Radical_Greetings fellow Ableton Users
Radical_Anybody can tell me why I am getting carrier sound in my vocoder even though the Track Activator is disabled for the carrier signal ?
egrousehi hello
legreffierdoes anyone have any experience with sampler session with overly long samples and a lot of them
legreffier i wanna try to emulate some kind of 3D session
legreffierusing sampler
legreffierIF it work it'll be rad as fuck
tiltlegreffier: :) what's a 3d session?
tiltlegreffier: just curious, sry i have no such experience
legreffiertilt: bein' able to deal with several loops in the same clip
legreffierSo you can seq Loop1A Loop1A Loop1A Loop1B Loop1A Loop1A Loop1A Loop1C , on a single clip
tiltlegreffier: thx, understood
egrousemet two girls that were dressed like curtains the other night..
egrousethey were easy to pull
legreffieregrouse: good one
egrousei really wanna click it
egrouseeven though i know i shouldnt
Anon3_its only a ghostbin
Anon3_it cant hurt you
bojanglesddos tools
bojangleshack tools
bojanglestheyre all just zip files on 4shared
egrouseye idd
egrouseso who's gonna dl that
egrousei just wanted nudes (obv)
Anon3_dl em if you would want them both tools are custom coded
Anon3_ https://ghostbin.com/paste/dvz2z
Anon3_ https://ghostbin.com/paste/dvz2z
daveawayyou know what i do
daveawayyou ever use drupal?
daveawayPie_Mage: ?
daveawaytilt: ?
daveawayegrouse: ?
daveawayfloond_: ?
daveawaythe place lied to me!
daveawayeverything is drupal
daveawaywith a smidgin of magento
floond_dont be fooled by the #drupal chan name, its just a front for our crack vending
floond_i havent messed with it tho, the little i know is that possibilities are endless but its less newb friendly than wordpress
Pie_Magedaveaway: i'm sorry to hear that :(
Pie_Magewas the position marketed as laravel?
lumssorry to hear what?
Pie_Magedaveaway's job is a drupal job
lumsim no programmer so i cant really comment on i
lumson that*
lumsi thought it was something along the lines of he didnt get the job or something
SypherenDo any of you know the term for when you have two tones, where one is ascending each beat and the other is decending?
SypherenOften used in the most tense part of movies