?
psykozI haven't ran into any, I use it daily as my video games drive
wgwinnOk. last thing i wanted to was move 4tb into an iscsi target and find otu 'oh, you should use option -asize 16 ' or something..
psykozwell then that's a different question of course
psykozwhy are you choosing an iscsi target?
psykozwhat operating system will be using the target?
wgwinnSecond question, then.. does freenas have any support for mounting an ntfs partition, even through a jail ? I do have 4tb of data to move, and it seems really lame to take (most) of it off an smb share on the freenas box, through the cluster, and back on to the freenas box.
ayeceevia import disk
peerceayecee; import disk imports the data o the disk, it doesn't let you natively mount it
ayeceeeh. then from commandline. that's how i did it, and i thought i heard someone say you can do it with import disk through the web gui.
peercepsykoz; I don't think you'll be able tod o what you want with freenas
SweetAndLowwgwinn: i don't think there is an easy way to move data from a dataset to a zvol
peerceSweetAndLow; he wants to export an existing raw disk to recover the NTFS files on it
SweetAndLowit sounds like they want to mount a zvol in a jail and write to it from a dataset
peercei think he's got an ntfs disk he wants to make an iscsi target from directly so a windows system can mount it
peercewgwinn; assuming your goal is file recovery, I generally use a USB to SATA adapter and directly attach the disk to a windows system to pull the files off it
peercewith usb3 its damn fast
EaglemanCan anyone confirm the Samsung 850 EVO does thermal throttling and at what temperature?
ayeceewhat suggests that it would?
ayeceeah, looks like it does
EaglemanI think I am getting better performance with the window open. But I havent tested it yet
ayeceefigure that would be in the datasheet for the drive?
Eaglemancant find any concrete numbers on when it begins to throttle
peerceit likely would be somewhere north of 40C
peerceor 50C
denaliT<rant> I am building a new server and what the hell happened to memory prices?!@ holy god! </rant>
peercememory prices are at a historic low per MB, its just that we're using so much more of it
denaliTpeerce: not according to this:
ayeceehmm, that might be the 950 EVO that does thermal throttling
ayeceeanyhow, it's not in the datasheet :P
peercedoes the data sheet give operating temperature ranges ?
ayecee0-70C operating
peerceACTION is peeved over how little data the typical modern 'datasheet' actually has
Eaglemanvery specific :P
Eagleman"somewhere between 0-70C it starts to throttle"
ayecee"dynamic thermal guard" is samsung's feature name
EaglemanBut it is only used on the Pro version
Eaglemanhmm or not
ayeceeprobably related, this review of a 960 pro with dtg says it kicks in at 71C:
Eaglemanjust found this beaty:$/$/$
Eaglemannow thats a nice url, lol
ayeceenice find, 70C confirmed
peercethats nearly 160F, hot enough to blister your skin
wgwinnSorry, i got called away on a long call. Specifcially, I have ~3.7tb of .vhd files sitting on the freneas server I want to use in a windows 2016 hyper-v cluster in the smae rack. I cant find anything saying freenams + smb3.0 + 2016 is even functional, let alone supported, So i iwll dump them over to an iscsi array, and was jsutwondering if there was a way i could avoid having to roundtrip all the data over the lan.
wgwinnAt the end of the day, it's not a huge hassle, jsut.. feels a little wroong.
peerce2016 is bsaically win10 server, isn't it?
peerceit should work fine
peercejust share them with smb, copy them to whatever
wgwinnThe goal is/has to be to run them from the freenas server.
wgwinnwindows only appearently allows that with full smb 3 functionality ; otherwise thy recommended iSCSI, so I'll move in that direction.
peerceugh, virtualdisks over smb will never perform that great but it should work. I'd set the block size of the zfs dataset to 4K for that, it will help some.
peercein th services -> SMB settings, do be sure Server maximum protocol is set to SMB3
wgwinnwell, it's ofr a homelab/testing scenario, so im not exactly looking for raw performance. if i was, i wouldnt be using a pair of r610's
gavitis there a way to go from a sparse volume to a non sparse volume?
BuddyButterflym0nkey_: what to choose for removing chache disk, offline or remove?
BuddyButterflyanyone? offline or remove?
m0nkey_if you offline it, it will still exist as part of the pool
m0nkey_remove, removes it completely
BuddyButterflymanual states that they can be savely remove with "remove" button.
m0nkey_this is true
BuddyButterflym0nkey_: ah, cool. ok, will do so.
BuddyButterflym0nkey_: also true for encrypted system?
m0nkey_I've toyed with that feature in the past. No problem removing it.
m0nkey_You're encrypted?
BuddyButterflynot me but server ;-)
m0nkey_You've just complicated things.
m0nkey_I don't know for encrypted pools
m0nkey_Just make sure you have a backup before you start :)
BuddyButterflym0nkey_: ok.
BuddyButterflym0nkey_: I remember that I once had trouble when I used offline for cache disk.
kusznirHi all: I need to do an initial data sync of a lot of data (about 75GB), so I'm looking to put a pair of 10Gbps cards in my pair of FreeNAS servers to do the data transfer. I'm looking at this card:, which is Aquantia. Does FreeNAS support
EricloeweNo, they don't have a FreeBSD driver. And 75GB really isn't that much to transfer over GbE anyway
EricloeweI mean, that's 16 minutes or less over SMB
ayecee16 minutes? but i want it now!
Carlos0611my drives are ok, we are on a 1GB network, why are my speeds at 10mb/s?
ayeceebecause of how you're testing it
Carlos0611how should i best test it?
ayeceehow are you testing it now
Carlos0611ftp transfer
ayeceefrom where to where
Carlos0611from the freenas to my own pc (SSD drive)
Carlos0611all intenal
kusznirSorry, was off on my units...I meant 75TB of data. Last time I did the transfer, it took about a week over 1G
ayeceeCarlos0611: maybe test with a different ftp client, or different protocol
Carlos0611ive done file transfer using samba, still same speeds
Eaglemancaps :(
ayeceeiperf sounds like a good way to test just the network, yeah
ayeceeright now you're testing a lot of things at once, and you'll need to sort out which piece is the problem.
Carlos0611how to do an iperf?
ayeceeit's a program that you'll run on each side of the connection. you'll likely do it through the shell on freenas, and also install it on your client.
ayeceeneat, there's even a windows gui for it called jperf
kusznirOk, so now the cause of needing to re-mirror the drives: I've got two identical SuperMicro 36-bay servers. I set up as suggested in FreeNAS docs, using the sandisk USB drives as OS drives in mirror. The OS drives reported some checksum errors, so I bought brand new ones and replaced them. Still errors are being reported. Cleared errors, and was good for 3-4 wks, then 3-9 errors in checksum appear again.
kusznirDoesn't matter if its brand new or origional flash drives. Happens on both drives (swaps).
kusznirSo I started ignoring it. Recently, the backup system went degrated with a missing drive. Before I could get out there, the other drive went missing as well, and now the system crashed.
Ericloewekusznir: Okay, 75TB would indeed take very long, a week sounds about right
kusznirI'm getting the impression that there's something more going on here; I don't think the 6 flash drives are all failing. Based on that, does it change the suggested configuration of the server? Perhaps I should put a SATA SSD in instead in case its the USB chipset that's going stupid?
EricloeweSSDs are always better, USB flash drives suck
EricloeweFor 30-40 bucks, get a low-end SSD from a reputable brand and call it a day
Carlos0611ayecee, got it open, now to figure out how to get into the freenas?
Carlos0611ok, in the shell got it
Ericloewekusznir: Now, the 75TB... If the data is compressible, you may be able to extract extra performance out of the link by compressing the SSH session used for the trasnsfer
Ericloewebesides that... Intel or Chelsio 10Gbe are pretty much the only options.
Carlos0611FreeNAS® includes the Iperf server. To perform network testing, you will need to install an Iperf client on a desktop system that has network access to the FreeNAS® system. This section will demonstrate how to use the xjperf GUI client as it works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and BSD systems.
Carlos0611[312] 9.0-10.0 sec 11560 KBytes 94700 Kbits/sec
kusznirEricloewe: would you recommend a pair of SSDs in mirror, or is one good enough?
ayeceeCarlos0611: 10mb/s, i guess it is network problem, eh?
Carlos0611im going to plug this directly into my router
Carlos0611ACTION lifts the 50lb machine
Carlos0611plugged directly into a 1gb switch still slow speeds. the networkcard has 1 green 1 orange light
SweetAndLowgreen means 100mbps
SweetAndLowor is that oragne
Carlos06111 green 100mbs 2 green 1gbit
Carlos0611HP NC364T PCIe 4Pt Gigabit Server Adptr
Carlos0611 network settings ifconfig
Carlos0611 media: Ethernet autoselect (1000baseT <full-duplex>)
SweetAndLowCarlos0611: try doing iperf to a different client or server
SweetAndLowfigure out what is slow
Ericloewekusznir: one is good enough, two if it's a business
Carlos06113 is THE business
sunrunner20peerce, I have 11 disks in total to swap out one at a time
sunrunner205 are complete unknowns
sunrunner206 have been running off and on for a year
peercethe first of 4 disks I started 27.5 hours ago is at...
peerce 6.89T scanned out of 8.23T at 73.3M/s, 5h17m to go
peerce 1.72T resilvered, 83.79% done
peerceugh, keeps slowing down
slwbso much for that 8-10 hours
Carlos0611i deleted a bunch of stuff
Carlos0611that caused the drive to stop resilvering