DrKK`LaserAllan says he'll fly in from Sweden
AllanJudepeople should come to BSDCan, it is usually 2-3x as big
DrKK`I think m0nkey_ can be coaxed into coming
DrKK`and I'll work on D4nthr4x
AllanJudethere is also EuroBSDCon in late september, in Paris
DrKK`yeah I'd like to make BSDCan.
D4nthr4xI don't use BSD
AllanJudeDrKK`: imagine vBSDCon, but 4 talks at once
AllanJudeinstead of 1
DrKK`yeah but the thing is,
DrKK`I like it to be 1
DrKK`and everyone who is anyone is in the same room together
sunrunner20I'd come but I'd have to use PTO
AllanJudethe issue is there are not rooms big enough for that many people
DrKK`I think, sunrunner20 ,
DrKK`that if you ask nicely,
AllanJudealso, we invite the openbsd people :p
DrKK`say you'll pay your own way,
DrKK`you just want it to count as work time and not use vacation,
DrKK`they will probably go for it
DrKK`since it is a computer-related conference
DrKK`AllanJude: There were a few openBSD people in Virginia last time
DrKK`the devio.us dudes
DrKK`Bryce and Brian
DrKK`maybe that was it
AllanJudebut, BSDCan will have almost all of them
zorgehtDrKK`: good morning, comrade!
DrKK`good morning brother!
sunrunner20aww crap
DrKK`I have heard, zorgeht,
AllanJudesunrunner20: yes, a few people only came to vBSDCon on the Saturday, because of work on friday, but, 1 day off isn't going to kill ya
sunrunner20when zorgeht shows up its time for me to go to bed :|
DrKK`that your country is currently experiencing problem with the Chenyans
sunrunner20AllanJude, I'd be flying in from texas
AllanJudesunrunner20: ahh
DrKK`AllanJude: is it friday and saturday?
AllanJudestill, fly out thursday after work
zorgehtDrKK`: dagestan, if you about big truck drivers
DrKK`i thought it was sat/sun
zorgehtthat is not checnhya
AllanJudePTO friday
AllanJudefly back sunday
AllanJudeDrKK`: that is what the schedule says, Sept 8-9
sunrunner20I'll see
DrKK`well whatever
zorgehtif about blow ups in st. petersburg - i doubt, that it is from chechnya
DrKK`I'll take the time off
zorgehtmr. kadyrov won't be allow this
zorgehtanyway, i have good news - i've got another new job
sunrunner20I'll need to get my passport process started this weekend
zorgehtnow i'm going to make videocameras. that is MUCH more neat than fridges
sunrunner20prob have to pay for expidited version
AllanJudeACTION just renewed his for 10 years to avoid it
AllanJudenot sure why it takes longer in the US
AllanJudethe 'slow' version is like 12-14 days here
AllanJudealthough i paid for 7 days
sunrunner20I should have kept mine current
zorgehthave a good time everybody
zorgehti've got to go
AllanJudeACTION is not home for a month straight any time this year till like November
DrKK`my passport is expired too
DrKK`gotta get that shit fixed
AllanJudeMay: LFNW; June: BSDCan; July: FreeBSD Hackathon in Essen, DE; August: BSDCam(bridge); Sept: vBSDCon; Sept: EuroBSDCon Paris
AllanJudeand oct/nov sometime will be OpenZFS Dev Summit
poco_any issues mixing drive vendors (not sizes) for ZFS arrays? I want to add another disk to my 3 x 4TB WD Reds. Buying a Seagate 4TB drive going to cause any real issues? I can't think of a reason why- just a sanity check
DrKK`well, if you already have a ZFS pool,
DrKK`you can't just "add a drive"
DrKK`that's the first issue
poco_yes I'm redoing it. but thank you for alrifying
AllanJudepoco_: mixing driver vendors is fine, but, yeah, depending on your pool layout, you can't just add a single drive
DrKK`and second of all, among vendors, "4TB" can mean slightly sizes
AllanJudeDrKK`: ZFS has wiggle room built in
AllanJudeso, a few sectors +/- will be fine
DrKK`we definitely used to have people,
poco_I should have specified. I'm dumping the data, and setting up mirrored vdevs
DrKK`with 1TB WD's,
DrKK`and 1TB Seagates,
AllanJudeI always use partitions, and put some swap in, but that is me
DrKK`FreeNAS automatically puts swap in
DrKK`I think it's 2GB per device
DrKK`but yeah one dude had a pool of 1TB reds,
DrKK`I remember this,
AllanJudeso you can steal from the swap if zfs won't let you
DrKK`and one drive failed,
DrKK`and he tried to replace with a 1TB seagate
AllanJudebut, if you are creating the pool, it will use the smallest size
DrKK`and the size mismatch was too much
DrKK`anyway, poco_, to answer your question:
DrKK`you ought not mix, but it's probably alright if you, 99.1% of the time.
DrKK`alright if you do*
poco_DrKK`, AllanJude thanks! I may just buy one more WD Red if it's only a few bucks more
DrKK`because of how bad seagate screwed up in the past couple years,
DrKK`they are selling their new drives at a WAY lower pricepoint
DrKK`than the WD's
poco_but yeah I've been meaning to redo my setup for a while since I would like to setup full disk encryption before I can and adding another drive has been on my list for a while
DrKK`so I am guessing it will be a big price difference
DrKK`full disk encryption
DrKK`ACTION does not recommend
poco_DrKK`, why's that?
DrKK`for 99.5% of people, it solves no problem they have,
DrKK`while substantially increasing the risk to their pool
sunrunner20and we see people on here ALL THE TIME who have lost their keys
poco_DrKK`, I'm moving across the country and the idea of my drives getting swiped from my car kind of stresses me out with how much PII I have on there
DrKK`poco_: then this is what you do
DrKK`get your PII together
DrKK`put it in a truecrypt container
DrKK`copy the truecrypt container to the unencrypted ZFS pool
DrKK`and done.
AllanJudeDrKK`: I have over 100 seagate drives, no issues here
poco_DrKK`, that's not a bad idea. Hmm I'll have to give it some thought.
AllanJude3TB, 4TB, and 8TB
DrKK`AllanJude: I knew you were going to say that as soon as I said it
AllanJudeall of my recent failures have been WDs
shadow35[win2k12omg ugh 100 seagates
AllanJude1TB and 4TB
sunrunner20night folks
DrKK`WD reds?
AllanJudeyes, from iX
DrKK`there's your problem!
AllanJude36x 4TB WD Enterprise SAS drives
DrKK`Olander was near the drives
AllanJude8 have died
sunrunner20I'll hit up work on BSDcan
DrKK`not BSDCan
AllanJudealthough 36x 6TB Hitachi have been fine
shadow35[win2k12i will take a few AllanJude :D
AllanJude~100 Seagate 3tb SATA drives
AllanJude12 seagate 4tb
DrKK`sunrunner20: tell them, that you are paying to go to the conference,
AllanJude52 toshiba 5tb
DrKK`you just want them to count it as a permissive paid time
DrKK`at work
DrKK`they will go for it 92% of the time
DrKK`for a computer-related conference
shadow35[win2k12jesus that is alot of hdds
DrKK`if you're paying your way
shadow35[win2k12i wil ltake some :D
AllanJudeshadow35[win2k12: i run a video streaming company, i store a lot of video
DrKK`shadow35[win2k12: he runs a CDN business
shadow35[win2k12i know you do lol
AllanJudeI also have 15x nVidia Quadro M4000 video cards
shadow35[win2k12i will stick take some
shadow35[win2k12will still
DrKK`I heard several times that the new Seagate NAS IronWolf drives (SATA/consumer),
DrKK`make a hell of a racket
DrKK`like, they are way too noisy for a HTPC or living-space
AllanJudemy NAS lives in my basement, but i sit beside it to work. don't have any ironwolf though
AllanJudethe servers are in a dedicated room due to noise
DrKK`mine sits in the basement as well
DrKK`so I wouldnt care about the noise really
DrKK`alright, I'm going on a pre-bedtime walk.
DrKK`AllanJude: I'll get with you later in the week,
DrKK`we'll discuss what I would present on
DrKK`peace be upon you.
DrKK`back tmrw
shadow35[win2k12sigh i still need a second esxi host lol
poco_DrKK`, looking into using truecrypt (or veracrypt). By containers do you mean actual containers or just setup folders in datasets and encrypt those?
roycrofti just got 4 4TB ironwolf nas drives
roycroftthey do not seem unusually loud at all
roycroftand i jsut walked into my machine room to verify that - the freenas server is still on a staging cart
mgbowmannindustries: o/
nindustrieso/ mgbowman
mgbowmannindustries: it's hump day!
nindustrieshumpy dumpy
VapezI don't have permission to write in the SMB share with Active Directory user
VapezHow I acces SMB share with FreeNAS local USER?
VapezWhere is the CIFS in CORAL?
mmaster23Q: Has anyone succesfully installed FreeNAS10 on Hyper-V? (Please, no troll answers or hate)
Sysadmin88home or business use? for business use i would continue to use 9.10
mmaster23Booting the ISO in a Gen2 VM, shows the installer but crashes when it suddenly autounmount the dvd drive
mmaster23Install works in Gen1 VM but booting it fails
mmaster23Installing it as UEFI in a Gen1 VM, reuse the VHDX in a Gen2 VM, crashes it during boot as it loses it's root drive
zaggynlmmaster23: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server-docs/compute/hyper-v/supported-freebsd-virtual-machines-on-hyper-v
EdwardIIIhey, i had a setup which was working fine. i rebooted my machine, now whenever mac clients try to connect to CIFS they get 'Connection Failed', but in /var/log/messages on the device itself it doesn't report any issues? 'Apr 5 10:47:07 pony afpd[5969]: Login by files (AFP3.4)'
rapidshot64should I use ssd for docker host?
rapidshot64and I'm little curious about why zfs is not spread widely such as server or desktop
EdwardIIIhrm ok if i manually restart CIFS via services it works? then if i reboot again it doesn't work
EdwardIIIi guess that's a samba restart?
EdwardIIIthe interface shows CIFS as on, windows clients can connect, mac clients can't connect. i restart samba via the web ui, then mac clients can connect
talsitanyone used postgresql in a jail on fn9.10?
roasthave there been any updates after FreeNAS-Corral-10.0.2?
Sysadmin88check your updater page on your NAS :)
roastnone for the stable branch, according to the update process...
roastjust wanted to make sure i wasn't going crazy
nindustriesmgbowman: httpd expressions make me cry blood
ekarlsohow do I recover a volume that is in DEGRADED ?
m0nkey_replace the disk
cbreakekarlso: it's degraded because of checksum errors
cbreakthat means data that was read from there had errors
cbreakit's likely caused by hardware issues, probably the disk, maybe the cable
cbreaksmart info might show more
cbreakthere should be a button to replace the disk in the web UI
ekarlsocbreak: how to get smart info ?
cbreaksmartctl -a /dev/...
n1ck3Hi all! I am trying to mount a volume to a VM i have created in Corral. I have set the Volume up in the VM settings (GUI) and everything seems fine on that end. But I can't find it as a device inside the VM to mount. Any ideas?
PalmoreI'm trying to decide... I have 1 Raidz2 with 6 5TB drives, I just added 4 more 5TB drives (different model but same space). Would it be better to increase the volume size of the existing Raidz2 or create a new smaler raidz1 with the new 5TB disks
CpuroastPalmore: you can't expand your existing vdev
Cpuroastwith 4 more drives
Cpuroastyou can expand your pool with a new vdev of preferably matching configuration
Cpuroastso another 6x5 Raid-z2 vdev
CpuroastPalmore: go over this: https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/slideshow-explaining-vdev-zpool-zil-and-l2arc-for-noobs.7775/
Cpuroastthis powerpoint or PDF explains the ZFS basics
CpuroastPalmore: vdev+vdev+vdev=pool
Cpuroastright now your existing pool has 1 vdev
Cpuroastyou could think of a vdev or virtual device as a raid group
Cpuroastonce created a vdev's configuration can never be altered
PalmoreCPUroast, ok that makes sense
Palmoretyty =)
Palmoresorry swapped windows for a sec (work, sigh) lol
CpuroastZFS will automatically stripe across all vdevs
Cpuroastso you have to understand that the redundancy is at the vdev level
Cpuroastif you lose a vdev, you lose the pool
Cpuroasteasiest for you would be to get 2 more 5TB drives
Cpuroastand add another 6x5TB Raid-z2
Cpuroastto your existing pool
Cpuroastto double it's capacity
Palmoresadly I don't have the bays in my server =( 12bay, and 2 of them are mirroed SSDs for Jails
Cpuroastthen you can make it a secondary Raid-z2 pool
Cpuroastwith the 4x5TB
Cpuroastindependant from the 1st
CpuroastI wouldn't use Raid-z1 with 5TB drives
Koopzwhat could possibly be the issue of "Creating a Docker container" to instantly fail
Koopzi wish the Tasks list would be a bit more... verbose. I can't really work with "Validation failed"
ekarlsowhat to look for cbreak ?
cbreakekarlso: read errors, crc errors, and so on. Don't remember the names.
PalmoreCpuroast, awesome man, thank you
sundelorHi all
sundelorI have one problem, trying to create semi-auto replica between 2 freenas (vms). And 1st server wan't accept temp token
sundelorit says "invalid token"
sundelorAny ideas?
sundelorCtrl +c ctrl+v
n1ck3I figured out the whole mounting volume inside the VM thing, btw. Maybe someone else is interested (or it's totally obvious and I am just an idiot). When you create a volume with VT9P you just mount it in the guest with -t 9p and don't use a block device path but just the share name instead. Problem solved.
nanopetehello there
nanopeteI have just upgraded to the amazing corral, latest stable version
nanopeteI've made a ubuntu container (and a docker host for it) and now I'm trying to "get into it"
nanopeteI have installed ssh from the serial console
nanopetebut when I try to configurate it by nano, it says I have a too small window size to use nano
nanopetefurthermore I can't see what I write in the serial console, and I think some of the screen output is missing
nanopeteIs this some known problems with the serial console? I'm using chrome
inkpoisonI am getting 'Job:org.samba.nmbd main.py:362 Job has exited with code 256' but can not find any detailed logs to track down the issue. Were is FreeNAS putting the logs, all the samba logs are empty
rsbHello. I'm a FreeBSd user of many years. I recall (perhaps mistakenly) a conversion method from FreeBSD to FreeNAS. Is this possible, or do I have to download the complete git repo and re-build everything?
rsbI'd prefer ver 10 without docker is the main reason I'm asking.
SweetAndLowrsb: you can't convert from freebsd to freenas. You can import your pool from freebsd into freenas
SweetAndLowno one rebuilds freenas
SweetAndLowcurrently there is freenas 9.10(freebsd 10) and freenas 10(freebsd 11)
rsbOh, I did not catch that distinction. I assumed one-on-one
SweetAndLowsoon freenas9.10 will be freebsd 11
rsbre source repo on github for 10: What's the config method to enable/disable things like docker? From /etc/src.conf?
rsb_sorry, adsl dropped connection...
sunrunner20Boo addled
sunrunner20Worse than a WISP
SweetAndLowrsb_ is gone now but I really wanted to know why he needs docker disabled
SweetAndLowhe would have to compile out bhyve if he wanted to remove it
amiskellJust don't install the docker virtual machine.
amiskellI doubt compiling it out would remove the menus for it.
SweetAndLowamiskell: exactly if you don't want docker just done use it
amiskellit's not like it's "installed", really.
amiskellor actively running
SweetAndLowwe will never know why they wanted it removed :( darn adsl!
spm_dragetWow, corral looks GREAT!
spm_dragetJust shouted that out via Twitter. Really cool! :)
XeriooI am trying to install FreeNAS Corral on my SuperMicro server and the server is rebooting around the 50% mark while installing the base-os. I tried searching on the forums and I dont see anything relevant
Xeriooanyone have any ideas?
roycroftdoes anyone know off-hand if there's a control panel available that is freenas-aware?
m0nkey_Xerioo: does 9.10 do the same?
roycroftso that a customer could initiate a snapshot/rollback via the control panel
roycrofti was just asked this, and i'm in a place where i have no we browsing capability
roycroftotherwise i'd be doing some of that kind of research myself
Xerioom0nkey_: yes it does
Xerioojust tried with 9.10 and same issue... reboot almost half way thru the base-os install
Xeriooany ideas?
m0nkey_What hardware specs? What's your boot device?
_flxanyone here was successful in configuring the Domain Controller service?
XeriooI have tried two different boot devices, a Lexar 8GB USB flash and an HP 16 GB USB flash. I am installing to an SuperMicro X7DB8
Xerioothe system has 32GB of RAM
m0nkey_Have you run a memtest?
Xerioono I will try that now
Xeriooweird thing is I have two same exact hosts
Xeriooand they have the same issue
Xeriooi doubt both have faulty memory modules
m0nkey_doesn't hurt to rule it out
m0nkey_make sure it does at least two passes
Xerioook... any other ideas why the base-os install would cause a reboot?
SweetAndLowX7 is super old, time to upgrade?
Xeriooim running memtest86.. is there any other troubleshooting I can do? so far I tested Corral and 9.10 and the intall of base-os crashes on both of my Supermicro hosts
wedgieXerioo: try a live-disk of some linux distro and see if that works. Would rule out the issue being freebsd specific
Xerioogood idea
Xeriooso something like an Ubuntu Live USB
wedgieand i assume you verified the checksums on your install media...
wedgieand while you're waiting for memtest to finish (with 32 GB of ram you may as well just check back tomorrow) you can check the freebsd HCL to make sure that your hardware is supported
Xeriooyep checksums are correct
Xeriooif it is indeed a freebsd issue what are my options?
wedgiewell, assuming that your hardware is on the HCL, submit a bug *shrug*
XeriooI see that other users have successfully installed Freenas on X7DB8
ikkeThi, what service starts failed webgui in freenas 9.10?
ikkeTah, django it was
Xerioocould it be the USB flash I am installing to?
shadow35[win2k12UGH iam getting tired of arabiac recrruiters contacting me and leaving vm, i understand MAYBE 3 words in voicemail
outrageousvoicemail bad
shadow35[win2k12this is fucking hillarious 5 diferent ppl have called me leaving vms for the same position all work for the same company lol
attilahooperIt's code, they are recruiting for ISIS
outrageousOr they are CIA or FBI posing as someone recruiting for ISIS
attilahooperHeh, good point
ikkeTwas it so that i'd loose jails if I upgrade from 9.10?
ikkeTor was it so that the gui just lacks management tools for those?
jrgoh neat. 9.10 update
jrgikkeT not sure about them even working. i remember the 9.3 to 9.10 transition didn't go that well for jails
jrgbecause of the different host OS
SweetAndLowit went fine you just could not create new jails for a bit
jrgSweetAndLow not just for a bit. there were other issues that wiping was the only solution for
ikkeTi haven't dared to upgrade, even that i'd love to see the new version
jrgjkh kind of detailed the reasons from coming off jails in a post
SweetAndLowjrg: huh intereting. i still have all my jails from 9.3
ikkeTi have some jails i'd need
jrgSweetAndLow i always ran into pkg or ports problems
SweetAndLowall mine work, except for the fact that 9.3 is eol'ed
jrgthat too heh
SweetAndLowalso 9.10.3 is going to push out iocage for jail support
jrgwonder if the ports tree or pkg repo is even maintained
SweetAndLowwith better plugin design
ikkeTi have only 8 gigs of mem, perhaps not enough to run jails under docker as it requires vm?
jrgyah. docker runs off a linux vm
jrgi wish jails were still a thing but i guess the transition proved too difficult vs using a linux vm and docker
ikkeThas anyone checked how much it takes mem?
jrgi'd rather have the jails tbh
ikkeTthe linux vm?
jrgi haven't tried 10
jrgon the brighter side tho.. 9.10 update released recently heh
jrgnot sure how many more of those there will be tho :/
ikkeTif i'd find 16gb mem for my old box, i'd update immediately
jrgi might (later) just build a VM box... i've been thinking about doing that recently
SweetAndLowjrg: there are releases planned
jrgand getting a rackmount frame and throwing everything into rackmounted stuff
jrgif there is one thing i especially need: it's a giant UPS
jrgthe one i have connected to my fnas box will only last like 5 minutes. maybe more if i dedicated it
jrgi wish fnas could send a signal to the ipmi to power itself back on when power resumes
jrglike some sort of "Power Back" signal that tells the ipmi to power the system back on
jrgI also learned that nullfs and smb don't get along very well because of polling issues.
jrgso mounted dirs in jails take forever to update. you're better off using smb in the jail but you lose speed doing that.
wedgieneed a fancier UPS for that. Turn off power to the plug after it signals for shutdown. Then restore power to the device to get it to boot back up (Most servers have an "autostart on power restore" setting)
jrgwedgie: sure but that's under the assumption that power is lost then restored. still want fnas to shit down cleanly.
jrgshut heh
jrgbut shit works too
jrgso you need it to send fnas the signal. and fnas shuts the server down. then the ups to send a power up signal after power is restored
wedgiejrg: well yeah. Once it shuts down cleanly, the UPS can cut off power to the plug that the server is connected to.
jrgnot even sure if ipmi supports something like that.
wedgiethen, when it's ready, it can turn power back on to the port
jrgwedgie: that seems like one way to do it. just not a good way.
jrgplus needs a ups that powers down outlets on the battery side. does that even exist? :)
jrgprobably would be better if ipmi had some sort of signaling API for an OS
wedgiei'm not sure i've ever seen it attached to a UPS (though i've never looked) but there are IP controlled power strips that can do that.
Sysadmin88your bios can be set to turn on when AC power is supplied
jrgsurprised that isn't a thing.
jrgSysadmin88: I know. that's what wedgie was talking about.
jrgbut you may have other devices connected to the ups
jrglike. the modem or firewall.
wedgiejrg: all the power strips i've seen can do it on a plug by plug basis
jrgthat consume far less power
wedgiejrg: so what we really need is a network UPS that can send WOL packets
jrgmy ups can last like an hour or two with just the necessary networking equipment. the freenas box is a hog tho
jrgwedgie: maybe that would work.
wedgiejrg: or connect the USB of the UPS to some management device that sends the shutdown commands to everything else... then WOL's them later when power is back
wedgiedoesn't NUT support something along those lines?
wedgieACTION googles
jrgI just thought that would be something somebody would have looked into. shutting down power hungry things cleanly while maintaining the ability to automatically power back up
jrgand keeping the UPS active for lower power devices for connectivity
jrgalthough I'm sure the easier answer in those circumstances would be a 2nd UPS
jrgsmaller for the networking side and a monster for the freenas box.
wedgiei think the problem is that it's a very small niche that wants that. On the one end you have your average consumer who doesn't really care. On the other end you have real datacenters who have tripple-redundant power and backups that can run indefinitely. The subset who care but won't shell out for a generator is probably pretty small
jrgI suppose. heh. seems a good medium sized solution.
Sysadmin88bigger ups
wedgiewelp, time to found a UPS company
jrgpower loss. email notification. low power mode. turn back on.
jrgsurprised UPSes haven't become a little bit smarter
jrgmaybe their own emailing system
jrgwedgie: right? lol.
jrglet me start the crowd funding site.
jrgwith trump tho the ups will cost $7,000
jrgwhen the Chinese trade war begins in earnest.
wedgiejrg: ok, ghetto solution: put a raspberry pi (or other cheap little computer) on non-UPS power. When the power goes out, it dies. When power comes back, it does too. Then it has an @ reboot job with a 5 minute delay that sends WOL packets to everything
wedgieor tickles IPMI to turn power on, etc.
jrgstep 2. smoke crack
jrgbut yah. maybe some time later on i'm going to build a decent xeon for VMs.. and let the fnas box just be a nas with AD for auth
mgolischhm not sure thats super usefull
jrga VM box?
mgolischno upses turning stuff back on
jrgreally? i dunno. seems kind of a nice thing to have.
mgolischhow would you properly monitor all your stuff works before doing that?
mgolischlike tunring your computers back on without working ac or something
mgolischprobably a bad idea
jrgturning your computers back on without working ac?
jrgUPS sends a "power restored" signal to ipmi ?
wedgiejrg: he means air conditioning
jrgACTION scratches his head
wedgiegetting back to you're more serious than most consumers, but not quite a real boy
p4lm0r3ACTION skipped to step 2, now can't figure out step 1
outrageousMight just as well repeat step 2 then
p4lm0r3I'll be extra careful not to burn down i-95 in Atlanta while doing so =)
Palmoreshoot, i-85
wedgieburn them both
frvWhat do you guys use for client backups?
frvSee clonedeploy and bacula in the plugin repos
frvBoth seems to have plenty of features
jstnwe're a mac home, so time machine here
jstnwindows computers?
roycroftmy plan for my home nas is to not have any local persistent storage on workstations/laptops
roycrofteverything will live on the nas
frvI considered that aserll
jrgroycroft: mostly here too
jrgjust use time machine.
jrgdid Apple push apfs to macOS?
roycroftit would be interesting if one could layer afs on top of zfs
frvAlthough some devices requite backup
roycrofti still will do local time machine
roycroftbut that will be for os/apps
frvBut cant use nas for their local storage
jrgyah. why can't apfs do time machine?
roycrofti might do time machine on the nas though
roycrofti haven't decided yet
roycroftinitially i'll keep it on each workstation locally
jrgI just use the fnas box for it. didn't even realize you could do it locally.
jrgthat would kind of defeat the purpose.
roycroftexternal usb drive
roycroftnot having a central file server, that's how i've been doing it all along
roycroftmy filer will be online soon though, and things will be different
Sysadmin88the answer for apple stuff is usually 'because apple said so'...
roycrofti came to use apple products from the opposite direction of most folks
roycrofti was familiar with os 9 and below
roycroftbut not much interested
roycrofti'm a unix user
roycroftand when os x came out, with the mach kernel and freebsd userland, i embraded it as unix with apps
roycrofti had been running bsd/os on workstations/laptops prior to that and running apps in a windows emulation environment
roycroftand it sucked
synthetiqhas anyone gotten guest access to work with Corral? i have an SMB share that i'd like to be able to read/write to without auth. i set SMB Service > Guest Account: nobody. File Mask and Directory Mask are 777. and the Share Permissions ACL is owner/group nobody/nobody
synthetiqi can browse to it via \\server\share but can't write
synthetiqany ideas?
synthetiqah, and i have "Guest Allowed" on the share, also
Sysadmin88i stick to 9.10
XeriooRan memtests and no issues found. Still having a problem installing Corral base-os. it reboots my server after hitting the 50% mark
frvUrbackup seems nice
frvClonedeploy is off the tablr (says on their site they are not a backup solution)
frvCrashplan support mobile devices
frvACTION ponders
Sysadmin88you backing up just desktops?
outrageousBack up your nas to your smartphone?
frvDesktops, smartphones etc
frvDesktops on which i cant always install what i want
Xerioom0nkey_: i can run ubuntu just fine on this SuperMicro server. Still not able to install FreeNAS :(
Sysadmin88then you cant install urbackups client...
Sysadmin88xerioo, try 9.10
Xerioois there a way to not have the server automatically reboot if there is an issue so I can see why its failing at installing base-os?
XeriooI did
Xerioosame issue with 9.10
frvSysadmin88 true
Sysadmin88what sepermicro board and how much ram?
frvA imaging boot disk would be better then
Sysadmin88frv, redobackup...
Sysadmin88could you run a script? put it in startup folder... xcopy and net use to the rescue...
Xerioo32 GB of RAM its an X7DB8
Xeriooi updated the bios to the latest version
Sysadmin88that's old...
Xeriooyea but is that the reason?
Xeriootoo old for 9.10 or corral?
Xeriooand wouldnt it say nto compatible instead of just getting more than half way through the install of base-os before rebootign?
frvI ran corral on an x8dtu
frvWorked fine.
frvWithout knowing what error it throws
frvWe are just guessing
Xeriooexactly. how can i get it to display the error instead of just rebooting?
frvDid you try a basic freebsd install?
frvIf freebsd wont install then trying freenas is useless
frvDunno if you did but also try to reset bios defaults. Never know you changed some option
Xerioook ill try that
Xeriooi did reset bios after flashing to latest
frvSupermicro bios usually have good defaults
frvCant you log the ipmi console?
frvWoukd allow you to atleast capture the error before it reboots
Xeriooi dont think ipmi is setup
frvJust checked. The supermicro java console lets you record a movie
Xerioohttp://www.supermicro.com/support/resources/OS/5000PCompatibility.cfm does this mean my X7DB8 is not compatible with FreeBSD
frvXerioo a quick google search shows people who rum nas4free and otger bsd derivatives on tbat board
frvStart with installing a base bsd or record the console for the error
SweetAndLowXerioo: you can try to install freenas on a system that doesn't reboot then swap the boot device to your x7 system
frvWont you get into trouble them if architecture is diff?
SweetAndLowdoesn't matter
frvPersonally i would not trust my data to a system which cant install freenas
frvSo finding out what causes the reboot should be primary
frvGettimg freenas to boot by swapping boot disks might get you a running system
frvBut stable?
SweetAndLowi doubt it will boot but could give better error message
Xerioointeresting idea
ekarlso1 scan: resilvered 85.4G in 0h21m with 16 errors on Thu Apr 6 00:07:18 2017 < so how do you get passed that ?
SweetAndLowekarlso: you have 16 errors! OMG when you get to 20 it catches fire
ekarlsobut how to get it back to online ?
SweetAndLowekarlso: do you have a failing disk? have you setup smart tests and smart emails?
ekarlsoSweetAndLow: sadly no we hadnt :(
SweetAndLowok well did you do it?
SweetAndLowwhat is the current state of the pool? online, degraded?
SweetAndLowoutput of zpool status please? use pastbin
SweetAndLowekarlso: don't make it private
SweetAndLowunlisted is usually the best
SweetAndLowunless you really don't want to share it with people
ekarlsoany ideas SweetAndLow ?
mgolischits private..
mgolischwe cant look at it
wedgieis your pool individual drives? No redundancy? I hope i'm reading that wrong.
ekarlsowedgie: i didnt set it up
SweetAndLowlooks like individual drives
SweetAndLowhope you have a backup
SweetAndLowekarlso: your pool is gone, time to rebuild from backup
SweetAndLowzpool status -v will show you what files you lost
sunrunner20This is fun /s
sunrunner20Working with a migraine
mgolischi can imagine funnier things
m0nkey_Yeah, that pool is fucked.
XeriooSweetAndLow: FreeNAS is booting on my SuperMicro after preparing the boot device from another mahcine
Xerioowhat does that mean?
SweetAndLowXerioo: i dunno something about the install did not make it happy. bad usb device, bad usb controller
Xerioois there any issue with running FreeNAS from a boot device prepared from another system>
SweetAndLowXerioo: none
XeriooI know with WIndows if you isntall on dissimilar hardware it will cause a BSOD
Xerioonot an issue in this case?
Xeriooalso what is the default root password. I tried freenas and thats not working
SweetAndLowXerioo: you set the password when you installed it
SweetAndLowalso windows can now run on any system without reinstalling
SweetAndLowbsd loads drivers at boot
Xeriooit looks like it crashed :(
SweetAndLowcool now we can actually maybe see why?
SweetAndLowdid it panic with a traceback?
SweetAndLowor just lock up?
SweetAndLowif it just locked up that meansy our hardware is failing
Xerioothe server rebooted
SweetAndLowXerioo: time to give up, sounds like your hardware is broekn
Xerioohmm strange
Xerioocuz openfiler works fine on it
SweetAndLowcool run that
Xerioosucks. I really want to play with Freenas
SweetAndLowXerioo: it's a x7 system with fsb. performance is going to be terrible, power consumption will be huge and it hardly runs now.
SweetAndLowI'm still not sure why you still have it
Xerioosomeone gave it to me
Xerioooh well
SweetAndLowlol if they gave it away it's probably not worth keeping
Xerioobtw is it possible to link to FreeNAS servers together and pool their storage?
SweetAndLowI wouldn't run anything older than x9
SweetAndLowXerioo: no you can not link freenas servers unless you have an application that handles that stuff for you
SweetAndLowit would be very home grown solution
Xeriooyou think i would have any luck with a legacy version of FreeNAS
XeriooI rather an older FreeNAS setup than OpenFiler
SweetAndLowyou can try freenas 9.3
SweetAndLowi still think you have a bios or hardware failure though
thejrose1984Question: I noticed FreeNAS 10 doesn't have FEC as an option for link aggregation, which is currently used by my setup in 9.10; am I SOL / need to buy a new managed switch?
Cpuroastyou existing one doesn't handle LACP?
m0nkey_It might be labeled as loadbalance
m0nkey_It's the same thing as FEC
thejrose1984@Cpuroast It's advertised to handle LACP, but apparently doesn't - http://www.microcenter.com/product/438359/TL-SG108E_8-Port_Gigabit_Easy_Smart_Switch
m0nkey_It does old Cisco LACP, the old 802.1q
m0nkey_I think
m0nkey_I have a switch like that
thejrose1984I'd like to upgrade from 9.10 to 10 but want to make sure there are no surprises. Basically, I'm going to leave the 9.10 instance alone, do a fresh install of 10 on another disk and import my settings
m0nkey_There are a bunch of surprises in 10
SweetAndLowthejrose1984: there will be lots of suprises
m0nkey_You may want to say on 9.10
thejrose1984I was afraid of that...
SweetAndLowthejrose1984: but you should upgrade and find them so i dont have to!
m0nkey_In fact, it's advisable to stay on 9.10
jab4161719.10 is still the "production" train
thejrose1984Might redo my 9.10 then because it's acting funky. Last time I did a fresh install and imported settings.
jab416171LTS, if you will.
Cpuroastm0nkey_: asked for the 200/30 upgrade, cuz why not
m0nkey_Did you call them, or can you do it on their website somewhere?
Cpuroastjust put in a ticket with the direct forum on DSLR
m0nkey_lol, okay
m0nkey_I was thinking of upping my speed too
thejrose1984I guess FreeNAS Corral Stable isn't so stable then? lol
m0nkey_Goes live 1st May?
SweetAndLowthejrose1984: it's stable, just some stuff doesn't work
Cpuroastm0nkey_: it goes live whenever you want, I asked for May 1st to simplify billing
thejrose1984@SweetAndLow like what?
SweetAndLowand some stuff can only be done from the CLI
SweetAndLowreplacing disks can only be done on the CLI
Cpuroastm0nkey_: but they prorate the number of days with old speed
m0nkey_But that's like 4 weeks away!
Cpuroastand number of days with new speed
SweetAndLowdocker and bhyve are still very new
Cpuroastm0nkey_: I'm in no rush
thejrose1984Replacing disks on my 9.10 setup isn't that great to be honest, but then again I don't have server grade equipment.
thejrose1984It's a box I built myself.
Cpuroastm0nkey_: but you can ask them for the earliest and they'll simply prorate
SweetAndLowthejrose1984: i think the core features work pretty well on f10 but some of the edge case features are untested
thejrose1984I think I'll stay with 9.10 until ixsystems snuffs it out
SweetAndLow9.10 has more release to come! 9.10.3 and 9.10.3-U1 and 9.10.4
thejrose1984I didn't upgrade to 9.10 until they announced 9.3 was no longer supported
thejrose1984I'm just concerned about performance among other things
roycroftfor the home nas i'm building i'll probably stick with 9.x until i can afford a replication nas and have synched them
roycroftif corral blows up my machine it would be way more work to restore from backups than i want to do
roycrofti doubt it would blow up the machine, but one never knows
shadow35[win2k12i wouldnt go to coral untill i had backups in place
wedgieif your backups aren't usable then I'd reevaluate your backups
roycrofti did not say that
roycrofti said i would not want to restore from them if i did not have to
shadow35[win2k12if its to much work or a mess to do your backups you dont have good backups either
roycroftlet's just not have this conversation again, for the sake of everyone, ok? :)
shadow35[win2k12gah where is jkh
roycroftsuffering from short-termer syndrome?
roycroftin a pub?
roycroftwhich is the general location to nurse such suffering
gloinwhat's the proper command to remove "disk1" from the iohyve VM "centos7"
gloinI try iohyve remove centos7 disk1 and get "Not a valid PCIDEV property"
gloineven though that's the name of the disk from iohyve disks centos7
KloxHi all, I'm trying to get one of my containers to receive http/port 80 requests on a separate vm ip
KloxBut it always seems to override my freenas web ui
[Kid]anyone setup rsync to copy between folders on the same server before?
[Kid]guess i should have googled
[Kid]rsync -a
The-e^ipiAnyone used the archive 8TB disks?
The-e^ipiI am planning for a 20 disk RAIDZ3
Cpuroastnot a good idea
Cpuroastthey suck at raid
The-e^ipiI will have 40 disks in the server
Cpuroastarchive disks are SMR they are horrible for re-write
The-e^ipiand it is on 6gbps sas cable
Cpuroastthey should be treated like tapes
Cpuroastand be stored fully sequentlally
The-e^ipiif I can get 20MB/s each im good
CpuroastI wouldn't bother
The-e^ipiI am going to try mineing burst and I also wanted more read IOPS
Cpuroastthere are 8TB REDs
Cpuroastand 8TB HGST NAS
The-e^ipired is $300 these are $220
Cpuroastand also 8TB Seagate NAS
The-e^ipialso I can buy these, the reds and others are out of stock
Cpuroastcheck out Seagate NAS
The-e^ipithere is only 18 seagate nas for sale on amazon
The-e^ipiand its $280 per disk
The-e^ipiwhy is the archive disk a problem, i understand the iops will be bad
Criggiedon't get a sub-par item just because its available now
The-e^ipibut freenas does sequential writes only
Cpuroastthey are SMR
CpuroastThe-e^ipi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shingled_magnetic_recording
The-e^ipiyeah, the disk writes a large sector at once
The-e^ipiit cannot do random writes
CpuroastThe overlapping-tracks architecture may slow down the writing process since writing to one track overwrites adjacent tracks, and requires them to be rewritten as well.
The-e^ipirandom small writes = write to special area and then later write it out by re-writing large blocks of the disk
CpuroastThe-e^ipi: https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-IronWolf-3-5-Inch-Internal-ST8000VN0022/dp/B01M1BUBSO/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1491439787&sr=8-3&keywords=iron+wolf
CpuroastIron wolf is what Seagate calls NAS drives now
Cpuroastthese will be PMR
Cpuroastand do well in ZFS arrays
The-e^ipioh, i thought those were some shitty thing
The-e^ipiwith the fancy name usually = shit
The-e^ipithanks for the help
CpuroastSkyHawk=Surveillance aka DVRs
CpuroastIron Wolf = NAS
The-e^ipiwhy must they play the marketing game :(
CpuroastFireCuda = PC & Gaming aka SSHD
The-e^ipijust tell us what the product is :(
CpuroastBarracuda = PC & Gaming
Cpuroastall the marketing revealed : http://www.seagate.com/ca/en/internal-hard-drives/hdd/
The-e^ipido you know a good way to move from one freenas install to another?
Cpuroastmove drives, import pool?
The-e^ipiI have iscsi luns
The-e^ipiits under vmware currently, and I have a vmware disk as the zil
Cpuroastmove USB sticks, move drives
The-e^ipithe new one is physical
The-e^ipiits a freenas vm right now
The-e^ipii could not install freenas on that server, it was not supported
Cpuroastexport config, move drives, import config
The-e^ipii can't move the zil drive
The-e^ipithe log drive is a virtual drive under vmware
The-e^ipiit won't exist on the new server
The-e^ipiisn't it important?
Cpuroastremove it from the pool prior to moving it
Cpuroastto simplify your life
The-e^ipihave you done that before, im worried that it might lose all my data as it removes
Cpuroasta SLOG is a temp write bucket
The-e^ipiit doesn't seem to be something people would do a lot
Cpuroastdesigned to accelerate synch writes
The-e^ipiyeah, i know what it does
The-e^ipibut usually people would not remove it
Cpuroastit is in no way required for pool to function
The-e^ipiyeah, it just puts the zil on one of the pool disks
Cpuroaston the pool itself
Cpuroastnot just 1 disk in particular
The-e^ipii thought it was supposed to use 1 disk for the sequential writes to log
Cpuroasta ZIL always exists
Cpuroastbut it's normally on a the pool itself
The-e^ipiyes but i thought without a log device it picks one disk in a pool and uses that
Cpuroastso people usually offload it to a SLOG device aka external ZIL
The-e^ipiand also uses that disk normally
Cpuroastwhich is usually a fast SSD
Cpuroastor battery backed RAM module
Cpuroastthe point is, you can add and remove a SLOG
Cpuroastat will
Cpuroastfrom the freeNAS webUI
The-e^ipithanks, il plan to do that
Cpuroastand yes if it's a virtual disk from VMware, which you can't move
Cpuroastremoving it prior to moving it, is a good idea
The-e^ipiwould it be better to upgrade first, or copy over the config and move the disks and then upgrade the new server?
CpuroastI assume you'll be adding a fast SLOG on the new physical box
The-e^ipiyeah, il add a pair of cheap ssds in mirror
Cpuroastlatency is key for SLOG
Cpuroastso NVMe PCIe is recommended
The-e^ipithey have pcie non-volatile disks now?
The-e^ipithat could work for this?
Cpuroastyou've been hiding under a rock for a while it seems
The-e^ipii have not touched this server in 2-3 years
Cpuroastan Intel 750 would do quite nicely
The-e^ipii really wish i could install freenas on it without vmware :(
CpuroastPCIe, NVNe, has PLP
The-e^ipiwow, cheap too
Cpuroastand it's write latencies are excellent compared to your average SATA SSDs
The-e^ipii will need to check if i can get 2 of them
The-e^ipii have the HBA + 10g nic, not sure i can add 2 more cards :(
Cpuroast2 isn't quite required
Cpuroastit would have to be a perfect storm for it to be a problem
The-e^ipii don't want to lose data if power fails and the ssd also fails
The-e^ipii don't have ups yet :(
Cpuroastyou'd have to have a power loss and a dead SLOG at the same time
The-e^ipithe one i want to buy is expensive, like $3k
Cpuroastso I assume your current setup in VMware
Cpuroastyour HBA is in passtrough to the FreeNAS VM
Cpuroastwhich means the FreeNAS VM has full control over it
Cpuroastbut yeah, save a backup or 2 or 3 of your FreeNAS config
Cpuroastusing the webUI
Cpuroastand encryption keys if you are using encryption
Cpuroasthopefully you aren't
Cpuroastas it complicates things
The-e^ipiim not
The-e^ipiprobably should, but i value my data more than i worry someone will steal my dick to get my data
The-e^ipiis iSCSI the best way to give >100TB of storage to a VM?
Cpuroastit's one of them
Cpuroastthe other is NFS
The-e^ipinfs causes performance hits though
Cpuroastif you haven't seen any perf hits you have been running without synch on iSCSI
Cpuroastand your SLOG hasn't been doing anything
Cpuroastall this time
The-e^ipii have synch on my iscsi
The-e^ipiits also 10gbps iscsi
Cpuroastsynch on iSCSI or synch on NFS over 10Gbit
The-e^ipiclients are all 1gig
Cpuroastshould be pretty damn close to equivalent
The-e^ipifreenas has issues with filesystems
The-e^ipiwith iscsi its just 1 file
The-e^ipioften directory listing takes a minute for no reason
The-e^ipithen 20 minutes later it works fine
Cpuroastwe do VMDKs over NFS
Cpuroastand it's quite ok
Cpuroastover 10Gbit
The-e^ipii have a lot of files on the freenas already
The-e^ipi10s of millions i think if not 100s
The-e^ipianything with directories often has bad perforance
Cpuroastso you are using RDMs?
The-e^ipii also have SMB shares
The-e^ipino RDMs
The-e^ipiall the VMs are fine with VMDK, they don't do much storage IO and don't need more space
Cpuroastso it's VMDKs within VMFS inside iSCSI?
The-e^ipithe new Burst miners will need 100+tb each
The-e^ipiyeah right now it is
The-e^ipiand then iscsi for my desktop too
The-e^ipii have a 30 gbp disk in my computer, the rest is iscsi
Cpuroastyeah, sounds like you could keep going the iSCSI route
The-e^ipii have tried nfs before and it was shit performance
The-e^ipiworst was nfs on windows, it was a joke
CpuroastI guess yeah
The-e^ipiauthenticated every single read or write
The-e^ipii was lucky to get 1000 iops
Cpuroastyou can do VMDKs inside NFS
Cpuroastgiven to a VM
CpuroastVMDKs can scale to 63TB
The-e^ipiriht now i have 18x 4 tb drives in 3 sets of RAIDZ3
The-e^ipii have old vmware, i only get 2 TB
The-e^ipibut i don't need more
Cpuroastah ok
Cpuroastyeah sounds like pure iSCSI within the VM
Cpuroastis probably the best
The-e^ipiand I think the 63 tb had block size limitations
Cpuroastyou can also do pRDMs
Cpuroastwhich lets VMware handle the iSCSI connection
The-e^ipii was going to just use the windows software iscsi client
Cpuroastand gives the VM a physical disk
The-e^ipiwhat is p in pRDM?
The-e^ipidoes RDM work with freenas?
CpuroastRDM is simply an iSCSI or FC LUN
Cpuroastgiven to a VM
Cpuroastthrough ESXi
Cpuroastit doesn't care what the source is
Cpuroastso instead of handling the iSCSI connection within the VM
Cpuroastyou let ESXi handle it outside
The-e^ipido you know if it has size limits?
Cpuroastand all the VM sees is a disk
CpuroastpRDM scales quite high in old ESXi
CpuroastvRDM is limit to 2TB
The-e^ipiim planning to have about 100TB per VM
Cpuroasthow old is old?
The-e^ipilet me check
The-e^ipiprobably 5
Cpuroastthe limits got lifted in ESXi 5.5
The-e^ipior 5.5
Cpuroastok, yeah that's still on the old 2TB limit
The-e^ipiyeah vmdk limits are 5.5 but i think it was just for large block sizes
CpuroastpRDM would work
The-e^ipistill 32 bits of blocks or something
CpuroastThe-e^ipi: huh?
Cpuroastwe have larger than 4TB VMDKs
Cpuroastin use at this very moment
The-e^ipididn't they require larger block sizes to get the large VMDKs
CpuroastI have no idea, I Storage vMotionned them from vRDMs over iSCSI to large VMDKs over NFS
The-e^ipiNFS would proably have been a better idea in hindsight, iSCSI is a huge pain in the ass to setup
Cpuroastwe used iSCSI and pRDMs because we started out with ESXi 5.0
The-e^ipibut i would need somethign other than freenas to be the file server
Cpuroastwhich had limits on VMDKs and vRDMs
Cpuroastonce we upgraded to ESXi 5.5, we were able to shutdown the VMs, detach the pRDMs, re-attach them as vRDMs
Cpuroastand start the VM back up
Cpuroastonce in vRDM mode, you can storage Vmotion them wherever you want transparently
The-e^ipimust be new stuff :)
Cpuroastand so it went on it's merry way sucking up all the data in the various iSCSI LUNs and transparently converting them to VMDKs on the new NFS datastore
CpuroastThe-e^ipi: nah, wasn't new
The-e^ipii haven't done much with vmware/1000v/UCS since 5.1 :D
Cpuroastthe only thing new was that 5.5 lifted the vRDM and VMDK limits
Cpuroastallowing us to do the migration with pretty much no downtime
Cpuroastessentially vRDMs allow you to do fancy stuff like snapshot them and storage vmotion
Cpuroastwhich pRDMs don't
Cpuroastbut you can losslessly convert a pRDM into a vRDM
Cpuroastby simply un-mounting it while the VM is off and re-mounting it as vRDM.
Cpuroastbut anyways, you have a few ways you could go, but upgrading to 5.5 and up, and sticking with 100% VMDKs
Cpuroastcould potentially simplify your life
The-e^ipii haven't setup a nexus 1000v in a long time, i don't want to do it again
The-e^ipiand i never upgrade vmware, just make a new version and move stuff to it :D
The-e^ipiupgrades never work well
Cpuroastwe had zero issues with the 5.0 to 5.5 upgrades
The-e^ipibut this is at home, not work
The-e^ipiif the upgrades don't go well, im sol
pr0lehello, new to freenas but not zfs.. i have a self-induced problem on freenas corral.
pr0lei had a zpool with shares, etc. that i exported from the shell, then removed and inserted another set of disk i wanted to create a pool with.. but that seemed to complete bork the freenas cli and gui.
pr0leit seems the mongodb really did not like me doing everything from the shell.
pr0leis there any way to recover without reinstalling?
pr0lenot really familiar with mongo.
Criggieno idea sorry - anyone else ?
pr0leseems to be same symptoms as bug #22748 ?
pr0lemongodb still shows old disks that were removed.
pr0leok, well thanks for the response Criggie. i'll wait a little while longer.. do you know when the best time to hop on here is?
pr0leok, i rolled back the boot pool to the earliest snapshot i had and everything became responsive again.. but everything shows the old disks attached on not the new disks...
pr0leafter the reboot, device paths were re-enumerated, but geom disk list reverted to showing the old 2TB disks i had in there and not the new 4TB ones.. wtf?
pr0leoh, it made my 4tb drives 2tb. ummk.
pr0leargh.. stupid old bios.
Cpuroastpr0le: essentially in FreeNAS Corral , you can use GUI or CLI, but not Shell
Cpuroastpr0le: everything in FreeNAS is generated by the config db
pr0lethank you cpuroast.. thats kinda what i was suspecting.
Cpuroastyou never do anything behind it's back
Cpuroastits back
pr0lethank you cpuroast.. thats kinda what i was suspecting...
Cpuroastshell would be mostly for read-only diags
Cpuroastusing CLI, GUI or the API would all talk to the middle-ware which would talk to the db
Cpuroastand everything is happy
pr0lei naively thought maybe the db read state from the file system..
CpuroastFreeNAS is an appliance, not straight FreeBSD
pr0lei guess my zfs experience mostly comes from the solaris world, even smb.nfs shares are zfs properties.
pr0lemaybe implement a big fat warning when dropping to shell from cli, like oracle zfs appliances. ;)
Cpuroastfeel free to open a suggestion for it: https://bugs.freenas.org/projects/freenas-10/issues
pr0lewill do, thanks again.
CpuroastCorral is getting there, but it's still very much rough around the edges
pr0lei agree, but mostly more potential than the old architecture. does come swith a few caveats.. definitely more appliance-like.
pr0leatleast if i fubar the install the data pool is still safe. (from what i've seen)
Cpuroastyou can always import a foreign pool
Cpuroaston a new install
Cpuroastand you can always save a copy of the config
Cpuroastbefore it gets foobared
Cpuroastand then import that config onto a new install of FreeNAS
pr0le:) yeah, i like that ability.. ive always used/appreciated that feature from m0n0wall/pfsense too.
pr0lesingle config for everything.
pr0leok, headed to bed.. thanks again for the info.
Mac_WriteI did a zfs send to copy data from my old pool to my new pool but it didn't fully work
Mac_WriteI then tried just the datasets that were missing and it diidn't work
Mac_Writesays snapshots don't exisitng :(