sunrunner20this ram isn't labeled as DDR3L
sunrunner20but it lists its voltage as 1.34
Cpuroastthen it is
CpuroastDDR3 = 1.5
CpuroastDDR3L= 1.35v
Cpuroastand most DDR3L is actually dual-voltage
Cpuroastit can run on 1.35v or 1.5
sunrunner20and sigh board no post. have to wait till this weekend when I have a VGA capable monitor
sunrunner20plug a cable into the BMC
anodosDid your "sudo make sandwich" work again/
DrKK`we had a dude here replacing a piece of siding,
DrKK`and she was under instructions to provide the man with dinner.
DrKK`so dinner was made again
DrKK`but not with the "sudo" technique.
dkeavsudo got me a burnt ends hoagie
dkeavso greasy
dkeavso goooood
DrKK`I have 1420 movies, 4634 music tracks, and 1305 TV show episodes on my plex.
DrKK`that seems like a lot.
lirielnot really
DrKK`I mean,
DrKK`just the videos, there 2725,
DrKK`if you watched one per day,
DrKK`it would take 7 years or something
DrKK`this is my point
lirielhere I have 471 movies, 16681 tracks of music, 6926 eps of tv, and 75759 photos
lirielyeah, that is a fair point
DrKK`what does it do with photos?
anodosDrKK` but how many of those movies are actually worth watching?
DrKK`I mean, there's no metadata
lirielyou can do slide shows on your TV and share with family
DrKK`anodos: probably 85% are worth watching,
DrKK`at least by a loose definition
dkeavdkeav@haswell ~% find Videos -type f | wc -l
lirielOtherwise they just for by folders
dkeavmusic is still runing
lirielI just looked it up in plexpy
anodosDrKK` useful metadata for a photo is a thumbnail of it.
dkeavmmusic is cheated though, was a big hdd passed around on deployments to merge everyones collections
lirielyeah pretty much anodos
lirielactually I don't have music in plex
lirieluse subsonic for that
lirielmy excuse for so much tv/movies is that I share with friends and family
dkeavdkeav@haswell ~% find Music -type f | wc -l [0] 69907
m0nkey_fuuuuuuuu... fricking datastores are dead! the whole cluster is down. this is going to be painful tonight :(
dkeavmeh start drinking now
anodosSounds like a cluster
anodosMandatory strongbad -
voip_Hello guys, need 4x3tb HDDs. Which model you can recommend ?
voip_don't need 10k
DrKK`WD Red.
DrKK`on sale for $99 newegg
voip_DrKK`, thank you !
DrKK`it is my pleasure to assist you
sunrunner20did inet die or is this site taking its time
sunrunner20do people get notified when you drop them from linked in?
sunrunner20m0nkey_, ouch
anodosHmm... so the maximum amount of free space that a windows client will show in Windows Explorer is 127PB.
sunrunner20how could one possibly find that out
sunrunner20[Kid], we my know the same developer
sunrunner20name Carlos ring a bell?
anodossunrunner20 - download all the things?
sunrunner20one doesn't fit 127PB in their basement
anodosDownload all the things then store them in an unlimited cloud storage provider?
anodosEither that or muck around with samba internals and break things in interesting ways.
DeathShotsunrunner20, depends on the ribbon cable
m0nkey_prod issue fixed
DeathShotI wish he would do a vitamix
DeathShotkinda did?
DeathShotI'll watch it next
sunrunner20DeathShot, red stripe
DeathShotLike on IDE cables?
DeathShotNot all ribbon cables have a red line
DeathShotIn some of them it doesn't matter
Whipstickgostopwhat is the default plugin repo URL in freenas 11?
Whipstickgostopcan't seem to find it documented anywhere
m0nkey_Holy crap, just found my UniFi jail was using 4GB RAM.
m0nkey_Turned that sucker off
sunrunner20sounds like prod is sorted out
sunrunner20RCA yet m0nkey_ ?
m0nkey_Yeah, there will be a post-mortem tomorrow.
m0nkey_We have all the logs
sunrunner20our logging is shit
sunrunner20an entirely wrong application was spitting out network errors
m0nkey_Ours is surprisingly good.
sunrunner20I hounded out the correct app from a few lucky breadcrumbs in the stacktrace
sunrunner20and line numbers from the wrong app
m0nkey_I'm tempted to put my UniFi AP into standalone mode. Just configure it using the UniFi app on the phone. Do I really need a guest VLAN?
m0nkey_Wtf. I was discussing Cisco Meraki at work today. I don't use my personal phone for work at all. Yet, I see a targeted ad for Maraki devices in my Facebook feed.
Criggiem0nkey_: coincidence ? Or they track you somehow ?
m0nkey_I keep my work and personal life seperate. I never log on to facebook with my work computer.. ever! I don't have the FB app on my company cell phone. I have it on my personal cell, but that's it. Personal cell has never been on the company wifi.
Criggiegood work.
Criggietotal separation of church and state.
m0nkey_Hey AllanJude, regarding the sysctl vfs.zfs.arc_max, if changed while running does it take affect immediately?
AllanJudem0nkey_: yes. note: you can't set it less than vfs.zfs.arc_min, so you might have to lower the min first if you are shrinking it drastically
smxym0nkey_: I keep them separate too, yet I'll look up something online at work and then see it on my personal computer not long after. It's very creey - borderline stalker-ish, if you ask me.
m0nkey_G'night folks.
joblesssmxy, isn't that great? I looked up something on my desktop computer and went upstairs a couple hours later to find an advert for the same product on my cell phone. The cell phone is suppose to live an entire separate life from work and my desktop.
joblessdo not track, do not stalk, yada yada, all worthless it seems.
sunrunner20fucking great
sunrunner20dwm is off the rails and I can't kill it
sunrunner20had to hard reset the stupid pc
sunrunner20do people not realized how fucked you are if you actually need CPR?
macwriteI have resilvered my RAIDz1 4x3TB Red
gschweppmacwrite: Nice. How long did it take?
macwriteBut the drive wasn't the problem, the Molex > SATA connecter melted onto the former drive
macwriteI just got the drive in March which makes things worse
macwriteand being on low income just adds to the problem
macwrite(I have 2 pools Primary and backup in one box)
macwriteSo how do I auto backup tank-red to tank green? in the same box]
macwriteI am a complete newbie to all this
peercewhat do you mean by auto-backup, and what are tank-red and tank-green ??
peercethose are two seperate NAS's ?
gschweppmacwrite: look at zfs send/recive functions
macwriteI need to autmate the snapshots and duplicating them to tank-greed (RAIDz2)
macwriteI will be lucky to have money for a second server by years end
peercedo realize, with snapshots, deleted files don't free space until they no longer exist in the oldest snapshot on the pool.
gschweppmacwrite: Remember that snapshots are not real backups
macwriteBut I need to make them so I can then send them to the backup pool
macwriteI also need help to setup rclone with Amazon Drive, as I have over 4TB of data and growing
peerceafaik, the built in replication task will only send the zfs snapshot to a different system, not to a different pool on the same system
gschweppmacwrite: You can duplicate from pool red to green with zfs send/recive. If the pools have the same size
macwriteTank-red (RAIDz1 4x3TB WD Red, brand new) Tank Green (one I reformat it) RAIDz2 6x2TB WD Greens 2009-2011
AjDuLionmacwrite: sounds ok
macwriteI came from a Mac Pro+Drobo FS
macwriteI need to sell my Drobo FS
macwriteso that's how I ahd stuff on 2 physcial different systems
peercethe command is something like, zfs send -R -i @prevsnap sourcepool@lastsnap | zfs recieve destpool
macwriteFirst I need to get my box safe as I had a connecter melt
macwriteand took a 3TB drive with it (DAM Molex > SATA power)
macwriteI wonder if WD will do an RMA under warranty for the drive
peercei doubt that qualifies as a manufacturing defect, instead it comes under the heading of abuse.
peerceits not WD's fault you used shitty connectors
papa7775had a question would it be better to LACP the ports or load balance the ports on a freenas box?
Criggiepapa7775: what are you running ? NFS/CIFS shares, or iscsi
papa7775all of the above
papa7775but iscsi we are using fiber for
Criggiecos iscsi would do a much better job with multipath ,wheras nfs/cifs would be best over an LACP bond
Criggiedepends if your goal is redundancy or speed increase, too.
CriggieLACP would do it, but note each stream will only use one port
Criggieso 4x 1 Gbit ports bonded will still carry one file at the same speed as a single gigabit link
Criggiedo you have a managed switch?
papa7775 yes
papa7775do I gotta config it for LACP
Criggieyes - totally. LACP is negotiated so both ends have to know about it.
Criggiea bond based on active/passive does not need the switch to be configured, but that;s for redundancy not for speed
papa7775Criggie, Im a little confused ok I made the Lagg0 and when I go to give it a IP in the same network at em0 it freaks out
papa7775The network is already in use by another NIC
gschweppDoes anyone use urbackup as backup solution over internet and not only lan?
WaffuruSlackerTe3-BloodyIron I was finally able to join my ubuntu machine to the domain and test. No joy. Still partial permissions at share root, full permissions at any deeper point.
WaffuruSlackerChecked with ADUC; It's in the domain and everything.
nohitallhello, if I have a raid10 I see in mirror status mirror0 and mirror1, does that mean disk 1 of mirror0 is raid1 with disk1 of mirror1?
Cpuroastit's a Raid 0 of mirrors
Cpuroastso you have 2 mirrors with raid 0 on top
nohitallso if I have disk issues on both disks in 1 mirror its bad
nohitallI think I just quit IT *throws the towel*
Cpuroastthat's how a Raid 10 works
nohitallyea I know
nohitalljust dont understand why 2 fresh disks already dying
Cpuroastbackups, backups, backups
nohitallalthough I have no read/write errors, SMART says al fine but I have lot of cksum errors
Cpuroastcould be controller
Cpuroastcould be cable
Cpuroastcould be PSU
nohitallim using this famous standard IBM 1050 as everybody suggested
nohitallthey are old..
Cpuroastflashed to IT mode?
Cpuroastwith the correct firmware?
Cpuroastan IBM m1015 cannot be used as is
Cpuroastit needs to be crossflashed to a 9211-8i in IT mode
Cpuroastwith the correct revision of the firmware
nohitallyea I know
nohitallcould be many things
Cpuroastpastebin, sas2flash -list
nohitallquestion is if checksum is bad if there otherwise are no read/write errors and smart good
nohitalllike should I take it offline
Cpuroastchecksums, means corrected
Cpuroastunless both disks are dying
Cpuroastthen that's a problem
nohitallthey are new, SMART say 0 errors whatsoever, also zpool status reports no write/read errors, only cksum
nohitallyea I read that
nohitallalso some other artile on cksum errors
nohitallI can reset the error counter right?
Cpuroastwhat does the sstatus say?
Cpuroastzpool clear poolname
Cpuroastor zpool clear poolname devicename
Cpuroastthen you can do a scrub
Cpuroastand see if the counter goes back up
Cpuroastif it doesn't
nohitallsays that :/
Cpuroastthey would be transient errors
Cpuroastoh fun
nohitallbut was fine until few just hours ago, happend at once
Cpuroastyou have a backup of the data?
Cpuroastthe pool isn't looking good :)
nohitallso far its still working, Iguess I try to move data off now, luckily not much
Cpuroastonce you have a backup
Cpuroastyou can see if you can stabilize the pool
nohitallCpuroast: how to investigate this though?
nohitallCpuroast: its not defective disks, since SMART says its fine, they are new...I'd have to check cabling and test controller
Cpuroastsmartctl -x /dev/daX
Cpuroastcheck towards the end
Cpuroast-x display EVERYTHING
nohitallCpuroast: thanks
nohitallCpuroast: I gues SATA Phy Event Counters values should be 0 for all ideally
nohitallcan I show you one?
Cpuroastpastbin away
Cpuroastthat's not a problem
nohitallI think those 2 device to host was due to a cold reset
nohitalllooks good right?
Cpuroast0x03 0x028 4 1154 --- Read Recovery Attempts
nohitallwhy that it doesnt show in smart table?
Cpuroastcuz SMART doesn't always tell all
nohitalllooks to me like pointing to controller
CpuroastI also see a long self-test has never been made
Cpuroaston this drive
Cpuroastalways run drives through a barrage of tests
Cpuroastbefore using the,
nohitallquestion is if that is pointing to disk issue or contrller
nohitallalthough those are disk internal stats right?
nohitallso those point to a problem with the disks?
nohitallbut could also be caused by the controller?
Cpuroastare the other 2 drives on the same controller?
Cpuroastthen I doubt it
Cpuroastif the other drives aren't experiencing the same issue
Cpuroastsame cable too
nohitalljust checked, they also show that read error read
nohitallI never checked -x before, only usuually looking at smart values
Cpuroastand you are sure your controller is in the correct state for FreeNAS?
Cpuroastpastebin: sas2flash -list
Cpuroastthe util is built-in to FreeNAS
Cpuroastso you don't need to do anything special
Cpuroastto access it
nohitallseems not so, I didnt set this up, collegue did
nohitallwell..luckily its barely anything on it
Cpuroastwhat does sas2flash -list say?
nohitallsays no LSI contrller
Cpuroastoh fun
nohitallthey probably didnt flash it
Cpuroastit's still in megaraid mode
nohitallk I gotta run, thanks for the help, I check that tomorrow, will just redo from scratch as it looks like
Cpuroastit's quite possible the Raid's internal functionality is clashing with ZFS
nohitallthere goes my weekend
Cpuroastbah, no
Cpuroastflashing it takes a few mins
nohitall+ moving all data back
nohitallthe second machine probably has same issue
nohitallso have to redo both
Cpuroastyour colleague owes you a beer
Dark-FxI'll take that beer
nohitallCpuroast: thanks again
CpuroastHalf day today hurrah
blkadderACTION wonders why he should click on random link.
roycroftyou should not
shadow35augmented reality new company startup it looks like
roycrofta good rule of thumb is to never follow random links on irc that are posted without explanation
shadow35looks kinda intresting
shadow35UMBO - The Future of Smart Homes ]
roycroftand not to follow most of the rest :)
blkadderI already have enough problems with our current reality. Not certain augmenting it would be a good idea.
blkadderNor do I want my house to become self-aware.
blkadderI don't think that will end well.
roycroftself-cleaning would be nice
roycroftbut self-aware, not so much
roycroftalthough if your house were a neatness freak, self-awareness could lead to self-cleaning
blkadderIt's like getting that 15 minutes of fame you were so craving, but for all the wrong reasons...
roycroftbut it could also lead to your forced removal by the house, should it determine that you are responsible for the messes
shadow35darwin award winner
blkadderroycroft, Yes, I could see my house evicting me or worse.
blkadderIf you just eliminate the source of the messes completely, no more messes!
shadow35achivement unlocked darwin award
Pixelzyou'd think they would do a test run first...
Pixelzcouldn't afford 2 books?
shadow35that was phase 2
Pixelzshould have live streamed it on facebook
tigersharke"because he shot at another book and it didn't go al the way through.." They deserved to win.
tigersharkeNo consideration of range, obviously chose the wrong book, and what if she had missed the book entirely?! The most obvious reason eluded them both, of course never play with guns.. *duh*!
sunrunner20anybody here own a smartwatch?
blkadderDoesn't seem very smart.
peercei just use my phone if I need to know the time
peerceits always accurate since its synched to the cell system
peerceand I hate having crap around my wrists, it always bangs into stuff
Harlocki have a regular watch
Harlocki don't like pulling out the phone just to check the time
shadow35if you are gonna pull out better be fast
sunrunner20what are those desert animals with humps I can't remember
sunrunner20not lammas
sunrunner20thx google
m0nkey_There are four types of Camel. The kind you smoke. Dromedary, One-humped or Two humped.
m0nkey_This is how I feel some days when asking for something at work..
CpuroastI feel bad for the chimp
Cpuroastthese guys have pretty developed brains
smxyYes. He's asking politely and the stupid humans are idiots.
Cpuroasthumans evolved from apes
Cpuroastfor crying out loud
smxyPerhaps we devolved from apes.
Cpuroastin some ways
m0nkey_Come on AuCoq, we're hungry over here.
shadow35you forgot a type of camel m0nkey_ :D
m0nkey_Sorry, five types. Toe.
smxyN aughty m0nkey_
Cpuroast"A Gorilla Remembers a Girl It had not Seen for 12 Years"
Cpuroast"Clever orangutan makes a fair trade with human"
Cpuroastwhy is everyone surprised
Cpuroastthese animals are sentient beings
smxyThere's Koko the gorilla and the kittens she's cared for as pets over the years. And the ones who can speak sign language.
smxyOf which I think she is one.
voip_DrKK`, helo
Cpuroastah that's cool
Cpuroastapes have pretty large brains
smxyThat's pretty cool, with the shark.
Cpuroastif I had that rope around me cutting into my gills, I'd be pretty desperate, enough to ask a human for help
m0nkey_damn.. don't play with gas ppl..
smxyfuck, lol
Cpuroastthat's called a fuel-air bomb
Cpuroastaka a thermobaric weapon
Max-EHi everyone, would it be a bad idea to mirror freenas on an SSD & HDD (Datastores on Vsphere)?
peercevSpehere is the vmware management console ... what do you mean datastores *on* vSphere ?
Max-EESXI 6.5
peercemy esxi servers use a freenas box as their datastores via NFS
peercemirroring ssd and hdd is kinda weird, aren't the esxi datastores already on some sort of raid ?
Criggiepeerce: why nfs and not iscsi ?
peercei'm leery of iscsi unless you have very robust dedicated SAN networking, which I don't have in my lab environment at work
peerceI used to use fiberchannel SAN and not even HAVE esxi datastores, each VM directly accessed its LUN(s)
Max-EI'm planning on installing ESXI 6.5 with FreeNas and other VM's. I will use an H200 and passthrough the drives for FreeNas However I need to install FreeNas on a datastore (Right?). Now I'm thinking to create 2 datastores on the different drives (an SSD and HDD). So I mirror the install on 2 acutual physical disks. However SSD and HDD also seem kin
Max-Eda weird to me...
Criggiepeerce: nice.
CriggieMax-E: so you want a freenas box running as a VM? Or you have a physical device to run freenas ?
Max-EFreeNas needs to be a VM :)
CriggieMax-E: ok that's well outside my experience.
smxyGood luck with that.